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Friday, May 9, 2014

What scares you off !

What is it that scares you off.

Scares you off from asking the question.

Asking the question about life and things.

Life and things that matter to you.

That matter to you shall make up your destiny.

And your destiny is in the controls of your hands and no one else’s.

No one else will be there tomorrow.

Tomorrow to make up for your mistakes.

Your mistakes shall haunt you forever.

Forever, that is you would have asked that question

The question which you wanted to ask then

Then maybe you would have been happy

Happy and not scared

So what scares you off!

Note: This is End of Beginning type of poetry. The end of one sentence becomes the beginning of the next sentence. 


Bikram said...

well what scares me .. a lot of things and many you have mentioned in this poem..


Smita said...

@bikram : :)


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