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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Choices & Decisions - 2

How many wrong choices have you made! Choices which turned out to be the worst.

How many bad decisions have you taken! Decisions that changed your life!

All this was going in her mind. And there her love was. Asking a kiss as a token of love.

There is a very thin line between love and lust. And very few live to realize and respect it. Love is followed by lust. Lust to love the person. To make your love happy. But lust can never bring love. And all fail in the game of love because they believe in this.

"Come on. It's just one kiss that I am asking",his innocent voice got into her ears.

"hmm...", she somehow was not sure about what to do. So far...she had been successful in avoiding such things. But today was not her best day.

If you are destined to go on bad path then no one can change it. All will only watch you go the bad way, see you fall, getting hurt and suffer. Some may console at the end of your journey but not all.

So was happening to her. Little did She knew how much she will regret doing all that she thought was love.

And she kissed him!


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