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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sign Misunderstood

“What do you want?”,she asked,sounding a bit irritated.

“You”,came the reply.

“That doesn’t gonna change what has happened between us”.

“Then tell me what I can do to change it”,he wanted her back,desperately now.

This was all she had been waiting to hear. She wanted to scream out her love for him

.Her heart pounded,skipped a beat and finally she gathered courage to speak,but words just won’t come.

He took it as a sign of her losing faith in his love.A sign misunderstood .

“I know I have been a jerk in your life. I have the capacity to hurt you and this is what made me run away from you.But trust me, every single second that I breathe,I remember you.”

She knew this all.She knew he loved her but just won’t admit and express it,a hard to understand soul he always has been.

“But trust me, this time I won’t leave you.Never ever. Just trust me and come back to me.I really really Love you.Please forgive me for all the past things that I have done to hurt and humiliate you.I am sorry”,he said sounding low now.

She had been waiting for this day and this very moment since the day they broke up.And now that all this was happening in real,she just couldn’t control her tears from showing up in her eyes.

But he thought she didn’t want him back again.He thought she was engaged with someone else.He took it as a sign telling him to back off as she had already moved on in life with some else.

He interpreted it as a sign that she wasn’t in love with him anymore and just didn’t want him back.But this was surely , a sign misunderstood.

She was crying.Dreams striking reality made her cry.

“Okay, I understand.I have no right to ask forgiveness for all the past deeds and obviously no right to ask for you and your love again.I am sorry that I called”,he hung up on her.

She stood dumbstruck.With the cell phone in her hands and frozen to death.She just lost what she thought was hers for life.Her silence was misinterpreted. But she couldn’t help correcting the sign misunderstood because the call log said the call was made by unknown caller,a Skype call with no number to dial back.


Prabhavathi k said...

Nice one

Blogger_smita said...

Glad you liked it :)


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