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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tension !

:(” the message read.
“What happened” she replied.

“Tell me one thing honestly”, came another message.
“Hmm…okay…go ahead…shoot”, she replied.

:(”, the message read.
“Arre…what is it.”

“Do I look like a drug addict to you?”, the question was straight and clear.
“Lol Lol Lol”, she replied.
:( You think I am joking, right? :(”
“No yaar, I know why you would have been given that title. Lol”, she laughed.

“I know you gym a lot so that is the reason that your eyes are a bit … hmm … you know what I mean right? :p”, she chuckled.
“Yea, it’s the gym but do my eyes look like as that of a drunkard? ”, he said.
 “Arree … no .. but why would you say so?”, she asked.
“I was visiting my friend in hospital yesterday. There I met his mother and she started inquiring from me about things like – Do you people drink often? You people have it over or you go out? Do you people drink it for fun or to get high? L Yaar, I had gone to console her, to relieve her from her tensions but instead she gave me tension! Am never meeting her now”, he ended the conversation.

1 comment:

Abhishek Ghosh said...

He should have said in the first place .... " My eyes are imported (Japanese version ). Its not because I drink.."


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