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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Warrior (6)

I love her.
She loves me too.
But I love her more. More than I can love anything ever!
And I love her this much not because of her charismatic smile, her enchanting beauty, her divine love for me but because of her painful tolerance of my illness!
I am sick.
I am dying every breath I breathe.
Everyday is a new day with a new identity for me.
I wake up every morning with a new soul in a the same old body!
My brain tells me new story to live up-to every new day.
The girl who loves me has to remind me of my love for her. 
She bears my hatred, my anguish, my intolerance, my foolishness, every single day.
Every day she has to find new ways to handle my nuisance.
Every day she has to claim back her love.
Every day she has bear a fool like me!
She had  an option to leave, she always have one. I could have been living in an asylum or some mental care unit, living a pitiful life, a life as near to as death in this world.
But she chose to live with me. She chose to love me in any form.
She chose to be with me with all my madness.
She knows there is no cure for this ailment. Doctors don't even know what disease I have, what's wrong in my body. And surely they don't know a cure for it. But I am still fed pills by her, made to visit doctors every week, just in case I might get better.
But I know, that ain't happening.
The only cure for me is Death!
One day I will die.
Die of my foolishness or mad activities.
Die of my intolerance for leading this life anymore.
Or there;s more possibility of me dying because of my mad mad mad mind!
But God, why are you punishing her? Why has she to live such a life while she can be so happy.
Give her brain God, to think for herself. She loves me more than anything, cares for me like a baby.
She do it all to make me happy.
Because she says, I am her Warrior.
I don't remember the pains she takes for me but she remembers all the love I had once given to her.
She makes me remember my true self everyday. She loves me more everyday.
She loves to live with the new me every day.
She loves me more than I can or anybody else can love me ever!
Because she says, I am her Warrior.
The Warrior.

And he closed the diary after reading the last page of the black diary.
He remembered it all now. He had met her when he was a normal being. He was her batchmate in college when their flower of love had started to blossom. She was the most beautiful girl he had come across in his entire life till now. He had taken the vow to keep her happy till his last breath. He remembered how much he was in love with her. He remembered it all. Everything, all the details of his and her past started to show in his mind like a movie. And she had given him the name out of love for fighting against his unknown disease of memory loss, which he never remembered and hence every detail was written by him in this black diary for him to remember later. The name was," The Warrior".

Suddenly he heard approaching footsteps. He went to open the door.
She was standing there, smiling like always.
"Soooo.....  How's my Baby today?", she said in a pampering voice, pulling his cheeks, trying to figure what character his love was today.
"He's fine",he smiled.
"Okay....", she wasn't expecting such a reply. As everyday the usual scene used to be him in some character, reciting some statements, dressed in some fancy clothes for the character of that particular day.
"Who's fine", she winked, expecting to know his character for today.
"The Warrior", he smiled and fainted to death.

                                                               THE END

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