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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chennai to ......

A 26 hours journey, and you are in a train with your dear friends.
Sounds good right?
You have just been placed, A job in the seventh semester itself, with a considerable compensation for freshers and a nice company to start a job with.
Sounds thrilling right?
But what if the journey slowly starts turning into a scary experience?
What will you do when you when the journey, that has been so good so far starts scaring the shit out of you?
what will you do when some disturbing elements start ruining all the fun?
Exciting ?
Be prepared to hear the story of three friends, one of them being a girl, traveling from Chennai to New Delhi, a 36 hours train journey being scared off in the train by some elements. How they manage to protect themselves, protect her, be bold, face all the problems with courage, manage to escape the train, and finally reach their respective homes safely.
The story has just begun...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mission accomplished !

Yea !
Mission accomplished !
I finally have a job now :D
With Accenture :D

High performance, delivered !
It feels so great. The whole life has got a new meaning now :)
Finally I am living with something that I have got on my basis purely :)
Finally I will be doing that I actually dreamt of doing :)
Finally I will be employed :)
And the best part is, the whole journey, from transfiguring into an employer from a student was simply wonderful and memorable :)
The most wonderful experience I can ever have or wish for :)
Life is cool now :) With loads of tensions coming up, but then I have wonderful people with me now, to help me out :)
Thank you God :)
Thank you very much for blessing me with such great people in my life :)
I really feel blessed today :)
And hope , will keep up this spirit :)
I have loads of stories to share :)
Very spicy, mysterious,thrilling things to tell :)
The whole Chennai drama is yet to be revealed.
The whole story, from 6th September to 23rd September.
Coming soon :D :D

Friday, September 2, 2011

Wake me up, when september ends !

  Uff! Loads of work to do and I am still blogging ! Sorry just can't leave my baby alone !
Alright alright, coming straight to the point, I am having a very hectic schedule these days. The whole day comes and passes by as if it had only 10 hours instead of 24 !
Yes! I am experiencing that!
My life is entering a new phase or let's say I am discovering a new phase of life. My college is about to end in some eight months :( I know it's a long time but still I will miss all of my friends :(
I am having a final year project to develop and run, two semesters yet to clear for writing Er. before my name, actually this is the reason I am doing this course :p
Okay jokes apart, I am having some entrance exams coming, sorry won't disclose the details else you may ask me the results :p.
Have a project and have to decide a team for it yet.
A Resume work pending.
A job profile to be created.
A head to toe search for a job, Am leaving in a week for that to some city other than the one I am currently in.
And and and, I have some family thing going on that's really in a bad shape as of now!Don't want to discuss it.
So here I am, announcing a month's absence from the blogger world!.
Also I have started writing for a new blog. All girls and boys reading this must visit .Darlings Of Venus
Cya People. Will resume blogging soon .
Oh Lord,  Give strength to my baby to survive ;) ;)
And before Green day fans sue me for catching their eye for their so much beloved song. Enjoy the video !!
(I know you might have watched it some thousand s time like me :D)

Wake me up, When september ends !!!!!!


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