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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another Two States PART - 2

                  Love.Love isn't about being with someone 24X7 ,it's thinking about the other one 24X7.Hanging out,roaming around ,talking,hugging,kissing..all these things are just garnish while the main ingredients ,for the dish of Love to be delicious are faith,respect and trust for the other soul.Love doesn't demands expensive gifts,it wants to hear expensive words,it doesn't requires a big bank balance,it needs only a big soothing smile,Love doesn't asks for a luxurious apartment or four wheeler,it only needs warm cosy arms,and love just doesn't mean to be with each other 24X7,it means to be a part of the other even when that other part isn't around!Love should come naturally and not forcibly,should be stable to stay forever.Being with someone,promising life things but then breaking up at the end after just doesn't defines Love...rather it's injustice to the divine word LOVE!So please don't fake out things if you don't know what actually it is all about!as we all should remember that someone somewhere is do keeping a track of all our deeds to reward or punish us accordingly later!

               Coming back to the story.... With a neat attire donned on, Namita was headed to the college,lost in her own world, as usual,when suddenly from behind she heard someone calling out her name, outloud."Namita..Namita wait..".The voice grew much stronger with Namita finally stopping when she realized it was her roommate,Tiya.

               Tiya,nice bubbly girl,zealot for life,enigmatic yet fanatic for everything whether it being studies, playing pranks with the teachers or just simply being herself.She was ,one can say,one of her kind.She was frank,quick,witty yet intelligently stupid and above all knew how to handle depressed souls like Namita!And not to forgot to mention her speaking skills..well you will come to know about this quality of hers as you go on reading!She was from Rajasthan and was a typical adamant kinda girl when it came to arguments about her being from such a dry place,because she moreover looked like a punjabi,and she literally hated being called punjabi,reason being she hated the punjabi cultural,God knows why!To conclude about Tiya,she was a nice,sweet,humble,caring, talkative or let's say ,in short had simple attitude,thinking and beliefs opposite to that what were possessed by Namita.Tiya was a biotech student.

               "Wait Namita,..Gosh..I have been calling your name like from some five minutes now!Where were you lost?.. or, wait were you ignoring me?huh?Well if you admit to the first then it's okay,I can believe that I wasn't loud enough to be noticed but if you are going for the second one then I won't let you go so easy.. because I am not such a dull thing to be ignored, especially by you!So it's better you admit that you heard me just now!..because Tiya really.."."Okay okay Tiya I opt for the first one... so what's the matter?"."You forgot your ID Card honey,the most and the only important thing a college student should always possess other than good looks,intelligence and a witty nature to impress people around you in the first look!"."Okay ,okay I got it.Come-on let's go or the surrounding people will conclude both of us to be a fool while you aren't and then I don't want another lecture from you.(giggle)!"."OH my goodness..You can laugh too?I didn't know that..!.really..but ". "Okay now don't exaggerate it..come on let's go!".This was the first time Namita had smiled since her parents had left.

             Entering the classroom with a courageous heart was not a candyfloss eating for Namita but then she finally gathered all her body,mind and soul,and with broadened shoulders and a calm smile accompanying her lips,went straight into the lecture hall.With an eagle's eye she caught the third bench in the second row to be empty with two sweet looking talkative girls already seated with third place empty as if they already knew of her arrival.She walked to the bench and finally made her presence alive,"Hello,I am Namita from ".Both the girls turned to her with a wry look,as if a couple has been intruded by an uninvited friend,"from.. "Hello..I am Sakshi",said the girl with the bob cut,sitting in the extreme most corner."Hello,I am Vipsa",prattled the other.The one with the bob cut looked a bit irritated by the Namita's invasion in their territory while Sakshi cheerfully started chirping.Namita analyzed the beautiful tone with which she was greeted and had no idea that these two were made to be her best mates for life.Sakshi had just started to narrate about herself when the professor made a winning walk to the classroom."Good morning my friends,it's so nice so see the full strength of the class,at least on the first day,and I should not lie ,but I hope you people will respect the 75% mandatory attendance requirement by the college to be eligible for the university examinations as your first preference to be there in the classes rather than doing other stuffs like, the miss at the last bench, can you please stop talking as I am already in the class and in my class it's me,who gets the authority to open his mouth and not the students unless I feel it necessary for them to do so.!"The electrical professor continued his so much obsessed with himself speech for another 45 minutes,enlightening the weak students with the backlog he had gifted to our seniors and dreading the bright students not to do any work of flattery for his subject."So students,"continued the middle aged guy walking hastily towards the door,"I think I have made my things crystal clear and hence I will see you tomorrow."Namita had been a good listener ,always,natural for a gloomy soul,but today she allowed the lecturer to drone.At lunch Namita came to know that Vipsa was from Delhi and Sakshi had just moved to Delhi from Himachal Pradesh."So how is India's capital like?",asked Namita in a vague voice eating her chapati in the mess,unwillingly of-course as the mess food possessed only an interesting look but no taste."You have never been to Delhi?,the startled voice of Sakshi was loud enough to draw the attention of the fellow mates. "NO",answered Namita cringed to her seat ,more firmly now."That's okay even I myself have been to Delhi only twice",said Vipsa in a serene manner as to sooth the dreadful look of Sakshi.All three of them shared some more official information from their hometowns best things to the grades they secured in their higher classes till they heard the bell indicating that now they got to return to their respective places in the newly named, torture hall by Vipsa.In some 10 minutes Namita was again sitting besides Vipsa with a chemistry lecturer doodling something on the whiteboard but her wanderlust heart kept her busy till she was summoned by the madam to stand up and explain what she wasn't paying heed to."So the girl in the purple,yes, you dear",said the teacher pointing towards Namita," the class would feel privileged to listen to your explanation about the carbon cycle,I was just explaining".It was not the scary look, the teacher possessed which made Namita nervous but her dazzled look which made her hesitant to speak anything but to stand still with head bent down,ashamed of her vague presence in the class."Okay being your first class I can excuse this offense of yours, towards the subject, but you better be careful from now onwards",the words came out of the lecturer's mouth as if she never thought how gruff some alphabets joined together to frame sentences like these can be to some poor souls like her.And so somehow after finishing all the seven lectures for the day ,still wondering why she had joined engineering,she bid adieu to her new friends Sakshi and Vipsa,started sauntering towards her hostel building.With Numerous positive and negative thoughts striking in her mind,various waves of fear and joy arising in heart she somehow made it to her room 302.

               So the college life had finally started with studies going on in full rhythm.All round the college, students could be seen with bulky  books with words like Microprocessors, Principles of communication, Random theory and processes titles engraved on them in big letters.for Namita the people were new and so was Life and everything seemed to go fine until came the ,much awaited by every college starter,the freshers party.One can here imagine the freshers party of the ITS Engineering College as one of the most rocking and happening one and more about it...will be disclosed in the next part,till then Keep wondering what's so important that the next part only contains the attractions and happenings of the ITS's freshers party!

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