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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Value the diamond that has emerged from the coal mine just for you, as if not valued, the diamond shall burn like coal, giving away harmful carbon dioxide, unlike the shine and value that a diamond may add to your life!
How true can this be for the women in your life? Value women and you value your own self. Does letting the other person above you means that you are letting yourself down? Think about your mother. Think about those numerous times when she might had put her ill health behind and prepared food for you, for the family. Irrespective of all the pains she would have finished all the house chores. Think about the events when she would have taken all the blame game on her to save you and family.
Women embraces and praises all. Absorbing all the sorrows and turning them into happiness is the quality she is blessed with. All she desires for is Love and Respect. Love for the soul and Respect for the mind. She is an epitome of kindness. Think about your sister, your friend or any other female in your life. How many times you were forced to think by their act of kindness that it would have been impossible for you to react in the similar manner as she just did, on some burning issue! Patience is another virtue that a woman is worshipped for!
Women supports one in all the ways she possibly can! Women are worshipped as goddess, mother. Then why today we have so much injustice happening to them? Why we can’t have a society where we have equality for both genders. Why this discrimination then?
Men think we women don't do what we feel like doing. But that's not the case. We have our own limits defined and we are well satiated with whatever we are provided.
We women are not weak or afraid of showing our strength. Of-course we are physically not so strong as men are but where ever we are pushed to show our strength we show it.
Women is to giving or let's say Giving is to Women. Give, not under some compulsion or fear, but we love to Give. Hence we call it Loving and not Giving.
It's the nature of Women to be so. We don't complain, we are simply made to Give. We love to give Love and surely do we love when given back something in Love. That's why it is said, only a little of His love is required to woo a her while all of Her is required to woo Him.
We are made by God to shower love, bound purity of soul and spread happiness. We have it in our nature to absorb all the pain and are blessed with the magical power to convert it into blissful happy notes of life.
Proud to be a Woman!


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