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Monday, January 23, 2012

New Series.. A mystery one this time !

Time for a new series.
I know I haven't finished up the old one(Another Two States) So it's totally unfair on my part to start a new one but this has to be done right now, today, so here it is.

                                                                         The Warrior.

Story of a guy, for whom everyday is a fight. 
Each new day presents a struggle.
A fight within himself, a struggle to know his identity, his past and figure out his present.
We all long for a love and moral support throughout out lives and lucky are those who get one. But what if you don't learn to price the priceless gem you get! What if you really want to but can't!

Things change, circumstances mould accordingly. People may look new or sometimes familiar, But what if every day you have to figure out about your own identity?
The Warrior, one such story of Mystery, Love, Hate, Passion, Secrets and much more about how life can actually be!
Enjoy reading.
P.S. : I will complete Another Two States as soon as possible. Just need some time more :) 

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