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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Project finishes.
People leave
And what changes?
Work completes
People celebrate
And what changes?
The change changes to notify the change.
IT industry keeps its people under clutches of tremendous pressure and delivery that we hardly notice what change happens in our life at work place. Projects keep on taking birth and keep on finishing. Every second millions of project around the world in every corporate office keep on coming into picture and keep on signing off from the employees life. Changes keep on taking place its just who notices them.
What minute and also the major change that happens when you join a project or is leaving the project?
It’s just the matter of To and Cc that changes.
You join the project and your name starts getting reflected in all the To and Cc mails.
You get rolled off from the project, your name disappears from To and Cc list.
Nothing else changes.
Nothing else matters.
Once while your name was so important in the To an Cc list, when people were taken into account for forgetting to include your name, the day you leave the project, the name doesn’t matters anymore.
Shakespeare’s thought proves to be invalid in IT scenario : What’s there in a name. As everything here lies in the name.

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