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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chennai to ......

A 26 hours journey, and you are in a train with your dear friends.
Sounds good right?
You have just been placed, A job in the seventh semester itself, with a considerable compensation for freshers and a nice company to start a job with.
Sounds thrilling right?
But what if the journey slowly starts turning into a scary experience?
What will you do when you when the journey, that has been so good so far starts scaring the shit out of you?
what will you do when some disturbing elements start ruining all the fun?
Exciting ?
Be prepared to hear the story of three friends, one of them being a girl, traveling from Chennai to New Delhi, a 36 hours train journey being scared off in the train by some elements. How they manage to protect themselves, protect her, be bold, face all the problems with courage, manage to escape the train, and finally reach their respective homes safely.
The story has just begun...

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