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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Saturday, September 1, 2012


                               The Journey

Journey without a destination. Starts and ends. No one knows who controls it. No one knows how to control it. All you can do is watch and observe.
People come. People leave. Some leave prints. Some erase prints.

She was sitting by the window. Watching out the window was the daily scene. A little boy having fun with the candy his father had just got him. In another scene, a group of girls playing hop-scotch. They were happy on just being the winner of the petty game. Fathers were taking their children to market. Some were being taken back to home from market. Holding their hands, the contact was intact. Men were leaving for work, with the firm determination in their mind that they would return with joy for their families. Women were busy buying stuff for their families. They were sure that they will stir happiness in their kitchens for their husbands, for their children.

The world was happy. So was she.
She stood from her chair. Spent a minute or two watching the happy scene outside the window. It was raining but it was so quite inside. But she was blank. Blank like a blank notebook.
No thoughts.
No words.
She started towards the balcony. Opened the door and went outside.
The outside world was full with noises. The noises of happiness. The noises of joy.
And now the world was full of her shriek.
She had jumped off her balcony.

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