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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Warrior (3)

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And the mystery continues......

                                                         Part 3 : The Student

Bell ringing in the background.
School bell!
Humming voices of people could be heard in the background.
It was all so noisy. Someone was happy on their boring lecture getting over and was bragging about the upcoming weekend holidays their family had planned, some were happy about the fact that a new course was introduced in their curriculum, some was happy about the fact that it was their lunch break now! Happiness in all sorts leads to peace in mind and joy in life. 

The sight of a guy, with his head bent on her table, didn't please her much. It was her lunch time and nobody like their lunch time to be engaged in some other work.
But she had a persistent smile on her face from the moment she entered the room and the moment he saw that man on her table.

He was a man of muscles. Somewhat near 30, tall, dark haired, but too tired to lift his face up and sit back on the chair. 
He was wearing a white shirt with a neat pair of black pants. 
His attire was nice enough for him to be a student at the university.
He was in deep sleep or was resting in much relaxed mode. Nearby noises didn't make an impact in his rest. He was lying there, on her table, as cool and calm as one could be as if in meditation or deep sleep.
No one else but students asking for special provisional chances to enter some special courses at the university
are expected at such wee hours of college.
She knew this was this going to be this man's case too, this being the thing most expected at this time of the year, but little did she knew that this was not that easy as it had been with other students.

Everybody else was busy munching from their respective tiff-in-boxes while some were forming groups to move to the canteen for their lunch. She wasn't hungry but was tired.
Swiftly she walked up-to him and gently put her hand on his shoulder to make her presence notice.

Touch felt in such a manner woke him up. He looked back, and saw her standing there, smiling a beautiful smile.
She recognized him the moment he turned his head towards her.
She knew him.

His eyes were a bit swollen, some rough patches under his eyes could be well seen, indicating his insomnia! Face looked a bit pale but skin was shining! There was something magical about him, something that she was not sure about, but something that bounded that soothing smile on his and her face, the moment their eyes got into contact.

"So,.....", she said, taking possession of her chair, in-front of him, on the other side of the table,"How can I help you...Mr..".
He kept quiet. Staring at her beauty or maybe was trying to discover what to say, she could hardly make that out but one thing she was sure about, that she was being stared at by him. 
His persistent stare for some minutes, with her blabbering about the rules and regulations of getting admission into any course at such time of the year, made her uncomfortable.
"Excuse me...Mr....", she stopped,"Are you listening to what I am saying?",Irritation was nowhere to be seen in her voice though.
She waited for a reply. Waited and waited.
But none came.
She was still smiling. He was simply staring at her.
"Sir....??", she asked,"I would be very be pleased to know as to how I can help you."
Silence prevailed between them for few seconds and then came the reply.
"Only you can help me",he answered plainly.
She smiled more than before on his reply.
As this was what she wanted to hear!

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