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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Clever He, Clever She !

He looked up.
With facial expressions like that of a small baby being denied something he liked too much.
Please na”, he requested.
No”, she smiled a crooked smile.
It’s all fine with me”, she said.
No. I want  it na but”, he again pleaded.
With a voice that was about to break down.
Please, give it to me, please”, he said, hands tangled in hers.
No…Please”, she replied.
Please….”, he requested again.
She laughed.
She was enjoying him pleading like this.
His expressions were similar to like that a five year old boy, denied his favorite candy or toy.
His requests competed with the requests a small kid makes to somebody, in-charge of something he wanted badly!
His looks were fooling enough for the other person to give what he wanted.
Just like a small baby pleading for his demand to be fulfilled.
He had been trying to woo her with pleasing words for some time now.
Lines of worry had now started showing on his face.
All he wanted was what she had been possessing oh his in her bag.

He tried getting possession of her bag, a little snatching a little pushing but all in vain.
No matter what he do, she was in no mood to let her hands off her bag.
Clever girl had wrapped his right hand around the belt of her bag so that even the thought of getting it away from her now seemed impossible to him.
But he wanted it impatiently now.
Please Please”, he requested.
No No”, she smiled.
He was losing patience in requesting again and again but she was enjoying denying his request again and again.
Pleaseee na. Give it to me”, he said, sounding as if he was literally going to cry like a little baby any moment now.
No…na”, she said humbly.
He looked in no mood to give up and neither was she.

Struggle was getting interesting now.
Who would give up first?
He or she?
She or he?
Will he succumb to her wicked plan?
Or will she melt on his pleadings?
And the real question, what was she holding in her bag?
What did he want from her?
What possibly could it be?
Please give it na. I want it back now”, he again pleaded.
No. It’s safe with me.”, she answered.
Noooo.. I am feeling empty without it na. So please return it back now”, he looked in her eyes. Pleading more than ever to get his thing back.
He tried again and again he failed.
It was all so hard for him.
Just to get her bag having his wallet!

Earlier he had fooled her in one of their meetings regarding payment at a restaurant. They had decided to pay the bill half-half and he had agreed to it. But when came the turn to actually pay the  bill, he fooled her and paid the whole amount saying he wished to use his debit card once at a restaurant as he had never done that before. 

She sensed the lie but saw  no point arguing over money with him. He would always have his way, she knew or maybe she would always give him his way.
But not so soon was the movie to end. If he thinks he can trick her, so can she! Just the way he has her own ways, she too has her own ways! And today was her day.

The whole incident, right from stealing his wallet in-front of his own eyes, with him actually presenting it to her, her plan did meet success! She not only
possessed his wallet the whole day but also quiet enjoyed him asking for it at the end of the day. Poor baby looked scared as if he was never going to get it back from her! Lol! 

                                             Clever he, Clever she!


sawan said...

felt like living a moment with two cute friends :)

Smita said...

sawan : :) :)


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