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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mission accomplished !

Yea !
Mission accomplished !
I finally have a job now :D
With Accenture :D

High performance, delivered !
It feels so great. The whole life has got a new meaning now :)
Finally I am living with something that I have got on my basis purely :)
Finally I will be doing that I actually dreamt of doing :)
Finally I will be employed :)
And the best part is, the whole journey, from transfiguring into an employer from a student was simply wonderful and memorable :)
The most wonderful experience I can ever have or wish for :)
Life is cool now :) With loads of tensions coming up, but then I have wonderful people with me now, to help me out :)
Thank you God :)
Thank you very much for blessing me with such great people in my life :)
I really feel blessed today :)
And hope , will keep up this spirit :)
I have loads of stories to share :)
Very spicy, mysterious,thrilling things to tell :)
The whole Chennai drama is yet to be revealed.
The whole story, from 6th September to 23rd September.
Coming soon :D :D


Shrutigupta90 said...

awesome.....sm1 ws crying fr nt gttng into tcs....nw u knw why.......all the best with ur life n future....w8ng fr d rest of stories.......

Blogger_smita said...

Rejection faced at such a level made me weak, anyhow I am happy now that I didn't claer for TCS.
Accenture is the place for me to be :D
thanks for the wishes :)

Atrocious Scribblings said...

Many Congratulations on your transition from Student to Employee. I`m sure you are going to rock it.

I do hope that the Chennai drama turns out to be positive, it is a city close to my heart.
Congrats again and Best Wishes to you in all your endeavors.   

Blogger Smita said...

thanks, am enjoying the transition so far :D


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