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Saturday, February 26, 2011

And It's The Birthday Week !

          It's been a year today,since I started writing and made this page my diary.A year went so fast and today a year has been added.My blog is a year old today.It's its first birthday, marking new beginning of another round of stories, short poems and some scientific stuff which I have been procrastinating a lot.But this year I promise to give a different writer.Different person, celebrating this year and years to come.

              I am happy.Happy to see 10 followers, miscellaneous comments and numerous votes.It's your comments, rating and your visits that gives me enthusiasm and a spirit to write.Hope you keep relishing this blog.A big THANK YOU to you all for making this thought of mine a reality.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is Life Always Worth Living ?

 Neither am I sadist nor a depressed soul to come up with such a weird topic to write on! I too wish to be happy, want to narrate the happy times, always imagine to have, and to come up like the movies endings - and they lived happily ever after but don't know why, why I always end up drowned in tears, accompanied by unbearable pain and unforgettable, dreading memories.I have tried a lot to investigate the reason behind such a miserable condition of life but have been a sore loser all the times, but I won't sit still until and unless I find the reason for the flaws, my smile possess,misery, life and destiny is into and the unlucky allure, attracting one into precarious situations, to fall into, knowingly or unknowingly !As, now what I am gonna write is a problem of lot many and not only mine! So lets unite, to find a solution for these things.

         Life is like a roller coaster ride,full of unpredictable ups and downs,it's like a road , sometimes smooth
sometimes rough.To assume it will always run according to our wishes, is simply foolishness but to loose all hopes for it to at-least mould according to our desires is being more foolish.Life, of-course isn't a piece of cake but then it ain't rocket's science either.Every coin has two faces,both being so different yet constituting up the identity of the coin and so is with life.If it's showing you its bare fangs today then one should wait for the cozy hug that is sure to just got to be patient for the right moment to come.Being happy isn't impossible! As all it requires is a pair of 5 letter words, "BEING HAPPY".Life without a purpose is a journey without a destination.With no aim in life, no boundaries to mention your needs, no limitations on your desires and no parameter for your gratification, one can never be happy.

         Sometimes in life the degree of hardships extend to the effect that everything seems to be coming to an
 end.Hopes, wishes, faith and even the desire to live decays.The pitiful and only condition of living this life is , no matter what you face, you got to face.Troubles don't knock seeking your society status or your mental status, they just strike.Welcome them with a smile or depression, is your choice.At times the whole concept of living, doing things even smiling seems to be futile but the truth doesn't goes like that my friend.Life may seem to be the painful experience but with pain comes relief and hope.Hope to live life in a much better way, relief by doing good to others, peace by appreciating others qualities.It's just a matter of interpreting things from a optimistic perspective.pessimism - optimism, negativity - positivity, darkness - brightness etc are some antonym pairs which start with negative words but end with positive words.

         Life has been the greatest virtue ever known to human race, the greatest gift by God which comes in so many colorful packages, yet all that we see,are the gray shades, it holds! But the question is WHY?
 Why we humans leave no stone unturned to corrupt God's Angelic plans, and ourselves fall, knowingly all the time, into the pit of self pity, yet blame God, destiny, circumstances for all the frightful happenings in our lives.A student fails a test, blame goes on God, boy breaks up with a girl, God is questioned, failure in business or job, God is held responsible, why?Until when are we going to simply escape the truth, the truth that we, ourselves are solely responsible for whatsoever happens with us.Destiny do plays a role, in certain way but the major part is only and always because of our own past deeds or future planned actions.Putting blame on others won't do anything but simply introduce agony, depression and emptiness in life.Who is it that we are fooling by doing so? Who? None but us, our self! God helps those who help themselves, old but very true.So why not help our ownselves? Why be shy or ignorant of it? Help is always available to those who ask , but have to be careful what you ask for.Asking for things which you are yet not mature enough to receive or capable of attaining is something which only lead you to the grey shades of life.

     Ever thought how human race came into existence? How God came upon with an idea to create man and woman and initiate the whole life cycle? Well yes, it's too complicated to search every basic detail because Google still has certain questions yet to be answered but ever thought how we get a new day everyday and as to who has the control of all the living and non living matter known to us.Sometimes the existence of some superpower is too prominent to neglect but do we science geeks believe all that that fails to make an inverted image on our retina? Do we? Then why not believe in the Supreme Power's existence? I am not touting any religion or God but to taste the real ultimate peace of mind, one should learn to move on from the hollow materialistic things of the world.

 We all wish to be happy but one cannot be happy all the time! Even the thought of being happy every moment induces a sense of unhappiness in our mind.But what actually is the element for happiness? Money ? Love? Power? Fame? Beauty? What..? What is it that takes someone to smile.A real smile, excluding any sadness involved in any deep dark corner of the palpating heart! Many spend their whole life searching for the real thing but many acclaim to achieve it, surprisingly, at a very timid stage of life.Many cases of suicide are reported daily.Talking on moral basis, if you can't give anything, don't even expect to get anything and if you can't help out with the way you have made your life then you have no right to take it either! Because your life isn't only belongs to the people who gave you your life,your parents, it belongs to the people who make your life, your siblings, friends, strangers etc.So don't ever think of snatching the beautiful life given by others to you from them or God will never forgive you !

           Some people have all the world's comforts yet they complain to be unhappy and claim to be depressed! Is it because till now no one has been able to invent a machine that measures the degree for यौर pain, anguish and happiness? People allow themselves the luxury of being mad when they are in a position to do so !When one can be happy then why not be it?

God loves us.Yes he does.We say he gives us troubles but why don't we see the solutions he provides with them?Why only the darker side of the story is most strikingly noticed and the subtle part passes away like an impasse.Spirituality may be sought as one solution for seeking inner minds peace.Having an ideal or idol, to worship infuses divine love in life.God created us and hence he helps us in our very own existence too.All we need is to trust him.Trust in his divine powers, thank him for all the kindness shown and gratitude pondered upon.Why human becomes so adamant that he refuses to believe in someone above him, above the world,above all.Why? Why can't we peacefully follow some orders which we know are for own benefit.God loves us and we should reciprocate his love too.

        To sum up, happiness requires worlds most basic and very easily available ingredients.Find someone with whom you can share your thoughts, your troubles, your happiness and your own self.Find someone whom you can count upon, irrespective of the period going in your life, happy or sad.Try making someone happy,helping someone, calming one's worries, being besides someone at hard times and happiness will come to you.Laughter is the best medicine.Live, Laugh,  make your surrounidgs and world a better place to live in.Troubles won't leave but atleast facing them with a smile would lessen their pain .Life is definately a thing to rejoice, a thing to live with dignity and make the people realize this too.Hence I have found the answer,

              "Life is certainly worth living".


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