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Sunday, May 4, 2014


They met.
Something was not right.
He read it in her movements from across the street.
It was bit dark to figure things out clearly but yes, something was not right!
She had just got down from the car or was pushed forcibly; he was still confused on that.
But who would throw away such a pretty girl? What would have gone wrong?

Before he could cross the road and get things cleared she was picked up by another car! She was picked or was she dragged into the car. Darkness of the night masked the events.

They were together in high school and since then he had a huge crush on her but never had the courage to confront her with his feelings for her. After school, she left town to attend a prestigious college in the city being a bright student. He never loved anyone else after her.

Here he was. Standing in the middle of the road, confused about the recent happenings and eager to know whether everything was okay with Anusha or not.

Should I follow her? He gave it a long thought and then finally ignited the engine and moved his car around to catch hold of the other car carrying her.

He could see the back lights at far and the car seemed to be in great rush. He pushed the accelerator as hard as he can to get near the car and ensure her wellness but it was of no use. The other car was really in great rush. And then, after driving for some half an hour, the other car stopped and Anusha was thrown out.

Yes, she was thrown out with her clothes torn and hair all messed up. She was raped.
He got shock of a life! Girl he loved the most was raped! All the good memories of her flashed in-front of her and then he got out from his car.

She was trying to cover herself up with the leftover torn pieces of her dresses.
Like a gentleman, he walked up to her. Cover her body with his coat and hugged her, trying to calm her down. Her tears kept rolling down her cheeks. They got into his car. She was in no position to talk and neither was he.
They were in his car now and he was driving while she kept staring blankly outside the window. When the car stopped that’s when she noticed that he had brought her to his home. She was still in a state of shock when he went to reach out for her door and brought her inside his house.
“Who is she? What happened Dhruv? Answer me. Where were you? We are all so worried when you didn’t answer your phone”, her mother stumped a series of questions on him on seeing him with her.

“She’s your daughter-in-law mom”, saying so he took her to his room.


Bikram said...

We need more and more good people in the world ...


Smita said...


Lonely soul said...

I wonder if dz kind of ppl exists in today's world.very sensitive topic very well written with a gr8 msg...hats off..It really touchd my heart. Short but so powerful post...!!!


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