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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just another peice of crap !

What am I?
Just another piece of crap?
Living out my life with no aim?
Just taking it the way it comes, going the way it wants me to.
With no thinking and no protest?
Guess I have lost all my senses.

I don't dream.       
I don't feel.
I don't wish
I don't speak
and certainly
I don't live my life anymore.

I simply wake up every morning.
Do the things that I am told to do or am supposed to do, as decided by some creepy rules of our society.

I don't think what I do.
I don't actually do what I do.
I simply just do.
Whats all this?
What have  I turned into?

I don't feel like meeting people, neither do I wanna meet my relatives or friends.
I don't wanna try something new in life. I just want it to go on and on, like some mere dull movie, with no twists and suspense's.

All I want is, to wake up every morning, do things as told my mom, go to college, attend classes, come back, eat, finish studies,sleep and then again start this all over gain, the next day.

What's all this?
Have I lost my mind? Or have I just gone insane?
These ain't signs of a normal human being!
What's happening to me?
Am I depressed?
Or have I lost interest in life?
have I become
Just another piece of crap?

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