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Thursday, March 22, 2012

On and On and On !

To know that you are outside there, 
waiting for me, 
is the most impatient thing to know.
To know, that you are free and I am not,
 is the most unbearable moment for me.
To know that You are just few steps away, 
but I can’t see or talk to you, 
is the most pathetic thing for me.
To be but still not to be with you, is the most saddening moment in my life.
You were there, 
waiting outside my class,
 seeing me through that small window in the door,
 but still so far away from me.
And That Wait is what I hate.
I hate, 
I hate, 
I hate!

Whole class hours are spent thinking about you.
Thinking when I would see you.
Thinking of all the previous and previous
past many previous day things.
The only thought during the class that prevails,
 is when will I get a break!

Trainer looked in no mood to leave us
 the knowledge of the thing
that somebody is waiting outside
Is enough to make one more impatient to sit.
But she had no other option but to sit and wait.
 till she would be able to see him,
till she would be able to hold his hand,
 till she would be able to hear his talks,
 till she would be able to see him smile.

But you he had some thing in mind.
Things he might have planned, maybe a long time ago.

It was that day.
 The day we met.
The day we talked.
The day we confessed.
It was our day!
Day of our love’s inception.
No matter what might have happened, 
Roses were sure to make a presence.
And you had them there for her, along with all your heart’s sayings bounded in a card.

It was a beautiful morning.
The best sunrise I have ever seen!
Our day started with the most perfect ingredients.
The walk, the talk,
the look, the kiss.
I remember it all
And I know you too remember it all.
And why shouldn’t we,
As your thought is something
that goes on and on !!!


Suvidha A. said...

Nicely written!! Keep it up!!

Soumya said...

I'm sure he remembers, who would want to forget something like this??

Lovely post and I wish that it goes on and on for you :)

Be blessed.


Smita said...

@suvidha : thanks a lot :)

@soumya : Yea, he remembers it all :)

thanks a lot for the wishes :)

Vijay said...

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