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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Warrior (2)

                                                      Part 2 : The musician (contd...)

Honey, you okay?”, the sweet voice of hers forced him to open his eyes to see the pretty face.
She was sitting, by his side, with a smile on her tender lips.
Sitting besides him and moving his hand on his forehead.
The movement of the soft hands was smoothing for his banging head.

My head…”,he tried his best to speak.
But his weak hands couldn’t gather the strength to move even an inch.
I know honey, it hurts, Right?”, she asked sweetly, as a sick baby was being taken care by his mother.
I asked you not to drink and dance that hard last night. Didn’t I? But you just won’t listen”, she complained, though in a soft voice.
He looked up in her eyes, guilty of something he was not sure and known of!

Who is she? What happened last night? He was drunk? And danced hard whole night? Who is this woman? She is the same woman as that in the photo frame besides the bed, he was lying on currently. But who is she and why doesn’t he remember anything? He tried to focus but his head pained more again, just like earlier.

Don’t worry. Everything is alright. I am with you and the pain will be gone soon. Just take these pills.”, she handed him a handful of tablets. All multicolored but all screamed fear.
Which normal human takes so much of pills? But he took them all in fear of her and his longing pain. He wanted to get rid of both at the moment.
I will go and prepare you a breakfast. You want tea or coffee?”,she stood up to get going.
Coffee”,  came the words from his mouth, unknowingly.
She gave him a look at the unexpected answer and then left the room, giving him a sweet smile again.

 He tried getting up from the bed again. He was searching for the black diary he had stumbled upon on before fainting. He remembered something!
Where could it be? Did she take it away? Or is it still there somewhere in the room?
He tried looking for it under the side table, in the drawers and in every possible space he could think and see off in the room.
And finally, he saw it. Resting on the window ‘s side space. The black diary with a velvet cover on it and The Warrior inscribed on it with golden ink.

She called him Warrior, he remembered this too! Is he the Warrior? Is something related to him written inside that diary. What it could be? He jumped from his place to get hold of the diary before he could be caught by her. He picked it up in no less time and came back to his place in the bed where she had left him.
Hurriedly he opened the diary, the middle of it. It was blank!
He tried looking on other pages for something. It was also blank!
Some other pages were turned but still no sign of any drop of ink on any page!

Why is this blank?”, saying so he threw it away in irritation and the diary went straight in the feet of the woman holding his breakfast tray for him.
She was still smiling. He calmed down.
So my sweetheart is again troubled by the blank pages. I will tell you the story sweet, I will tell you all that you want to hear then why worry my Warrior”,she said putting the tray on the bed.
But first, Let’s eat”, she said applying butter on his toast.
But I want to hear the story first. I won’t eat until you tell me”, cried the little baby.
Okay okay, So let’s have a deal. I will tell you what happened last night while you eat your breakfast. Okay?”
Okay”, he said.
And she started narrating last night's incidents.
"Last night, We were at the city concert hall. We were attending the musical play, “Pride of Joy”. You were invited by your friend, also the organizer of the concert. We enjoyed our evening there and after that we went for a lovely dinner with your friends. Remember?”, she asked.
He listened patiently,” Did he go for a concert? He loves music? And then friends and dinner? What is she talking about?”,he thought in his mind.
But before we had left for our respective homes we did enjoy our evening at the bar at the restaurant. The band was playing nice and you joined them. And I must say you were the man in light yesterday”, she giggled.
Man in the light! Me?”, he was surprised.
Why couldn’t he remember a word, was all that was going in his mind.
She continued with the story. She told her how he played the violin last night and bragged appreciation from everybody present at the bar. The he continued playing Piano, flute , drums and all the instruments present there. Then they danced whole night and got so drunk that didn’t realize the flying time. Then somehow she took him back home and then they had a passionate night together.
That was all he was told but what about the black diary? Not a word was said about that. And why is it blank?
He asked her all this. The reply though was not soothing.
Honey, I will tell you all. But for now, you need to take rest. About the black diary, I will tell you another story. But not now”, she soothed his hair.
He tried going back to sleep after breakfast. A lot many questions were boggling his mind. No answer to them troubled him more.
He slept. The woman closed the doors.
While going into deep sleep, he heard sobs! Sobs of the woman who had just left!


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