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Monday, January 21, 2013

Her Wish !!!

What is that you wish

Wish when you are in a relationship

Precious items

Expensive gifts

Fancy flowers

Trendy dresses

What is that you want

Want from the one you love

Long tours

Branded things

Expensive Accessories

Lots of gifts

What is that you crave for,

From the one you love

Ride in expensive car ?

Disco evenings ?

Happening Parties ?

Never ending shopping ?

But Her wishes are not the same.

Never were!

Never will be!

So what is it that she wishes for..

Wishes from the one she is in relationship with..

His precious time,

Randomly plucked flowers.

What is it that she wants ??

Wants from she loves ??
Hear to his non-stop talks,

And never ending stories.

Hold his hand and be in his arms forever,

Make him happy like no-one has ever had.

What is that she craves for ??

From the one she loves ??

She craves for His Love

His care

His attention

She craves

for true, unconditional Love!


Where thoughts are Word$ said...

This is soooooooo awesome Smita!!! :) :) :)


Smita said...

Thanks :-)

I'm a Tree. said...

That was awesome Smita!!!

Smita said...

Thanks :-)

Suvidha A. said...

Very well written truth!!

Smita said...

Thanks :-)

Lonely soul said...

Dz z something no guy cud eva understand...beautifully written...!!!


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