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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Feels like !

"Now you would have dated many girls", professor asked
He nodded.
"Okay", came the thought, startled by the nod.

"See...that's what am talking about....", and the class continued.


"It was nice though it was alone, but that's okay. You cannot expect all the time to be with someone", she was thinking coming back from shopping.
It was dark already and she was tired.
Tired enough to look around or see who's doing what.
"Yeah, I like that place", were the voices coming from the couple seated in front of her.
From the attire one could easily tell they were going on a date.
"Yeah, I had been waiting for this evening.", pretty girl smiled.
"That's why I have been laying my a** off at work. So that I get one day off for someone", he was charming.
They continued to appreciate each other in their life and then joked about a thing or two. Next topic of discussion was some categorical humor.

Earphones were plugged in but she could tell.
She could tell that two souls were having a nice time.
Nice time that they have been waiting for for so long.
So long that now the world around them had ceased to exist.
To exist was only the other one.
Other one who was with them tonight.
Them tonight were to enjoy.
To enjoy and have fun of lifetime.

But what would she know
She knows not how it feels like
Felt like something missed
Missed forever from her part of life!

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