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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It's all Fading !

It was supposed to be fun!
We were supposed to work as a team and win this together!
Having fun and making it all more fun was how the course was assumed to be!
You completing me and me completing you was how it should have been!

Nothing is complete in this world.
Nobody can survive alone and without any support.

But see how we ended up!
Fighting and arguing on stuff which makes no sense!
Growing apart every single moment, distancing myself from you seems to be the only way out now to me!
For you just don't realize what you mean to me and what you did to me!
You lied and you have been lying to me since the moment I asked you the truth.
You broke the trust which I thought you would never brake!
But then it's my fault that I trusted my respect with you and not yours for this may have been the plan since the beginning and I was just stupid to fall for it!
Another Girl!
Didn't know this is how you looked at me!
For you were the only guy in my life I had allowed to this extent!

Everything is fading now!
I don't talk
I don't smile
I don't meet people
I don't eat
I don't work
I just don't live anymore!

I was supposed to be happy I have been happy and I hate at what I have become now and I hate more to see what I shall be if I will be this much aloof all the time. And I blame myself for all this, for trusting someone with the thought that we will be happy together, for believing that people can be trusted, for being stupid to follow you and love you till date eve after I know you never loved me!

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