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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Real Fairy tale

It ain’t that easy”.         

I know

Then why you still wanna pursue it

I just want to, because my heart says so


The girl was not sure about the whole thing. Neither was the guy.

But he had guts to tell her about his feelings and he had the guts to reciprocate the same.

 She appreciated the fact but had other thoughts.

If mom and dad won’t agree then I will be shattered and I will shatter a heart which loves me this much. It’s like a fairytale and it can’t be true. I am dreaming”, she pinched herself.

I am not asking for anything. Think about it with a cool mind. Think when you are free. Think when you want to think. No pressure. No hurry”, he completed it for her.

Only remember that I love you. I love you more than anyone can ever love you in this world. And the only thing that keeps my heart beating is my dream that we will be together one day.” And he disconnected the call.

There he was, holding his cell phone in one hand, texting her what his heart wanted to say to her to instill confidence in her about their relationship with a picture of hers in another hand and there she was, sitting by the window, watching rain falling down while her tears flowed down too.

They were madly in love with each other. The both knew it but were afraid of the consequences. Mature enough to think about everything but kid dish enough to hide it from each other. They had no platform to build their love home on but he had given her all the reasons to dream about having one such home.

Whole night she was restless on her bed and whole night he kept doing calculations for how uch they both had a chance together. They had it but they didn’t had it. They wanted it but they didn’t wanted it. It was all matter of time that they were now at this stage of dilemma.

And so goes the story.

They were together in school. Sarika and Vishal, standard 5th, classmates.
Continued ....

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