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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Choices and Decision - 4

Please don’t do this to me”, she said in a heavy voice.

Tears were about to fall.

“I don’t want this. And I know even you too don’t want!”, and a tear came down.

He was breaking up with her.

I can’t do this anymore”. Just these words kept coming from his mouth.

She begged him not to breakup with her. And she was made to cry in the middle of street.

For her love for him, she was dragged in the staircase. Pushed several times and hit to make her to go away.

But still she was there. To get back him.

Like a fool Sarika kept begging him to calm down. Little did she know that all the violence, all the shouting, all the mistreatment was because he was seeing another girl now!

Yes, another girl. She knew about this bitch the whole time she was being raped by him but kept quiet thinking she knew him!

So wrong were her notions for him! So right were the notions of other people for him. He was just one of those playboys who couldn’t stick to one girl.

Akshat was stuck! Stuck because he couldn’t go out with other girls to her than his girlfriend! Or so she assumed she was. But the truth was, she was just a toy, for him to give pleasure!

Not even one day he was honest with her. And not even one day was she dishonest with him. She thought she had got the world when she met him and yes, she had got the cruel world for her when she met him.

He had indeed taught her a good lesson. A lesson drawing the moral from her Choices and Decisions!


Rajesh said...

Good one. Now imagine that the guy were to write this story... How would that read? Try it someday, it will be interesting.

Smita said...

Thanks for the comment rajesh.
I have seen and known the whole story and believe me this is both side story.

Anonymous said...

@Rajesh... I am a guy and typically this is what happens in the mind of men.

She is just trying to get my sympathies. All crocodile tears.

How the heck can't she realize that I dont want this anymore and I am damn sure she will get someone else(just like me)

F*** off, I cant do it anymore.. why the @#$## can't she understand.

(she holds him)

How dare you hold me, [physically abuses her]

{In his mind}

What a nagging bitch!! glad I am leaving her.

Walks away... hoping that the next muse will be better.

Rajesh said...

In response to One of Rajjii's blog titles "Midas" I had written a what you may call HIS Story. You can read it here:

I agree that there is always the other side of the story. But you know what?, these are matters of hearts and minds and hence, mostly very grey and sketchy.


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