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Sunday, June 24, 2012

 Words of the Lost Girl : Uncut, Unedited , Unexplained 

Smita : His heart disease was diagnosis was the most scary moment.When the doctor said, he needed to be operated as his condition was critical, everything seemed to be coming to an end to me because we are only 3 people in my family me, my father n my mother and I was in btech 3 rd year only that time, so one can imagine what a scary situation it was for a family to know his only bread winner was not fine health wise.
 So I had a very bad time but I couldn't say my feelings and emotions to my mother, that would have weakened her.I tried finding solace with friends, but its hard ti understand things when actually they r not happening to you so I had my blog who listened it all, the way I wanted to say, the way I wanted it to hear, I wrote all my frustration for life giving me such horrible scenario at this point of life.

Interviewer : Lets talk about Chennai to new Delhi drama series.That night train journey how it felt?

S : It was the scariest train journey of my life, I still was too scared while traveling from Delhi to Chennai in February, I was scared to death when we had to leave our train the next morning too I was scared, for I was worried how we would go home, but I was at the same time a bit relaxed, because I was with two very good and caring guys.

I:  You were really lucky to have such nice caring friends....

S: Yea, they saved me I would say , yea, I know I am lucky to have those two people they cared a lot in tht whole journey a lot more scary and caring part is still nt on the blog abt tht series though, its not advisable to write everything on blog too this is what I feel.

I: writing about personal life in a public domain- where do u think one should draw the line?

S:  I believe one shouldn't write about all the personal stuff on blogs but then I believe it all depends on the individual if one is comfortable about sharing all the stuff of his life with his/her readers, then one must go on but if you are not comfortable then one shouldn't write, Like I am not comfortable writing all the personal stuff, so sometimes I write pure real stuff like CABG and Chennai to New Delhi series and sometimes I mix fiction with my real life incidents and sometimes i write pure fiction like my award winning story and leave it all on the readers to guess what is real n what is fiction, I love writing it this way. What fun is there in reading something when you get to know it all by the end.

I: ok my next question is about "another two states", it's been really long, and it's going gr8 too, why didn't u think about writing a novel?

S: I know. it has been stretched a bit too much and still I haven't completed it a lot many readers ask me to complete it soon, some even ask me to tell them its further story in their ears but I definitely will complete it soon. But I wont write a novel, I will compose a book in future, containing some of my blog posts, it would be like kinda a short stories book something, this is what I have in mind right now, who knows in future I might even pen down a novel too but currently I am not ready for a novel.

I: How does the increase of a number of follower affect your next post? 

S: No effect.I write because I love to write.The only effect i seen in the posting . I am actually too much involved in life so I don't get much time to be a frequent blogger posting everyday. I try my level best to only blog whenever I open my laptop any new follower, any new comment, makes me blog more frequent though my course is hardly affected on the days when i don't anew follower or a new comment.I just write. I keep recording my thoughts irrespective of the fact whether one is reading it or not as I believe one day I too will have many readers who would read it all.

I: like me, just took 2 days to completely read ur blog, instead of studying for my test!!!

S: Hehehe, now that's like a real blogger, I can blog and read blog for hours non stop, I have spent whole day on blogger, changing d look of my blog, reading blogs, posting also but girl, pls dnt ignore studies, do blogging along with it studies first blogging wont pay you na between, you have read all my posts? 2 days? gosh! didn't u get bored.

I: Nah, I told you, it's like your blog is a real person, I find solace :)

 S: Thanks for the appreciation. Thanks a lot.

A lot more is there...but the rest can be read on DOV (Darling's of Venus)



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