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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Moon Light

The moon was shining high up in the sky.
Half moon it was.
His moon was shining in the moonlight.
Full moon it was.               

She was close.
He was close.
So were the moon and stars.
They hugged each other
She captured in his arms.

Arms rolled around each other
Tax by him was being paid.
Little wet pucks of kisses on her cheeks.

They were in love,
Yes they were.
Hard to believe and realize
But easy to fall for and feel alive.

Trying to hide herself in his arms,
The struggle was going on.
In between, Tax collection work
Was also going on.

Suddenly it got dark,
Only moon lit face was visible.
He tried cheating
But she controlled her feelings.

More was the urge,
More was the request.
Where will we find such light again
Was the point of breaking up of her vain.

The move was made,
He got the signal,
And the whole gist is,
Its  was all kisses 
That night
in the moonlight.


Unknown said...

very personal very beautiful!

Smita said...

Rupert Wind : thanks :)
Keep visiting :)


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