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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Muse - I

First thing caught by the eyes

Head bowed down, eyes lowered, smile presented at it’s best sight

Kind and un-kind – mixed at the same time

Talkative – anything and everything being the syllabus

Full yet open to new sources

Not yet mature but certainly more than others of same age

Friday, December 30, 2016

Being Muse !

Being a Muse
Is what he desires,
Hearing this from the Muse
Is how it inspires !

Centre piece of discussion
Highlight of the talk,
Every action being scrutinized
With each word spoken looked upon !

Knit words into posts
To speak for a personality,
Exposing the muse to reality
To the world as a noun !

It's not easy as it sounds
It may please or displease,
It will be how it appears
Reality at ease !

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Eyes see it all

One humid afternoon
You were spotted
Black shirt black trouser
Exploring the premises

Something tricked her
To look your way
Something was being planned
Real far away

This and that
And some chit chat
How Unknown became known
Is yet not known

Year passed
She flew away
Bidding goodbye
Never to come back again

Strange things happen
And they happened again
They were in same place
Yet unknown again

This is odd
Is all that you said
Where is this thing going
Is all that she thought


कद ६ फुट १ इंच
सीना ५६ इंच
उम्र २६ साल ९५ दिन

इसको  छेड़ दूँ
उसको  छेड़ दूँ
पूरी दुनियां छेड़ दूँ  ।

आँखों में शरारत
दिल में बेचैनी
दिमाग सोच में
क्या कैसे किसको कब छेड़ू !

हर समय चलता एक विचार
किसको बनाऊ अगला शिकार
कौन है मेरा सानी यहाँ
एक ही हुआ है मुझसा यहाँ !

सबको हँसाने का है ज़िम्मा मेरा
सच बोलके या झूठ
कौन करे इसकी परवाह ।

कोई हँसता
और कोई रुठ जाता
कोशिश में इसकी
कभी कभी हू मैं  हार जाता ।

पर कोशिश नहीं छूटेगी
एक दिन ये दुनिया याद करेगी
वो जो हँसता भी था
और साथ में मारता भी था ।

Sunday, December 18, 2016

YouTube is working !

Father: "So how much does it costs"

Daughter: "$770"

"Okay and how much is it in India"

"I tried looking in online and the closest model is around 60k INR but that of a low configuration. The exact model as this is not available with prices online. I will try to look for it in some store in some  mall."

"That’s okay. This is nice. I like it."

She smiled.
Mission Accomplished – she thought.
Mission to persuade him that $770 were well spent.

"So does it play songs. How is the sound quality?"

"Ofcourse Papa it does. It’s a $770 machine."

And there it was. Wide happy bubble of moment savaged
Click – type – type –
YouTube main page displayed. Click the link of a song and boom!
Error occurred.
HP ENVY x360 m6 Convertible – couldn’t play a video because of a stupid bug due to an update.

** SIGH **

"Ofcourse it will play…  $770 machine" judgement was declared.

"$770 – yeah right!", no point in advocating anything now, she thought to herself.

P.S.: If you are facing the same problem, close all chrome sessions from task manager and restart the system. It Works!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

From Beginning...Till End - The Chat II

Part II

I am ********

How did you get my number? (she had just got a new one and it wasn’t updated anywhere for anyone to find out)

I tried a lot to forget you but just couldn’t do and to see you in suit is something that made it more tough to forget you.
I really like you
And I am leaving the company. Today is my last working day here so I thought of messaging you 
everything before I go. I am D******* from Noi**

It’s really weird to talk like this. I know it’s weird for you too but there really was no other way to talk to you now that I am leaving. Another reason is that I never had the courage to talk to you upfront also.

Hmm…but tell me how did you get my number?

Via office communicator
But is it wrong to tell somebody their feeling especially when they are going away too far from that person

How did you get my name?

No it’s not wrong but the way you are handling it is wrong. Being honest is the most important thing.
One day in office when you were in cafeteria, your friend called you by your name and I was around following you as usual. There I got your name.
And why is it wrong. I like you from a year now and yes I am honest.

1 year, OMG, I don’t believe it.

Yeah, 1 year but I did not say anything. Had no courage to do so.


I knew you would take this all in the wrong way. But I like you so told everything.

No, I am not taking it in wrong way but if somebody is approaching like this so I don’t know!
Tell me who you are and how you know me. That’s all I wanna know

I told you the truth. I did a mistake by telling you all this.

No it’s not like that

Hmm..When I had the courage I did what I wanted to do. Don’t take me otherwise but I really like you and this can never go anywhere so this has to end here.Bye take care. Will never disturb you ever now.

Friday, December 16, 2016

From Beginning ... Till End - The Chat

Part I

Hi (He)

Hi (She)

Where are you

Who’s this

Somebody mad for you, where were you in bus today. Couldn’t see you

Who’s this?

I am sorry that I am messaging you like this. But I really like you

Am working in ********* (same company as hers)
***** office (same office as hers)
I am ********
Don’t take me otherwise.
You have got very beautiful eyes
I watch you getting on and off the bus daily but never gathered enough courage to talk to you.

Watch me daily !!! Really

I want to see you daily but can’t. L
Have loads of work in office
Between you are really beautiful
Especially your eyes.

J Jokes apart, now tell me who’s this

I am ********

How did you get my number? (she had just got a new one and it wasn’t updated anywhere for anyone to find out)

Really tough job it was to find your number. I tried a lot to forget you but just couldn’t do and to see you in suit is something that made it more tough to forget you.
I really like you

From Beginning ... Till End !

Narrative story posts
How it started
What lead to what
Who was involved
How it all got evolved

Every story has an end
Every end also has a Beginning

Her part of the story she has meaning to tell
But no one ever asked

From Beginning ... Till End!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Feels like !

"Now you would have dated many girls", professor asked
He nodded.
"Okay", came the thought, startled by the nod.

"See...that's what am talking about....", and the class continued.


"It was nice though it was alone, but that's okay. You cannot expect all the time to be with someone", she was thinking coming back from shopping.
It was dark already and she was tired.
Tired enough to look around or see who's doing what.
"Yeah, I like that place", were the voices coming from the couple seated in front of her.
From the attire one could easily tell they were going on a date.
"Yeah, I had been waiting for this evening.", pretty girl smiled.
"That's why I have been laying my a** off at work. So that I get one day off for someone", he was charming.
They continued to appreciate each other in their life and then joked about a thing or two. Next topic of discussion was some categorical humor.

Earphones were plugged in but she could tell.
She could tell that two souls were having a nice time.
Nice time that they have been waiting for for so long.
So long that now the world around them had ceased to exist.
To exist was only the other one.
Other one who was with them tonight.
Them tonight were to enjoy.
To enjoy and have fun of lifetime.

But what would she know
She knows not how it feels like
Felt like something missed
Missed forever from her part of life!

Friday, December 2, 2016

The end

"I am getting married"
She was listening.
"I met this girl and then I thought I am too tired to meet someone else after this. She is nice so why not settle down with her", he was excited.
She was listening.
"I want you to come to my wedding so plan your trip accordingly", he ordered.
And tears came rolling down her cheek.

She was his childhood crush.
She was his teenage crush.
She was and always been his crush.
They had been in different cities. He had dated many girls while she chose to date none.
Personal choice.
Choice for life.
They had never been secretive with each other.
A bond they shared without being in a relationship.
She knew she can trust him and he knew she can be relied on.

"Yeah, I will try", words were pushed out from her mouth.
"***** I want you to come"
"Yeah, send me a picture", she urged.
"I am going to take her for a night-out today. Have planned it to give her a surprise for I have been too busy for her this whole week due to office. And I will open a bottle of red wine with her, only for you"
"Yeah..enjoy. Okay I gotta go"
It was her birthday.
The day she lost him.


"Get down from your side and don't lock the door. I will get down from your side only"
"Why? There is so much space from your side"
"Na, there is some garbage down here so .."
"Oh Okay"
They were there to attend a marriage.
Few clicks, thoughts shared and they were back in the car.
"You look beautiful", he praised
"I know, thank you"
"This pink color really suits you. I didn't know you can look so pretty in traditional not that you are not pretty."
"I know I know", she chuckled.
He was flirting and all praises that night.
She has been trying to be at her best behavior not to offend her dear friend of class five.

They were back in car now.
"See on the side of your door"
A bouquet of red roses.
"Will you marry me?"
"****** please. We have talked about this. You deserve better than me. You know where I stand ..."
"Don't go. I will get it all settled"
"It's not that easy. It's not my choice. I am just following what my heart and stars are asking me to. I may fail and scared for that but I don't have any other choice now. Am stuck at all levels"
"I don't want to listen to all this. You have the most beautiful eyes I have seen since fifth grade. Most pretty smile I remember from our childhood days and never did I try to hide this from you"
"I know and this is why I am with you at 2 in night. I trust you and more than that I respect your honesty. Never did I deny about us being together but never did anything strikes to me about this as a future"
"Trust me for once"
"I do but... "
"Don't go"
"I have to"



She turned to her left
He was in deep sleep

Huge, giant figure
Bulky body 
lying helpless
in blue cross check full sleeves

Eyes shut
Mouth wide open
Open arms
With snoring in process

Sleeping beauty is fiction
But there lied
Sleeping life
as non fiction

She looked and turned
Just to look again
Sleeping is contagious
And to see someone sleeping so close
Became disastrous

One of the moments
You had not thought of.
But one of the moments
You had dreamed of!

Eyes started becoming heavy
Laptop in front was now a thing of despise
Down went the screen next
Place for her to sleep was devised

Suddenly she was taken by her arm
Him calling her to sleep by his arm.
The look of his calling
Something to remember by

Were you looking out for her
Being fast asleep all the time?
Most thoughtful thing you did
Since we have landed in this new time!


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