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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another Two States Part - 38

Tring Tring


"Hey, Hi Namita. When are you coming?",asked Tiya.

"Well, I will reach the hostel premises in few minutes",Namita sounded a bit disturbed.

"Okay. Come soon", Tiya ended the call but she clearly noticed the unrest in her voice.

Third year has finally begun. Tiya had already reached hostel while Namita was about to reach. They were in pre-final year now. From an engineering student's perspective it's the most crucial year. One is supposed to sit for the placement interviews, appear for the various exams like GATE, CAT etc etc. Your whole life after graduation is planned in third year. But Namita, like always, had some other  stuff occupying her mind.

Namita entered the room with a tiring look on her face, carrying her bag on one shoulder and dragging her suitcase behind her. She dropped onto her bed.
"Gosh, I am so tired", she lamented.

"Hey Namita. How have you been?", Tiya came.

They both hugged each other. Tiya was happy to see her old room-mate back but Namita seemed to be different.

 "What's wrong Namita? Everything Okay na?"
"You look so occupied by something else other than your journey tiredness. I hope..", and before our Talkative Tiya could utter one more word, Namita shouted,"Oh, Please Tiya. Fir God's sake shut up, will you?".
Now this kind of  behavior was shocking!
Never ever had the two had a fight on any thing and Tiya was surely taken back by this impudent reply of hers.

"Okay", she said shutting up and bending down her head as if arraigned for some crime not committed.

Namita wasn't somebody who would yell at Tiya or anybody else like this. Tiya was sure that some problem was making her irritated at everything. But she chose to be quiet. She knew, at the right moment, Namita would open all her secrets. One just need to give her some time. She started walking towards the door.

Back at her bed, Namita was feeling terrible .
"Hey Tiya", she said in an apologizing manner.
"I am sorry. I don't know what I was doing. I am so sorry yaar".

Tiya saw this coming. She turned to her quickly.
"It's okay Namita. I know you are not angry on me or something. But at-least tell me what's wrong. Maybe I can help you",said Tiya, pleading her to tell her her secrets.


"Yes Namita"

"I am doing something whose reason I just can't explain to you! But I want your support in this all. Please help me", and she hid her face in her palms.

"I am your friend Namita. And what use are the friends who help their friends. But your point that you can't tell me the thing, does makes me concerned. Try me Namita."
"Not only I am good at keeping secrets but also I am as trustworthy as anyone else could be", said Tiya, sitting next to Namita. And she realized, Namita was sobbing. Trying to hide her tears from her by her palms.

"Namita..!",Tiya said,"Stop crying Namita. College is starting from tomorrow. You are a pre-final year student now. New life is just beginning for the year and you are so troubled."
"What's wrong Namita", she asked.

"Please Tiya. I need your help. I need you to keep this from everybody here that I am going from college for some-days. "

"Going? But where? You got to tell me first Namita. Then only I can help you out. Tell me what's the matter?", Tiya asked, impulsively. She wanted to help, but not without knowing what she was getting into.

"Okay, I will tell you but you need to help me keeping this from everyone, even my Mom Dad."

"What?", Tiya said surprisingly.
Namita had never kept any secrets from her parents, her mother especially.
"But Namita..."

"It's important that you keep from them that I am not in college. And also you need to tell people here that I am still at home while I would be gone...", and Namita continued with the details as to where and for how long she would be gone.

"Okay Namita, I get that. But at-least tell me whom are you going there for?"

Namita looked at her. Her lips wanting to spit out everything and release the burden on her heart. She kept looking at Tiya with the same expression for few minutes and then finally spoke", I am going to see my sister! ".

Tiya sat there. As amazed as one could be! Namita has a sister? Why was this never told to anyone before? Why nobody ever talked about her? Wasn't she been told as the only child of her parents since the beginning of the story? And now that we know that she has a sister, then why is she going to see her? Keeping it all a secret from everyone? Even from her parents? Why?
Third year of college has got a sparkling start, isn't it ;)


Saturday, June 25, 2011

How Does It Feels ?

How does it feel,
to see me crying,
for you?
to see me annihilating myself,
in your love?

How does it feel,
to leave me behind,
all alone in agony ?
to shower love on someone else,
that was meant for me !

How does it feel,
to humiliate my soul,
shatter my love for you,
and never love me!

How does it feel,
to be a heart ripper,
and cast away with my heart beats!

How does it feel,                          
to see me broken,
by your egoistic allegations !

How does it feel,
to hurt me,
sucking joy out of my life.

How does it feel,           
tell me !
It must feel awesome,
I guess,
that's why
you do that all,
but still
so lovingly !

Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Two States Part - 37 (ii)

She opened the middle page of the diary and started reading.

           I can't bear it anymore. This hatred is killing me now. He doesn't talks to me. He ignores me as if I don't exist in this world. Am I supposed to be treated like this? Why does he do that to me? Why? He hates me. I can clearly see that in his eyes. I cry every night, but if only he could love me back the way he used to these dark nights won't matter.

          I am losing my patience with him now. He used to love me so much! I was the only person he cared about. Even a minute line of tension on my face made him cry. But now, he doesn't even cares to look whether I am doing fine or not. He just don't care! I don't know what I must do to revive all that love in him for me, that he had! But surely I can't keep this secret from him anymore. I don't know how to say it, but it is also killing me every second of my life. Wish I could tell him, that....

But before she could complete reading the page, she heard her coming.
Namita was coming. Tiya could hear her voice in the distant corridor. She quickly jumped from Namita's bed, hid the diary under the mattress and again started packing up her things. Pretending as if she had been doing that only since Namita left.

In less than two minutes, Namita was back in room. She looked happy.
"Rahul is a nice guy. I will really miss him after my B.Tech", she said.
She was in a jovial mood today.

Tiya just tried smiling from her place but her mind was all bogged with the diary details. She wanted to read more of it but couldn't. She thought of finding a way, to ask Namita about the diary. She knew Namita didn't keep secrets. But today the content she had just read, made her feel like as if something big was going in Namita's life and she had been hiding it from everyone, or atleast her.
She thought of pointing out the diary to Namita. Maybe this way she may get to know something about it.

"Hey, look. You have got something under there", Tiya pointed out the diary, intentionally.

Namita quickly picked it up and put it in her bag.
"Oh, thats just something. Nothing much". she tried covering it up. She clearly was hiding it from Tiya.
This made Tiya doubt her more now and she didn't say much. She knew Namita. She knew, she would open up it's details to her one day. She just had to wait for the right day to come.

[And so we come to the end of their second year of college. Second year did see a lot of progress in the story. Hope, will see much more in the third year.]

But wait, the diary detials are out. A bit.
Namita mentioned someone hating her !
She's being ignored and not loved while she dearly wishes to be loved by that person!
What secret is she hiding this time?
Is it about some other man in her life? Or was that all written for Samarth? Are they having a tensed relationship, that she had been hiding from everybody? Or is it something else? What could it be? What?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Two States Part - 37 (i)

 "Hurray, we are free now !", Tiya entered the room shouting. Today they had our last university exam and both were leaving for their home in the evening.

"Yea, it gives so much relaxed feeling that I can't tell you. With no more tension of books and notes for sometime now", Said Namita. She was already done packing. She had to meet Rahul before going. So was just hurrying up with her final things. She rolled on her bedding into half to pack it, just then her cell phone flashed with Rahul's number.

"Hey Rahul...Hmmm..Hmm..Okay.", and she hung him up.
"Hey, Tiya. Rahul is downstairs. I am going to meet him, you wanna come and say bye?", she asked Tiya.

Tiya very much wanted to, but then she decided not to. She hadn't told Namita about her liking for him, and she wasn't very sure if meeting up with him with her would be a good idea or not. Hence she decided to stay back.
"No, you go ahead. I will message him my bye as I have loads to pack with just few hours before I leave. You go".

"Okay, I will be back in few minutes. I just want to clear things about that evening. Also, he has a train to catch in few minutes. So I guess, he too would be hurrying up", saying so she left.
But she left something undone.
Her diary !

She was rolling her bedding when the call came, it was half done there on the bed, with her diary popping out from underneath the mattress!
Tiya saw it.
Namita was gone.
Tiya was all alone with that diary, looking out from under the mattress, tempting to be opened, to be read by her.
Tiya had never seen such a diary before. Never had Namita mentioned about any such diary. And neither had Tiya seen Namita writing or reading any such diary.

"What's that? A personal diary? Is it Namita's? She never told me about it but! And what is it doing in that murky place? Is something very personal written in there? Should I see? Should I read it?", numerous thoughts were going in her mind, and unknowingly she had started walking towards that diary!

Personal things, of others of-course, are more alluring than our very owns! And it's nothing to be embarrassed about, it's human nature. Tiya was also driven by such human instincts at the moment and she couldn't resist to see what the diary was about.

She quickly jumped to Namita's bed. Took out the diary from under the mattress. Looked for any titles on it's front and back, but found nothing. And then, she opened it! 
And starting reading!

Another Two States Part - 36 (ii)

   Second year was happening as it could be !
Starting with the known facts first, Namita enters engineering college and becomes friends with Tiya, also her room-mate. Later Tiya discovers in college's freshers party that Namita is in love with a South Indian guy, Samarth. He comes to visit Namita and this where she too gets a chance to meet him.

Then comes the details of some red diary and surfaces some issues about a bank account. Namita wants some fake details to be entered in her account passbook. This secret is yet to be revealed.

Then come into scene, Rahul and Vipsa. Namita was taking maths lessons from him but Samarth wasn't very approving of all this. Henceforth Samarth discloses, that Vipsa knew him from school time and she was the one who tried making rift between the two of them. Namita later resolves everything , unaware of the fact that Rahul had a soft corner for her. But then comes Tiya, she liked Rahul. At first, she thought that Namita too liked him but later she finds out that her real competition for Rahul's love was  with Vipsa actually.

 Would Namita and Samarth unite?, the way they had been planning? Will Samarth get to meet her family and make them agree them to their marriage? What about Samarth's parents? Will they accept Namita?
Will Tiya be able to tell Rahul that she loves him? Or will Vipsa try to curb this girls' love too?
And what secret is Namita writing her diary? What is she hiding? Why does she needs to fake her bank accounts summary?
To find out, keep reading :)

[ I might have forgot  mentioning soemthing, forgive me for that ;) Please feel free to leave it in the comments, if you have following the story :) ]

Another Two States Part - 36 (i)

      Tiya surely didn't like Vipsa invading her date with Rahul, but what else could she do ! But Rahul too seemed to be uncomfortable with sudden appearance of hers.

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be going?", he asked Vipsa, a bit straight.

"No, I am staying with one of my friends in hostel for the exams. But what are you doing here? ", she fired him back,"Shouldn't you be studying rather than wasting your time here", she clearly hinted at this meeting of him with Tiya, as a wastage of time.
But Rahul didn't like it.
He covered back,"This ain't no wastage of time Vipsa. When will you learn to be polite to people",he said in a disgusted voice.

        Tiya thought leaving the place was the best option other than sitting with somebody like Vipsa. Also, she wasn't very pleased with the way Vipsa had eben treating Rahul and her, of-course.
"Okay, I Guess I should leave now", and she got up from her chair, ready to leave.

        Rahul wanted her to stay back with Vipsa being the one to leave, but apparently this couldn't be done and Tiya left."Alright, I will see you some other time then",and he waved at her while she left.

"Why would you do that?", he said looking at Vipsa, quiet pissed off  with her behavior with Tiya.

"Do what?", she pretended to be innocent.

"It's really disgusting you know", and Rahul got up from his chair, banging the table, leaving her behind all alone talking to herself.

"I know Rahul. But you know what, I loved it", she said in her evil voice with a wicked smile on her face as her mission, to make Tiya leave, was successful!
But little did she knew, that she had lost all her respect in Rahul's heart.
Rahul had been nice to her but today, he was very upset with her arrogant behavior at the cafe.

  Hence second year was concluding. Exams were about to begin and in less than a month's time, Namita, Tiya, Rahul and all second year students will enter third year of Engineering. Namita was very excited about everything. She closing her graduation, Samarth getting a job with a possibility of being transferred to Delhi, everything seemed to be going smoothly.

Tiya too was happy, happy that Namita wasn't somebody to be afraid of with Rahul but still she had Vipsa to be scared of. She still wasn't sure about the way Rahul felt for her as well as Vipsa. Still she was happy. Happy for her room-mate.

   So here we end the second year of Namita's life as an engineering student. A lot had happened in these two years. A brief summary of the whole, just coming up next !

Another Two States Part - 35

  Days were passing soon now. Second year of Engineering had come to an end.
Exams were about to start and everybody was busy arranging books, notes and worksheets. Namita too was busy but the bank work was still bugging her mind. She had managed the bank senior to help her forge account details, but for short time only. She still had to plan out how she will manage the whole financial thing. But the exams were priority for the time being. After all that had happened because of Vipsa, she had been ignoring Rahul. He was a bit upset with Namita being impertinent with him, but she had no other choice. While Tiya saw this as a golden opportunity to get closer to him. She had started liking him for sure now. All she needed was, the correct moment, to hit on him.

   Rahul wanted to talk to Namita. He still wasn't clear what had made her cry the other day, but Namita hadn't been talking to him, via messages and had also been avoiding all direct interactions also. She wasnt even taking any maths lessons from anybody. She just used to come, sit in the maths lecture and then leave. This attitude had made him a bit too queer to know what was wrong and hence he thought of talking to Tiya.

One evening Rahul saw Tiya passing by the canteen area. He thought talking to her.

"Hey Tiya", he shouted, waving to Tiya.

"Hey...Hi",Tiya was amazed and surprised.
At once thousand thoughts arose in her mind.
"Wow. Rahul is calling me. But why is he calling me? what could be the reason? Vipsa? Has she said something to him about me or Namita? Why ? What it could be",she kept thinking, while walking towards him with a smile on her face, to hide all the dubious thoughts of her mind.

"Hey. You looking good",he complimented  her !
Yes, He!
Rahul complimented Tiya.
She was on ninth cloud now, ofcourse.

"Oh Thank You! You really got a taste there !", Tiya said, exhilareted.
"So, How have you been? Long time no see", she said, just to start the conversation.
Actually she wanted to talk to him, tell him that she liked her. But then, being a girl, she was quiet. But now that he had complimented her, she thought,"This guy might like me too,just the way I like him".

"Oh, yeah. I should say this to you. Where have you been? Been so busy with your studies?", he said.

"Na...not really. Just college hours make me busy. So..",she was finding it a bit hard to stand infront of her crush without getting dizzy, but then she just couldn't afford to loose the conversation with him, hence she continued,"All done to go for the semester exams?".

"Yeah, preparations are on. I don't worry much about studies. Never have.",he too seemed in a jovial mood today.
"So, how about a cup of coffee?",he asked.

"A cup of coffee!".
"Wow",Tiya said in her mind. This is what she had been waiting for so long to hear. And she made no delay in agreeing to the proposal.

"Why not, let's go", she said with a smile and with a little blushing and  they both went to the cafeteria in the campus.

When they both were seated, he said,"So, where's Namita? How's she doing? Haven't seen her too for a while. Is everything okay with her?".

He seemed to be quiet curious and impatient to know the whereabouts of Namita.

Tiya didn't like this, ofcourse, but she knew she need not worry in that area particularly, as Namita belonged with Samarth.
She replied back to him, thinking it might get her some attention from him.

"She's all fit and fine. Just busy with life and acadamics", she kept the reply quiet short and simple, not to give him some point to start a conversationa bout her, as that would be the least thing she would like to do this very evening. She didn't like him enquiring about her roommate.

"So, what had happened to her that day? Why was she crying so badly and then she hasn't been talking to me since that day. Is something wrong on my part? I know, you two guys are good friends, so she might have told you ",Rahul said.

"Okay, so wanted to know about her that's why I am being offered coffee? Isn't it Rahul? I hate you", she said in her mind, looking at him but then she realized, she need not have to hate him, Namita was no way free for him.

"Oh that day. Well...", while she was still in a dilemma, as whether to tell him about that day or not, she wasn't in a mood to spill things now. She was hurt, as Rahul kept on asking about Namita other than talking about her but then she decided, spilling beans about Namita's love life may get her a way to be more close to Rahul.

"Well, actually, that day....", but before she could even start, an intrusion was made in their coffee meeting.

"Hi Rahul"
"Oh...You are also here",said Vipsa, looking at Tiya,"Hi", and she sat besides Rahul.

  What was Vipsa doing there? Isn't she done yet with her wicked plans? Or does she something else to come up with?
Rahul complimented Tiya, now that was surprising on his part. So should we say that now Tiya and Rahul gonna be the next love birds? Or is it too early to say so? Soon we will find out.
Keep reading !

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


 Meow meow...
Anybody there...?
You look kind.....
Can I stay here..? 
I promise to stay
I promise to play
only if
you will say
yea !

     I am scared
     I am hungry
     But I don't
     have a place to stay.
      I wish to stay 
      With you             
      I wont harm
      And I will obey
      Only if
      You will say 
      yea !

Another Two States Part - 34

"Good News!", she was amazed to hear these words.
"What is it. Tell me, tell me. Now !", she seemed to be really excited to know the good thing, after such a long murky conversation.

"I got the job !",he replied.

"Really ! Wow, that's wonderful, you made my day baby. I love you so so much", she said, in a exhilarating voice.

"I know, I love you too sweet. And guess what, I may be posted in Delhi. I have given North India as my first choice. I want to be with you now. I want to understand your people and live a living like them. That's the only way I can figure out our marriage", he said in a confident and calm voice.

For the first time, Namita had seen him so possessive and confident about her and their future. She was happy but worried, at the same time. Will her parents agree to him? Will he be able to manage to get with the flow of life in Delhi? And what if Vipsa again tries some trick on him? She had numerous doubts in her mind but she remained calm, as for now, she was happy on getting things cleared up with him, he getting a job and also she had something to finish up, something unfinished was left at the bank.

"I am so happy. Finally I see my life taking the form, I always wanted to. Thanks for being my support Namita. God knows, What I would have done without you. I love you so much", Samarth said.

"I am always there for you sweetheart. You just have to call me with your heart and bound me with your love, as then you know, I am all yours.",she replied back.
"I am just waiting for your transfer to Delhi. Maybe then I can formally introduce to your family."

"Yeah, I too think that would be correct step."

"Hmm...Okay Samarth. I gotta go. I have my finals coming up. I got to study. And we are starting with maths of which I am scared the most, you know.", her voice seemed a bit dull.



"If you want, you can continue with your lessons from Rahul.", he didn't want to say this, but he had to, for the sake of his love's happiness.

"No...Samarth. I will be fine on my own I guess. I think it's better to avoid ambiguous things rather than just figuring them out. ", she seemed not to surrender.

"Okay, as you please.", this was exactly what he wanted. He didn't want her to be close to anybody but him.

"Okay then, bye take care. Talk to you tomorrow", and she turned towards Tiya, who had been listening to her talks for sometime now.

"SO....let me see the blushings..",and Tiya poked Namita.
"There. You look fab when you smile you know. So avoid crying, idiot.", Tiya said.
"I am so happy that all is settled now but I am curious to know how did it all start? I mean, how?."

"I know. I am sorry. I gave you much trouble today", Namtia said in a apologetic voice.
Then she went on to show her all the messages that Samarth had sent her which were actually planned by Vipsa.

Tiya knew that she had a big trouble today, when she saw Rahul calming Namita but the reunion of the couple did made her day too. Now Rahul was all left for her. She only had to figure out something to keep him away from Vipsa. And she knew she had got the correct things, happening in the correct place, to convince Rahul how good she is and how bad Vipsa was.

"Yeah, no problem for my heart Namita".
Namita thought she called her her heart but little did she knew that Tiya's heart was Rahul !

Another love story in Another Two States !

Friday, June 17, 2011

Long distance relationship : a summary

Here's the link of a very interesting article I came across on yahoo !

Hope you enjoy reading it ;)

Another Two States Part - 33(ii)

"Thank GOD, you answered!", Samarth said from the other side.

"Yes, And I did so because I want to know everything, everything that's between the two of you. I didn't expect this from you Samarth", her voice made it clear that an easy forgiveness wasn't coming his way.

"Namita, I am so sorry. Please forgive me, or at-least try. "
"Please listen to me"

"I don't trust you anymore Samarth !"
"Yes, I don't"

"But you got to trust me Namita. I know I have done a blunder by hiding this from you but please listen to me.", and he went on narrating the whole story of how they met and all stuff to him.

"I know Vipsa from our school days. Her father is an army official and so he came to live in our neighborhood for some two years. We used to go to the same school, same class"
"Gradually, we became friends. I took her as my other girl friends, but she always had this liking for me, which I only came to know when his father got transferred from Bangalore to Delhi."
"She didn't want to leave. She wanted to pursue higher studies too with me in my college only. She told her Dad about her liking for me. But his Dad was well aware of her manipulative nature. Vipsa likes things not because she likes them, but because everybody else likes them. And then she wants that thing to  be hers forever. Same was the case here. I was the topper of my class and so everybody, back at school and at home, even her parents liked me. This made her want me in her life. She is really a possessive kind of girl."
"And thankfully, Her Dad saved me from all this. He took her away with him, brought her to Delhi, and eventually made her joined your college."

"But what about that Fresher's party meeting?"
"You knew her right from our first year. Isn't it?"
"You are a liar Samarth ! You knew I was her batch-mate, didn't you?"
" have been in touch with her all the time, haven't you been? Huh? You are a liar Samarth".

"No Namita, trust me. After she left Bangalore, I never made any attempts to contact her or see her. But through some mutual school friends she knew I had a girlfriend named Namita. When she got to know you, she thought it might be you, but then me being a South Indian, kinda made her feel that it can't be true! And for the whole fresher's party thing, one of our mutual friends told her, that I would be visiting your college that day, which got her a chance to see me. And she kinda tracked me, and it was then only that I had seen her after some two years."

"You think I am gonna believe all this Samarth? Really?", Namita was really hurt. Hurt to the point that now she wasn't ready to believe anything, that Samarth was saying.
"Believe me Namita. This is all true. She is such a mad girl that when she saw me with you, she kinda threatened me, that she will make your life hell at college. At the fresher's party, after you left, she came to me, begged like anything to love her, to be with her. She was pathetic that evening. All she wanted was to me leave you and be with her. But I ignored her."
"Then She got my number from somebody and started texting me all your daily stuff. But you use to tell me everything before she use to text me. I just use to delete her messages, without even reading them. But lately, she has been texting very frequently about you and Rahul. You both sitting together in class, in library, going to canteen together and stuff. She kinda made me think that you were seeing Rahul, keeping it all a secret from me. She only told me that  you were crying on the shoulders on Rahul this evening."

"Crying on his shoulder's?? Oh God. This girl is a real liar. I told you about Rahul Samarth, didn't I? I told you, I will be taking maths lessons from him. But you believed her, and not me. You don't trust me Samarth", and she started sobbing.

"No Namita. I do trust you. You are everything dear. Please don't cry. I am really feeling miserable now, for hiding all this from you. But trust me, she's nothing and you are my everything Namita. I was just so so insecure and humiliated to be far away from you that even a little speck of fire was enough to lit up the fire of doubts in my mind. I am sorry Namita. Am extremely sorry for all the pain I have put you in. Please stop crying.", he almost begged forgiveness.

"Don't you know how much I love you. How much I care for you. Still you did this all to me Samarth! ", Namita wanted to grant pardon by now. How much could she hold her love for him.      

"I love you", he said.

"I love you too", she said, finally.

"Now that's my girl. I have a good news for you baby!",Said Samarth.

    So this was the whole case. Vipsa had been the vamp between Samarth and Namita. But the case was all solved now. They knew, their love was gonna win over devil Vipsa's plan. But Vipsa too played a good game. Texting all of Namita's details to him, spying on her with Sakshi. Clever girl but ultimately, a Poor Girl !

So, this part does solves some mysteries! What a relief, isn't it ;)

Another Two States Part - 33(i)

"Namita..", Tiya showed her cell phone to Namita.
"It's Samarth's call".

"I don't want to talk to him. Tell him, I don't trust him anymore. And tell me what they both were talking that night."
She continued, while crying,"Can't believe the person, who I loved so much will do all this to me. I hate him. I hate him now. Tell him this."

"No, Namita. Don't say so. And you should talk to him."
"I don't know much. I just saw them together, after you left us when Rahul had called you back in the auditorium for returning the dress you were wearing."

"But as far as I remember, Vipsa wasn't there that evening. Right? Then from where did she came in the scene? Or was it someone else?", Namita asked Tiya. By now Samarth's call had been a missed call.

"God, why aren't you answering Namita", at the other end Samarth was getting tensed. He knew mistakes had been made, but he wanted to rectify them as soon as possible.
He kept on trying her number, again and again. He difantely wasn't giving up on his love for her so easily.

"Yes, Vipsa didn't attend the party. But I am sure, the girl I saw with Samarth, was Vipsa only."
"Namita, only Samarth can tell you what happened between them."
"Here take the call", and the cell phone was handed over to Namita.

Namita stared at the mobile screen, for a second, with Samarth's name flashing on it. And she answered the call.

What it could be? What's the whole mystery between Vipsa and Samarth now? Keep reading :)

Another Two States Part - 32

"Vipsa !"
"She told you all this? Now that's something that you should talk about. I am giving the cell phone to Namita".

The event of Vipsa's name surfacing in all this was quite surprising, for Namita as well as Tiya. Vipsa hadn't been a very good friend of the either of two, but her connection now with Smarth really did started both of them.

"How do you know Vipsa?", Namita hurriedly took the phone from Tiya's hands.
"No, tell me. I heard that."
"Tell me how do you know where I was or with whom I was? And how do you know

Vipsa? Now you are keeping secrets from me and I am the one to be doubted upon!"
"This is ridiculous ! "

And Namita had a long talk after this with Samarth. Actually Samarth knew Vipsa. They were neighbors some time back, long before his father got transferred from Bangalore, Samarth's home town.

"We were neighbors", he said, in a murky voice.
"And we were good friends, till....", and he stopped.

"Till, till what Samarth? Tell me, till what?", Namita was losing her calm now.

"Till I came to know that she felt more than a friend for me. I never saw her like that but she always had that extra feelings for me. Little known fact is, she is kinda very obsessive with things she likes", he said.

"Oh God. Samarth I really didn't expect this all. You have been hiding so many things from me and you only doubt me ! How could you do this to me. How could you. Why...", and she started crying.

"Namita, please don't cry. Please."

"How could you do so to me Samarth! You have really hurt me ",she said, still crying.
"Go away. I don't want to talk to you anymore", and she ended the call. She was crying more now.

Tiya tried calming her down. She had been listening to their talks.
"Namita, don't cry. Please."

"He has been cheating on me"

"No Namita. That's not the case. Don't think so. I saw both of the talking together and thought you might be knowing this fact. I saw them together on the fresher's eve and thought you might be knowing this. But ....", and before could she finish, Namita's cell phone flashed with Samarth's number.

  Samarth met Vipsa on the fresher's eve? And didn't tell Namita about all this? And Samarth and Vipsa were neighbors?, with the girl having a crush on the guy! Is this the reason she bitched about Rahul being there with Namita to Samarth? So Vipsa too likes Rahul?, or is hse trying to get Samarth this time? Phew, Too many love stories to be solved now!  But, Samarth's keeping secrets from Namita? What more secrets are they both keeping from each other now? What's gonna happen next?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another Two States Part - 31

"Now, tell me. What's wrong Namita.", said Tiya, sitting besides Namita on her bed, holding her arm.
But Namita was still crying. It seemed as if nothing in the world can hold back her tears today.

Tiya made another attempt to calm her down,"Namita, What use is this all crying of yours gonna be? Tell me what's the matter. Don't cry please."
"I am here for you. Tell me what it is".

Namita didn't seem to stop. Tiya thought giving her rest from questions for sometime, so that she may reply back to her. She held her by her hands and allowed her to cry on her shoulder, waiting for her to stop. And after a while, she did stop.

"He doesn't trusts me.",she said sobbing.

"He? Who? Samarth?"

After a pause she said," He thinks I am cheating on him with Rahul, taking the excuse of maths lessons.", and tears again started dropping from her eyes.

"Oh God. Don't cry Namita. Please just don't cry."
"How can he think so? You guys have been so wonderful from the past one year that I has seen you both as a couple."
"Their might be some mistake Namita"
"Don't cry Please.", and she tried calming her down.

"Give me your cell phone. Let me talk to him."
"There's nothing other than the devil of misunderstanding between both of you"
"Let me clear things between you", she said and tried searching for her cell phone.

"No, I don't want to talk to somebody who doubts me this much", she said, crying.
"I have done nothing, still he thinks I am not loyal to our relationship. I tell him everything, before he even asks for it and ask him nothing, yet I am bound to circled by his insecurities."
"I can't bear this anymore Tiya"
"I wish to spend my life with someone who loves me. And not with someone who doubts me"

Long distance relationships surely have the scope of demons like, doubt, cheating, double-timing, lies. But Namita and Samarth made no ordinary couple. And to see that they too will have such a serious fight, on such petty issue was really surprising fro Tiya. But she was in no mood to let things go their devilish way. She wanted happiness for Namita, she wanted them both to be together. Firstly, because Namita was her best friend and secondly, she wanted

Rahul to know that Namita has a boyfriend. What a bedlam she was in !
Life tests us all the time. But she never knew that one day she will be an angel and a devil, at the same time, for the same person.

"Mita, stop crying. You are my best-est friend. You don't know how much your smile means to me. And I seriously just can't see you in so much of pain."
"Let me talk to him once. Let me clear things between both of you", she insisted, still searching for her cell.

"Here",Namita said, pointing out her cell phone in her hands.
"Take this"
"I don't know whether I should give you or not, But I trust you", she said looking at Tiya, her eyes filled tears.

Tiya tried smiling a bit. She knew she was being her friend and a bitch at the

same time, but then she had to do what she was doing, for all of them, which included Namita, Samarth, Rahul and Tiya, ofcourse.

"I will tell you the truth. And you know what it is", and Tiya took Namita's cell phone from her hand.

She dialed Samarth's number. The bell was ringing.
Nobody answered.

"See, now he won't even take my call", and Namita burs-ted in tears again.

"No, Namita. He could have been somewhere else. Don't think like that. I am...", and before she could complete, Namita's cell phone was ringing.
It was Samarth calling.

"See, I told you not to think rubbish. Now stop crying.", and Tiya answered his call.

And after a pause she continued,"Yes, she has been crying since she fought with you".
"Then why do you fight with her? You know how much she loves you, then why do you hurt her so much? She is such a pretty girl, why do you make her cry Samarth?"
"Hmm...I know Samarth"
. But it's not like that what you are thinking."
Namita was, and surely is, very much yours Samarth."
"The only man he has on her mind, is you and nobody else."
"No, it's not like that Samarth."
"Hmm..., she loves you, very much !"
"Hmm..., No !
"I mean, Yes he was there, but only because he saw her and not that she called him or something. I was there too. But, how do you know?"
"What !"
"Come again."
"Who told you that!, Vipsa ! "

 Vipsa! Now from where does she comes in the scene? What's this twist now? But seems like, Namita and Samarth are going to have a settlement soon! Thank to Tiya. Poor girl, fighting between friendship and love. But it's bad to see love birds going separate ways, even for a part of the story. So they had to be back together! As this is what makes, Another Two States, another love story !

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another Two States Part - 30

He came down in no time. She was sitting there, crying and crying. Tears were dropping like rain drops  in the monsoon season.

"Namita, Oh my God. Please stop crying.", he tried consoling her anguish. He sat besides her.
But nothing just could stop her tears now. She was hurt. Her heart was hurt by none other than her lover. So what could pacify her right now ! But Rahul was trying his best.

"Namita, is everything okay back at home? Please stop crying", he wanted to wipe those tears, rolling down her cheek but he just couldn't gather the courage to move his hand to do so.

She continued crying. Trying to hide her face in her palms. The crying was increasing ever second. Tears were just coming out, more and more.

"Namita, Please stop crying. Tell me what's wrong. Don't cry please.", he tried consoling again, but all in vain.

She was looking strikingly beautiful.  
Her eyes, wet with tears intoxicated Rahul more in her love.
Although he should be trying a way to make her stop crying, but he just couldn't help noticing how beautiful her every facial feature was.
How beautiful  the girl sitting next to him was !

He tried again,"Namita, please ...stop crying..", but before he could finish, he heard his name in the far distant.

"Hey..Rahul...", and the voice became more clear.It was Sakshi, coming closer and closer.
"Prof. Sharma..aa..aa..", and she saw Namita crying.
"Oh, I guess I came at the wrong time", she felt a bit awkward to be present at that scene there.
"Prof. Sharma was looking for you.Okay Bye",and she left.

Rahul looked for a second to what Sakshi had to say to her and then again he tried calming down Namita.

"Please tell me Namita, what's wrong with you. Why are you crying. Don't worry, Everything will be alright. I am here with you. Please don't cry."

Namita tried hiding from him but eventually she broke down.
"He doubts me."

"He, who he? And he doubts you? What the hell ! Who doubts you, and who is this he that you are so concerned with?",he thought in his mind.

He wanted to ask all these questions to her, whom are you talking about Namita, who is he, your boy-friend, you have a boyfriend who's so pathetic that he doubts you, but he just said, judging these words to be the best in the current situation,"You first stop crying Namita. Then tell me everything in detail. First stop crying", and he gathered courage, to move his hand up. And before his hand could wipe one of her tears, on her cheek, Tiya shouted," Hey Namita, Hey Rahul", and Rahul took back his approaching hand, towards Namita's face.

He turned to see Tiya standing behind them. She had been watching all this for sometime now.
She came quickly in the front.

"Oh my God. Namita, you are crying. But why. Rahul what did you do? Namita stop . Please stop crying.", and she sat on the other side. On one side her best friend was crying and on the other side, the person she loved was trying to wipe her tears. She was watching all this for sometime, standing behind them both, watching her love going towards her friend, and she could do nothing about it.

"I didn't do anything. It was just some call that she answered and has been crying since then", he felt like a culprit,caught by Tiya.

"Oh God. Okay, I get it. I'll take care of her now", she said in a thankful gesture to him and sat down besides Namita, with her head on her shoulder now. Namita was still crying.

"Okay....I.. guess... I should be leaving then. Take care of her. Call me if you need me. I will be around in the campus only", he said to Tiya and got up to leave.

Namita didn't care as to see as to who was coming or leaving. She was just too much absorbed in her tears but somebody there wanted Rahul to leave her life as early as possible and that somebody was Tiya. She could clearly see, how concerned he was for Namita. And what more painful can be, than to watch your love falling for your friend.

And there Tiya was, one side she had to support Namita and at the same time was fighting with her mixed emotions. She was jealous of Namita for the first time today. She felt like leaving her there on her own, but she just couldn't move.

"Come let's go to our room. It's getting dark now", and they both got up from their places and started walking towards their hostel building.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Two States Part - 29

"Hi", she said waving at Rahul.

He was sitting there. In the fiction section, waiting for her, like he had been waiting for her last weekend too.

"It's 5:30", he sorta complained. He wanted to make her realize how hard it is for him, to even pass a minute without her in the library, when she is supposed to be with him.

"Yeah, I know. I am sorry, I am late. It's just some bank work that took me".

"I tried your number too. But it turned out to be busy, every-time I called."

"Busy! Oh yes, I was just talking to somebody. Leave it now, I am here", she said in a little irritated voice.

"Okay okay. I am not saying anything."
"Hope you got the first tutorials of differentials with you."

"Yeah, I have those."
"Here,", and she handed the tutorial pages to him.

"Yeah, exactly. So let's start with the basics."
"See, Here you have all the basic formulas that you will be needing throughout the........", and he started briefing him all the principles, formulas and concepts of differentials. Namita was a sincere student.

  She said she was talking to some friend. Actually, she was talking to Samarth. They had a fight on taking lessons from Rahul. But why didn't she tell this to Rahul? Ofcourse, Rahul has no idea who Samarth is, and would definately not like to be somebody's issu of fight, but simply telling him that she was talking to her boyfriend wasn't a big deal! But she kept it a secret from him. Why?

After some time, some one hour, a call flashed on Namita's cell phone.
She saw the caller's number, turned it down and engaged herself in her question again. The cell phone again vibrated. And she didn't quiet seemed to be distrubed by that. But Rahul was.

"Why don't you take that call? ", he said, pointing to her cell.

"No, I don't wanna talk to the person who's calling",she replied, a bit irritated.

Rahul didn't seem to be quiet pleased with her aberrant behavior and asked,"Is everything okay Namita? Or you wanna share something with me?"

She looked at him. He was there to listen all that she wanted one to hear. But how can she tell him everything? Everything? How can she.

She controlled her emotions,"No, nothing. I just had a fight with my old friend. And it's him who's calling. I don't wanna talk to him right now. So let's just ignore all this."
"I am unable to get pass through this step. Can you tell me where I am wrong", and she turned her notebook towards him while the cell phone was still vibrating.

They were done after an hour. Namita was about to say bye to Rahul when the cell phone again vibrated. The same number flashed on the screen. It was Samarth's.

"I better take this now as we are done for the day. So I will see you tomorrow then I guess.",Namita said collecting her books from the library table.

"Yeah, sure. Same time, 5 to 7, here only."

"Okay. Bye",and she answered the call. She was still collecting her things and talking on phone. And Rahul got a chance to hear a bit of her conversation.

"Hello, Yes", she answered a bit rudely.
After a pause of two minutes, " Don't you get it still? How many times do I have to remind you of the past? Listen.......", and she left.

She came out of the library, still talking on phone. Rahul could see her from the window. He was on library's first floor and Namita was now out of the building. She jujst kept on walking impatiently, talking or rather arguing on phone, which could be clearly made out from her gestures.

"What is it that you want Samarth? When I told you that it's nothing, why don't you believe me? Why don't you trust me? What have I done to bring you down, ever. Huh?"
"Tell me. Do I look so cheap to you that I will double time with you? Really?"

The conversation was getting tensed, second by second. Samarth wanted her not to get any lessons from Rahul. He wanted her to ask some girl from her class to teach other that a guy. In short, he was doubting Rahul and also his girl, Namita. Long distance relationships do have such evil coming their way but not if the girl and the boy are honest and serious. And in this case, they both were! But the evil of doubting somebody, is something that can never be resolved ! Samarth was doubting her Love and Namita was in no mood to let down her ego and pride on this. And why would she, when she knew she wasn't wrong. She just had to get this in Samarth's mind. She knew, he was a hard guy but to avoid such things for once and all, some harsh steps were necessary.

"Samarth, If you really don't trust me, then I guess it's time to simply call it off!",and she ended the call, all drowned in tears.
Rahul saw her. He saw her crying. He immediately ran downstairs to pacify her.

Call it off? What? Break up?
Namita and Samarth are having such a serious fight? Namita was a very soft hear-ted person , but today she seemed to be someone else. Why was she so pissed off at him? What could be the reason? Is Smarth's Insecurities going to bring down their relation? Is their love story gonna end right here? Really? Is this the end of Another Two States? So Early? I know you won't be thinking so, but who knows !

Sorry Mother

There have been times when I doubted your love for me. You being possessive with me, not allowing me to go out with my friends, made me think you didn't trust me enough to be on my own. It made me think, you didn't want me to be happy. I wanted to run out of your claws, get rid of your monarchy. I almost figured you as a Hitler of my life. I am sorry. There have been times when I thought you loved her more than me. When I thought I was an adopted child. I am sorry. You used to shout at me for not doing house work, beat me up for misbehaving or breaking up some vase or a toy. I hated you. I am sorry.
I used to be angry with you, used to make a sulking face when you used to shout at me, even for a second. I wanted to run away from all the work that you used to instruct me under strict instructions to be completed. I just wanted freedom from you. I am sorry mother. Please forgive your daughter .

Another Two States Part - 28

It was Saturday. She would be meeting Rahul at 5 today. She knew she has to meet him at any cost today, and make up for her absence last Sunday. Rahul might have forgiven her but she knew skipping the lessons today will not beg for another kind act of forgiveness from him. But then she also had to finish up the paper work at the bank.

      She had an appointment with some manager at the bank today at 1. She had clear plans for today. After being done with the bank work, which would finish by 3 maximum, she will meet Rahul in the library at 5 and try explaining things to him. Hence she hurried to the bank.

While waiting for the bank personal in her cabin, she noticed she had a missed call. A missed call from an unknown number. But the sight of the number worried her. She immediately tried calling back but before an answer came from the other side, the manager entered.

"Hello mam, I am Namita. If you remember, you had called me today."

 "Hmm..", the lady tried recalling her face, and said,"Oh, Yes, Yes.Namita."
"I remember. Please sit down. Let me just finish these papers then will talk to you."

"Okay mam. I will just wait outside."

"Oh, no no dear. You can just sit down. I just have to sign these papers."

    Namita sat down on the vacant chair in-front of her. The lady started signing some papers. She didn't seem to be in a hurry but our girl was. This could be clearly seen on her impulsive face.

   After some half hour, the lady turned to her and said,"Alright, now tell me. What can I do for you?".

"What can I do for you? Is that all that she has got to say after ruining my half hour!", Namita thought to herself, but she kept on her cool and said,"Mam, I need you to fake some figures on my account balance book. I want you to mark up the same figures while I would be drawing money from my account."

"Fake your account? Excuse me! Are you even in your senses madam. We are here to assist you and not fake somebody's accounts figures."

"Mam, I very well understand what you are saying. But please listen to me once. Nobody else but you can help me in this situation. Hence I am here to see you."
"Please try to understand, please".

"Excuse me Mam, but as to what you are saying, is simply which I won't be doing. I can't cheat on my bank. I am answerable for anything wrong being done here. And let's suppose, if I will do as you say, then what's the guarantee that in future this whole forgery thing won't surface? "
"I might loose my job and my career for some insane thing you are asking me to do, do you even realize that !"

"Yes mam, I very well understand what you are saying and I have already made a detailed inspection on all the possible pro's and con's of the thing that I am asking as a favor from you."
"Please listen to me at-least once mam" 
"I have really come a hard way for this and I really want help", and a tear or two scrolled down her cheek.

The manager, though being a lady herself didn't seem to move by her tears, but keeping up to her human instincts she said,"Okay okay. Now stop crying and tell me what story you have got there for all this insane favor, you want from me", and she handed over a tissue to Namita.

"Thank you very much Mam. I will tell you everything.",she said, taking tissue from her hand,and continued,"Then you decide and tell me, if I am asking for some insane favor from you".

   And Namita went on to narrating some story to the lady manager. At first, the lady didn't seem to have enough faith in the story Namita ws telling her, but later on, she did seem to be changing her mind for not helping her.

And after listening to all that Namita had to say, she said,"Alright I will do what you want. But I don't want any nuisance happening. I want you clear things as soon as possible and take up all the responsibility for that. Our bank just shouldn't be involved at any point. Hope you understand that very clearly.", she said in a firm voice. She had made it clear that Namita had got what she had been wanting from her.

"Yes Mam, I understand that very well. I will clear the mess within a month. Thank you very much for listening to me and helping me out. Thank you very much Mam.", and she got up from her chair to handshake her hands with her.

"Okay then I will see you when you need this thing to be done. Till then, I hope it's a top secret between the two ladies", and the lady smiled.

"Yes Mam, definitely a top sealed secret."
"Thanks a lot for your precious time Mam".

The manager smiled from her seat only while Namita exited her cabin. She seemed to be quiet happy now. She looked at her watch. It was 4. She quickly hired a cab back to college. She must hurry up before she again gets a chance to upset Rahul. The day seemed to going quiet well for her. But she didn't knew that somebody's day wasn't going that well. Somebody was disturbed to know that she was meeting somebody else than him. That somebody was really not in a good mood.

   So, what was her story? What did she tell to the manager? And why does she needs to get fake details on her account book? Whom is she sending money to? Who? Is Namita involved in something that she's embarrassed to tell? Even to her parents? Otherwise why is she hiding this money transaction from them? And if she is not lending money to Samarth, then to whom is she lending it to? Who?

Monday, June 13, 2011

I am sorry, I lied to you !

Sorry I lied , Lied a million times to you. Hiding the pain and just , Smiling in-front of you ! You asked me, "What's wrong?", I wanted to scream, "Everything", But I lied, "All's good". You asked me, "Did anything happened today?" I lied, "No nothing" "Everything is fine" You asked me, "Are you crying?" I lied, "No, why would I cry" "I am happy" You asked me, "How was your day?" I wanted to tell you All the shit that had happened that day, But I lied, "My day was just usual, like everyday " You asked me, "What did you do the whole day?" I wanted to cry, Like I had been crying That whole day, But I lied, "I did some home stuff and studies" I know you knew something was wrong, I know you knew that I was in pain, I know you knew that I was lying, I know you might be hurt after reading this, But I had to lie. Lie beacause You were entering a new phase of your life, Phase for which you had toiled so much. I just had no right to snatch that happiness from you, To deprive you of the smiles you deserved. I didn't want to loathe you with my depression, I just couldn't be so selfish. Hence, I lied. I know you would have been there when I cried, When I was depressed. But I didn't want to sadden you by my sorrow tales. I wanted you to be happy, And believe That I was happy too. Because Seeing you happy, Somewhere made me happy too !
Hence I am confessing it today, Right here, In-front of you. That I am Sorry, Sorry, That I lied to you !

Another Two States Part - 27

"Good morning"

"Good..morning. You up early today. What's..the time ? "

"It's seven sweetheart. Wake up..wake up."

"Yeah baby, I am up"
"So what made you make the call today?",she asked, blushing a bit, still lying half up on bed.

"Nothing. Just wanted to bless your day",and he laughed .
"So wake up and go to class. I am about to reach my interview cell for today".

"Oh, yeah. I am so sorry. I just totally forgot."
"All the very best hon"

"Thanks dear. I really need this job."

"Don't worry you will."

"Hm...alright now just wake up and go to class".

And she giggled,"I don't have a class today. Got some assignments and then later in the evening I am taking these maths lessons from my friend, Rahul."

"Maths lessons? Since when have you been needing a tutor?"
"Who is he?"
"Have I met him? Or does he knows about me?"

"Chill...chill baby. You need not worry. I am simply taking lessons for some two hours, nothing else. We both only share our maths class together in our college course."
"Now. just don't spoil your mood and don't worry. I will call you later in the evening. Okay?"
"Just concentrate on your interview"
"Do well"

"Hmm...Okay. I will be in touch via messages."
"Hope I will get replies"

"Arre.yeah sure you will. Why won't you! Now stop being dramatic and allow me to get ready.I want to sleep more as later I have to go to the bank for that work you know.So.."

"Okay, okay. That work hasn't been done yet?"

"No, it's almost done, it's just that they are suspecting me so I had to fake some details. I will tell you the details later."
"Now go..bye"

"Alright, alright. Bye. Love you"

"Love you too. Bbye"

     Samarth had ended the call but he was a bit worried now. Why does she needs maths lessons now? And who is Rahul? How come I have never heard about this guy before?
"I need to keep my faith and trust in her. I know she won't do anything that would hurt me. But this distance between us hurts me a lot. Why the hell my life is like this?", and thinking so he just messaged her something.

    Namita was still in bed, trying to get some sleep, when this message popped up.

"I love You."

She replied,"I love you too :) "
The next minute, another message.
"No, I love you more"

She replied again.
"No, I love you more. And shouldn't you be focusing on your interview right now?"

Another message.
"I know, I have an interview. My name's gonna be called after some couple of hours."
And her reply was,"Okay, okay."

And another message. He seemed really impatient today.
"Why you need maths lessons? Who is this Rahul?"

        Namita knew this was gonna surface up. But she didn't wanna upset Samarth's interview. But his impatient instant replies and questions worried her. But she was a clever girl, clever enough as to how to handle situations like these. She knew how to calm down her guy and take him into trust. She just knew everything!
Hence she replied.

"Samarth, I knew it from the first message of yours, that you are troubled with me taking lessons from this guy, Rahul. But you don't have to worry about it at all. I am not seeing him or anybody. I already have a baby whose name is Samarth and right know the only thing that my baby should be doing is , to focus on his interview. I will tell you all you wanna know about anything later, when you are done with your interview session".

    The message was quiet honest.
But when it comes to trusting his girl, Samarth was no different from any other guy. He believed what she had said but in some part of his heart, he heard the voice,"Is long distance relationship going turn out a nightmare for him?".
But he tried curbing that evil voice and replied back to her.
"Okay. Cya :) ".

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another Two States Part - 26

 Tring Tring.

"Hello",and Namita was awakened by the phone call, the next morning.
"Yeah, I just did as you asked me to. You might have got the ....",and she left the room.
After a while, being done with the call, she returned back.Tiya was awake too by now.

"Morning",she greeted her.

Namita smiled back and said,"Good Morning".
"It's such a lovely day".

" was, until you get to know that people are keeping secrets from you now !", and saying so, she went to have a shower.

Tiya's words left Namita all puzzled. Tiya knew what she had taunted to Namita about, but the latter didn't knew what Rahul has been keeping from her, eventually creating some misunderstandings there.

Tiya came out after few minutes and hurried towards her cupboard, simply ignoring if anybody else too lived with her. And before Namita could speak she said,"I am going early today. Got some work at the library.", and she left.

Namita had no idea, what a big problem, she was going to be dragged into! With no fault on her part. But life doesn't asks you, whether you wanna be indulged into something or not! It just drags you into things !

(Later that day )

 "Good afternoon students. Hope you people are ready to solve some more problems on differentials. Please turn to the tutorials, page 10", the maths class had started. Rahul was sitting in his usual place, last bench and Namita was, as usual, late today.
She entered the class but was take aback to see no vacant seat for her by Rahul's side. He didn't even notice her entering the class.

"He seems to be really mad at me for not showing up this weekend. God, please help me fix this. You know I didn't skip the lessons intentionally", she said in her mind while managing to settle down somewhere near Sakshi.

"Hi", she said, turning to Sakshi.
But she didn't like to take off her concentration from her maths tutorials! Hence Namita too started turning up the pages of her notebook.
The one hour seemed to be like never passing for her today. She just wanted to get up from her seat, walk to Rahul's seat and explain him everything, as to why she didn't turn up for the lessons. She was really disturbed for he had not been replying to her messages and now he didn't even care if she too existed in the class!

"Alright, now try solving this problem and then you might leave. And those who won't be able to show me the solution, must wait for fifteen minutes for the class to get over. So hurry up people. Here goes you problem", and the professor wrote some D's and X's and some other variables on the board. But Namita has some important troubles T's and problems P's going on in her life.

"I am done Sir", and Rahul's voice made all the heads turned towards him.

"Alright, bring the notebook here", the professor instructed him.

He collected his things, and before moving from his seat with his notebook in his hands, he saw Namita looking his way. Namita smiled when he looked at her but he just turned her down and gave her a cold look.
He got his question correct and was allowed to leave. Namita and other were still stuck with the problem but her's was a bit different and included some more variable's.

After a few minutes,her cell phone vibrated, saying one message received.
And she was smiling.
It was from Rahul.

It said," Sorry for ignoring you, but you came late, so just couldn't keep a seat for you today. Rest will explain when we meet next. Try not to skip this weekend's lessons.Bye".

And her problem did solve, not full but at-least a few steps were clear for her now.

So Rahul is totally into her? Another love story beginning? And Sakshi in class? What was she doing there? Since when did she start taking maths lessons! And not to forget, what's the mystery behind the mystery call? Too many secrets now! Guess it's time for some show time now !

Another two states Part 25

And after the call ended, she took out the red diary from under her clothes from her closet. She had been hiding it there. She opened the diary, wrote down something in it, and started reading some pages, written earlier.She continued reading until Tiya entered.


Namita wasn't ready for this sudden invasion of hers in her gloomy mood.She was sitting on her bed,with the diary on the pillow,with pillow placed in her lap. She quickly managed to hide the diary under the pillow and acted as if she was just sitting and thinking about something.

Tiya didn't notice her stealth activity of hiding something.
"So you again back to the sad sad girly mood today.Huh?"
"Come-on Namita. Accept things the way they are. You can't do anything by just getting tensed for things , which are not under your control. But you surely can increase a wrinkle or get some dark circles under your eyes by doing....",and before Tiya could start with her usual self, Namita interrupted,"Okay Mademoiselle, I get it. I will sleep with leaving all the tensions for some other day.Happy?",saying so she straightened her body on her bed, ready to go to sleep.

"Yeah, very happy.",and Tiya went into the washroom, to prepare herself for sleep. Namita quickly took the diary from under the pillow and placed it safely in her closet again, and went back to sleep.
Now she can sleep with peace, at-least for the night.

The next day was as bright as it could be. But Namita started the day with a tensed expression on her face. She didn't seem to be very blessed with a new day. Something was going on inside her mind which she had even kept as a secret from Tiya and Samarth. What it could be !

(later that evening)

It was Saturday evening, and Namita was supposed to meet Rahul.He was on time, waiting there in the library for her to show up. They had fixed to meet up at 5 in the fiction section. It was 6 now but.

"Hey Rahul",a female voice made him turn his head towards him.

"Hey..",his voice was low. He wished it to be Namita's but, it was Tiya's.

"What happened? You look so lost! You okay?".

"Yeah, yeah. I am absolutely fine. It's just these problems that are messing up with my mind."
"I will get through them anyway."

"Okay, but you do look a bit lost. Anyways, mind if I sit?",she asked pointing out to the empty chair, right in-front of him.

It was meant for Namita, but as she hadn't showed up yet, he thought having her company wasn't a bad idea after all.

"Yeah, sure sure.It's just vacant, as you can see."

She sat down with her books.
Actually, she wasn't really studying. She just wanted to sit with him. He had always appeared to her as the guy, whom she would love to be with. And here she was, grabbing all the opportunities she can. They both sat there for sometime. Chatted a bit about college stuff and the upcoming sports meet in their college. Tiya and Rahul, both were gonna be a part of the college's basketball team. And so she at-least had some topic common between them, to talk on as he didn't seem quiet interested in talking to her.

He kept looking at his cell phone.Tiya had been noticing this aberrant behavior of his, but didn't say a word of complain."Who was she to complain, after all", she thought in her mind.

After a silence of few minutes, he finally spoke."I guess I should be leaving now. It's 8'o clock and I must go for dinner. My friends must be waiting."

"Oh, yeah. I will leave too".

"I had to meet this good friend of mine, here today, but guess something more important showed up and the meeting didn't happen",he said collecting his books from the table.

"Okay, happens", Tiya was a bit disturbed to know that he lied to her in the first. What wrong would have happened if he would have told her that in the first place? Why didn't he share his feelings with her? She had known him for sometime, not too much but at-least he could have shared his problem with her. But alright, the girl must keep her calm to pursue a guy's mind.

He left but Tiya was still sitting there. She was waiting for Namita to show up. Namita had promised to show up at the library, to both of them, at different times, but the two of them(Tiya & Rahul) didn't know, that meeting a common person, made them actually meet! 

After some twenty minutes, Namita showed up.

"Hey, Tiya. I am so sorry, I am late. Let's go for dinner. Come",she said looking around, searching for someone.

"You looking for somebody?", Tiya asked, looking at her from her chair.

"Me...Yeah. I had asked Rahul to tutor me maths today. But I just couldn't show up. I had this bank work that engaged me for hours. I text-ed him that I would be late, but he still insisted on waiting, if only I would end up at bank soon. But I couldn't."
"So, was just looking, if I could find him and apologize directly".
"But it seems like he already left."
"God, I am so late",and Namita looked at her wrist watch.

"Yeah....He..just left."
"I....I just saw him leaving.", Tiya was now really disturbed.
So it was Namita, the good friend that he was meeting up here. But why didn't he tell her? He knew, she was room-mate with Namita, from the freshers party he had known this fact. But did he lied to her? Meeting Namita is something to be kept a secret? Namita double timing with Samarth? Or is it that Rahul felt differently for Namita? Or was it that Rahul didn't want to upset her, telling her that he was meeting another girl, but eventually she showed up.With mixed thoughts, they both left.
Namita seemed to be quiet relieved, but the same wasn't the case with Tiya! Not after knowing the connection between all the today's events !

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another two states Part 24

Tring Tring.
Tring Tring.
Tring Tring.

"Namita...namitaaa..wake up. Your phone is ringing. Answer it.",said Tiya in a sleepy voice.It was 7am, early morning and Namita's cell phone has been ringing from past five minutes now.

"Hel..lo.., hey mom",answered Namita, in a sleepy voice.
"Oh, really? Are you sure?",she was now all awake, sitting alert on her bed in a bit tensed mood.
"Okay. You alright mom? Where's dad? Don't worry. Things will be fine. You just take care of yourself and dad. Let them do their work.",and the call ended.

It was her mothers', but what was the emergency?

Tiya had heard her speaking in tension,"Everything okay back home?",she inquired.

"Yeah..yeah. It's just some neighborhood issue. Everything is fine.",she said in a hurry, and moved out of her bed, struggling with the keypad of her cell phone, probably typing some text message.
"You don't worry. You sleep.I will just call Samarth.He's got his this interview today.I will...just wish him luck",saying so she went out of the room.

        Tiya could see her from the window. She was tensed while talking on the phone. What could be the matter? What was she hiding now? Well, her family matters was none of her business, hence she again went back to sleep.

"Yeah,...I know. I know. I told mom not to worry."
"But....I don't think I can hold this up for long now. "       
"Honestly, I am scared."
"I know..I know..I am trying my best to get you some finance. I will send you some soon.You just take care."
"I am really worried for you.Okay, I gotta get ready for college now. Bye".
And the call was ended.

Returning back to her room, she sat on her bed, thinking about something, something that occupied her mind more than anything early morning.

"God,...please help",saying so she got up from her bed and went to the washroom to get ready for college.She was ready in few minutes.She woke up Tiya and left for college.whole day she was absorbed in her own little world.She didn't speak much to anyone. Things were just going on as they would go on any usual day but Namita's participation in any of it, was missing today.

What the phone call would be about? Something wrong happened back at home? What did her mother say to her? And then the following cal that she made, whom did she call? And money? Who did she needs to send to money to? Obviously it wasn't Samarth ! Or was it?

(later in the evening)
Tring Tring.
Tring Tring.


"Hey Namita",the male voice on the other side was kinda low.

" how did it go? Did you get the job? Did you?"

"No, I didn't."

"Oh, it's okay Hon. A better job might be waiting out there for you somewhere. Just keep trying and you will get one soon."

"Yeah...I am just keeping hope that that will happen."

"Of-course that will happen. Now come-on, don't be sad. Cheer up and work for finding the next job."

"Yeah, I have got some more interviews coming up next week. And I am looking forward to some new promising projects in the North too."

"Oh really! That's great. Wish you get one here",and she giggled, just to make the environment a bit light.

"Yeah, me too."
"I love you"

"Aww..I love you too sweetheart. You are just one big strong person carrying my sweet, cute, delicate, lovely heart along with yours...",and she giggled again, at her own silly joke.

"I know, I know.",and he laughed too.

"What would have I done without you Namita!"
"You are my life, my laughter, my breath. You are just my everything my love"
"I love you"

"I love you too sweetie pie. Now can I sleep baby? I have got to wake-up early tomorrow morning. I have got this electronics class at 8 and later in the evening I am taking maths lessons from one of my classmates. And I am really tired now."

"Sure sure.Sleep well. love ya "

"Love you too.Goodnight"

Another two states Part 23

   Sometimes it's really hard to resist somebody's presence in your life. You just can't resist the charm , the attraction you feel towards somebody. Something similar was happening with Rahul. He was smart, tall, handsome and an intelligent guy. And now that he was in Namita's maths class, he had all the chances to prove himself in-front of her. He really did like her. All he was waiting for, was the right time to tell her about his feelings for her. The way he looked her, what he felt for her and what he wanted from her.

Namita was unknown from all these things. She was just being friendly with Rahul like she would have been with any other guy. She needed a differential tutor and hence he called him.

"Hello, Rahul? This is Namita."

"Hey, so watsup?"

"I need some help with the differential problems. If you could help me on the weekends. My Saturday and Sunday evenings are free."

"Okay, then I will tutor you on the weekends, in the library, if that's okay with you."

"Yeah, yeah. That's just perfectly fine with me.So see you tomorrow in class then."

"Okay", and he ended the call with a smile on his face. He was happy, and reason was pretty obvious for the bog broad smile on his face.

"So...who was it? Huh? ",asked Vipsa.

 And here comes a new character, Vipsa. Studying biotechnology in ITS college. She was good friends with Rahul.She was tall, beautiful, good at studies but a bit of rude and arrogant at times. She didn't had much friends in college. And among  her best buddies were, Rahul and Sakshi, her day-scholar friend. She too was a day-scholar.

"It was Namita. She wants me to help her with some maths lessons. She really needs be tutored in differentials for the upcoming surprise tests.",he said, again with a smile.

"Okay, but why you? Why did she took up maths as a subject when she can't get through it's lessons? And why will you be teaching her? Hmm?",she asked, in a bit of interrogative tone.

"It's okay Vipsa, I would be happy If I could help her out. Why are you being so concerned?",he answered with a bit irritating voice. He didn't like her being possessive with him over this issue.

"Alright, Do whatever you want to. I should go now. The buses might be leaving any minute. Gotta find Sakshi too. Bye", and she left. She was a bit angry.

"Okay, bye", but before he could say these words, Vipsa had already gone far away from him.

   "Why was she angry? Girl fight between Namita and Vipsa? Or what? Uff..These girls are really hard things to figure.But why is she so mad at me for teaching her? God!", and he kept thinking about the days to come, when he would be teaching Namita. What a chance he had got to be close to her. To be with her. Lucky fellow !

  But wait, are we going to have mixed love stories here? Vipsa feels something more than just being friends with Rahul?Else why was she pissed off at Rahul for teaching Namita? And why does she hates her?Another secret? And what about the fact that Rahul feels for Namita, who is still totally unknown to all these proceedings!  A love triangle?

To know more, keep reading. The mysterious love stories have just begun to take shapes :)


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