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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Friday, December 2, 2016



She turned to her left
He was in deep sleep

Huge, giant figure
Bulky body 
lying helpless
in blue cross check full sleeves

Eyes shut
Mouth wide open
Open arms
With snoring in process

Sleeping beauty is fiction
But there lied
Sleeping life
as non fiction

She looked and turned
Just to look again
Sleeping is contagious
And to see someone sleeping so close
Became disastrous

One of the moments
You had not thought of.
But one of the moments
You had dreamed of!

Eyes started becoming heavy
Laptop in front was now a thing of despise
Down went the screen next
Place for her to sleep was devised

Suddenly she was taken by her arm
Him calling her to sleep by his arm.
The look of his calling
Something to remember by

Were you looking out for her
Being fast asleep all the time?
Most thoughtful thing you did
Since we have landed in this new time!

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