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Friday, January 14, 2011

CABG Part 5

16th December

9 : 35 pm

                      We were called.The room was a normal one with three brick walls and one opaque mirrored wall ,the other side I could see father coming out a big circular white ring type machine.The doctor was analysing something moving quite fast on her desktop,on a closer look I realized,it was heart,my  father's heart."He has major blockage Mam.See he only has 1% oxygen available as of now.He's in pain,he might have not complained but I can assure you he's in great pain.You must get him to a hospital as soon as possible.Only an early CABG surgery can assuage him of this monster."The words appeared to me as if some I was having a bad dream on whose termination dad will come to me walking normally dressed in his own clothes and we all will go home.But sadly,it wasn't a dream !

                        I could clearly see the two blocked veins,dripped out of blood totally ,with only one artery showing the blood flow, that too restrained at one point making an almost inverted V suppression ,thereby restraining the blood flow in that artery too.His one artery was 100 % blocked,with another 98 % and the last one 99 %.In total his heart was getting only 1% blood supply.Immediately the doctors at the Apollo Hospital were called and an early morning appointment was made.Dad would be under medical watch and early morning at 6 would be shifted to Apollo in ambulance.Requirement of serious medical aid at early was the need for such a hurry.The whole world seemed to be moving in front of my eyes with the proceedings of such events.God please save my father was all that was going in my mind !

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