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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Choices & Decisions 5

It had been a  long time since she lest thought about him. She was happy. She was successful.

A lot had changed in her life. Changed for the good.

She knew he loved her. Loved a lot. Her parents were happy. Happy to see she was happy.

Alas, she was getting married. To her love. World seemed to come all together to wish the bride and the groom good luck.

It was a candid affair. Everyone has been waiting for. All the well wishers had eagerly waited to bless the couple.

Few years had passed. Things changed with people grown and changed. Everything just seemed so perfect today to her until….

Until came the time to pay for her Choices and Decisions!

The bride was ready. Her cousin came in to take her to the wedding hall and there she was!

Lying unconscious on the bed.

She had had something. Something that took her away from this world.

She had committed suicide. Something so weak for which she was way too strong.

The news of her long last love leaving the world because of his failures at work and life led her also to choose to end her life. She loved him this much!

Everything had been paid now for her Choices & Decisions!


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