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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Snowman and - Christmas treat

Office party theme - Snow

Things handy to make - Thermo-col stars and Cotton Snowman  for the desk !

Sparkle on the stars make them glitter and the gift wrapping cones and clothes make the snow man trendy ! 
The nose is also from the wrapping paper. SIMPLE AND EASY !

Steps to make the stars:
1. Draw star on a paper and cut the frame.
2. Take a hot knife (make its tip hot on the stove to cut thermo-col) and cut the stars with help of the paper frame.
3. Apply fevicol on one side of the star and immediately spread some sparkle on it to make the stars as in the picture.

Steps to make the Snow man:
1. Make two paper balls. A small one for the head and a big one to make the base of the snowman.
2. Apply fevicol on all sides of the paper ball and stick a thin layer of cotton to it.
3.Stick the small ball on top of the big ball to make a snowman.
4. Make the eyes with small black paper dots or bindi's and make the cone for the cap with any attractive paper aterial.
5. Make the long nose with a red cone! And the snowman is ready!

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