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Monday, January 2, 2012

We Women.. Little hard , little easy.

Incident 1

"The one thing I don't enjoy doing with you is eating",he said.
"Eating? Why? Because I don't eat much?",she was surprised with this sudden conclusion jump of his'.
"No, not because of that",he still kept it short.
"Then?",she was now more curious to know the real reason.
"I don't enjoy eating with you because when I eat from your plate you don't eat from mine in return", came his explanation.
"What...But I don't eat not that I don't want to but because I never feel the urge to eat anything from your plate. I never felt that I should eat from yours because I feel well content with whatever I have in my plate."she replied back.
"Yea.that I know. That you don't mind people eating from your plate but when the other person doesn't does the same with me I feel a bit awkward.",came his explanation.
"But that's formality you see that's not being frank with the person you are with. And come-on. it's been more than 3 years that we have been together but still you said this. Totally unexpected.",and the conversation ended with both of them not talking for few minutes.

These men think we don't do what we feel like doing. But that's not the case. We have our limits and we women are well satiated with whatever we are provided with, at times of-course, leave aside the jewellery and shopping stuff but these men, they think that we don't feel content like they never are.

Incident 2

"Hey", and he slapped her, though it was just as if he touched his hand on her face, a very swift slap it was but it was a slap!
She smiled,"Why do you always have to slap me, huh",she asked.
"Just like that. I love slapping you actually",came the clever answer with the wicked smile.
"Your cheeks are simply so chubby that I can't really hold back my hands from slapping you. Please please allow me to give you one tight one na, I always hit you softly, let's go for a hard one na ,Please.",he requested.
"One tight slap!",she freaked.
"No, are you mad. No ways. Me allowing you to slap me doesn't mean you can  actually slap me!",she backed out.
"Please na, in return you too can slap me. Promise. I won't say anything. Slap me as many times as you want to. I won't be offended, I promise",and he lifted her hand to touch his cheeks, telling her that she had the liberty to slap him now.
She backed her hand backwards.
"No! Why would I slap you",she giggled, though she was scared too as she knew he was a guy who could do anything and right now all she needed to be afraid of, was his idea of slapping her!
"But I always hit you na, so you too please hit me too na. I will feel good! Come-on, don't be scared of me",he joked!
"Noo...I don't feel like hitting you that's why I don't do it. Am not scared of anybody, especially you!", she replied.
"Really, you are not scared of me!",he asked.
"Yes, am not!",came the reply
And then came another slap, a tight one this time!

Why men think we women are weak or afraid of showing them our strength. Of-course we are physically not so strong as they are but the little incidents,like the one mentioned above, where we are pushed to show our strength are not really the deciding stages as to how much strong we women are, as we Women symbolize Love and support :)

We Women are made by God to shower love, bound purity of soul and spread happiness. We have it in our nature to absorb all the pain and are blessed with the magical power to convert it into blissful happy notes of life.

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