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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Monday, January 2, 2017

Conversations that never complete...Conversation you wish were complete !

‘Let’s play a game’
‘What game’
‘Game to pass time while we walk back home’
‘What you have in mind’
‘What is it that you like in a guy’
‘Like as in what, what do you mean’
‘Like as in what is it that you notice when you first see the guy’
‘Umm…’ It's ... she thought in her mind

“Tired ..?”
“Never..”, he said opening his shut eyes wide open.
“Okay. I can see that”, she caught him yawning with his mouth wide open.
A word or two and he was teased again.
“I am Audi of men”, finally he announced.
Boasting is something he never gets tired of.
"Are you", she wasn't surprised but this is not how she looks at him.
"Hell Yeah. Most fit and smart guy amongst all."
"Hmm...", That's true but .. she thought in her mind.

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