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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another two states Part 46

"Hey....", he popped from behind with a bouquet of red roses and a gift. He was quiet amazed to see that she was all alone. She looked strikingly beautiful in that pink and green suit, embroidered with black and white beads. Hair falling down the shoulders, eyes smashed with Kohl, lips shining with gloss, everything was simple yet perfect. She stood like a charmed center in the middle of the restaurant.

He kept staring, with mouth wide open when she turned.
She smiled. Moved her eyes away from him in shyness and then back to him,"Stopped Samarth",she smiled the loveliest smile anybody had ever seen. He was now more awe struck!
"Samarthhh...",she almost had to shook him to make him realize that his stare was getting uncomfortable for her now.
"Hm....oh..Hi!",that was all he could speak.
They sat down on the table, opposite to each other. he still staring at her, with flowers still with him.
She was simply smiling, looking at him, the sideways, then again at him just to see if he had regained his normal senses but every time the stare was just getting intense with him showing no signs of getting normal.
"Alright......Samarth....Now this is too much. You aren't talking and only staring staring and staring. Stopped please na",she pleaded.
"Else I will leave. Others are also staring at me yaar. This is just so embarrassing",and she tried hiding her face with her palm, keeping it on her forehead on one side.
"Who the hell is staring at you", he was back to normal, and he looked sideways.
"I got to see you after a decade Namita. And you are just so beautiful that I don't feel like doing or saying anything but to catch that I can of your expressions, smile, laughter everything. It's your fault that you are just so beautiful..uff", he completed with a oomph!
"Samarth, stopped yaar. We have our whole life for this all, let's first sort out your meeting with my parents na ",she said.
"No, first I will have a full glimpse of my girl as long as I can, then we will eat and go for some shopping, I have to buy my baby something, then we will go to some place lonely where again I will trouble you with my eyes, then we will think if we would like to talk about what you just said", he winked.
"Nooo....that involves too much of your staring at me na",she tried sounding sad.
"Soooo...?I will do what I feel like doing", he laughed the devil smile,"and no one can stop me".
"You are such a devil, seriously",she smirked.
"Yes I know sweetheart.",he grined.
"Beween, are you planning to give these roses to somebody else than me?",she questioned.
"Oh No No",he laughed,"See, you are a devil and not me.You make people forget things.These are only for you my baby."and the flowers were handed off while he bending on his knees.
"Thank you so much. These are lovely",she said, accepting the bouquet.
"That I know. I only picked them up because",he answered in attitude.
She made a face at the answer and he loved her doing that.
" is angry na. Here take this",and he took out a chocolate,she literally jumped and took it, it was her favorite.
" are...", she was out of words, hence she just smiled.
"I know I know...don't say it. Others will listen", he smiled while back to his staring at her job.
They ate and as they were about to leave for some place that Samarth wanted to take her to, Rahul's number flashed on her mobile screen.
"Hello",came the voice.
"Hey Rahul, Hi",she answered.
" heard you are back.",he said.
"Yeah, You heard it right. Actually had some work back at home, some family stuff know...",she tried not to reveal much.
"Yea, that's okay. Can you meet me now at the library cafeteria, now?"he sounded bit troubled.
"Now?", she wanted to go with Samarth but.
Samarth had been listening, he didn't mind though her going to meet him while they were supposed to go to do some of their own stuff.
"It's okay. You can go. I will call Tiya then we can go after you are free."he suggested.
Rahul heard him."So are you coming or not?"he asked straightaway.
"Yea..Rahul I am coming. See you in ten minutes there." and  before she could say a word more, the call was cut.

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