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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Just like that - Smile !

“Oh God! Now why won’t you start!”, and she puffed.

With her palm on her forehead, she was waiting for HP QC (a testing tool) to open.

Suddenly a ping appeared at the bottom of the screen.

It was her friend Siddartha.

“Did your QC start working? Mine has started. So if you want, you can resume your work from my system”, the ping read.

“Yea ok”, saying so she locked her system and went to Siddartha’s system to work.

“Now how do I fill these mandatory fields ?”, she was confused for some fields in the tool.

“Let’s ping Vinay and ask for help”, he suggested.

“Okay”, she said and pinged Vinay using office’s communicator.


So technically it was Siddartha who was pinging Vinay but in real, it was Smita who was pinging him.


“Hey”, first line of the ping read.

“Hi”, Vinay replied.

“I need your help in filling the mandatory fields of the defect. Can you come to my system for a minute”, read the second line of the ping.

“Tell him that it’s you”, Siddartha said, just to avoid confusion for Vinay.

“Why, by seeing ping from you he won’t come?”, she said turning to Siddartha, “and by seing my name he will come huh?”, she joked and turned to the screen back and wrote in the ping,”Smita here”.

And the following conversation made both of them laugh for the next few minutes.


n  Siddartha :


n  Vinay :


n  Siddartha :

Can you come to my system for a minute”.


n  Vinay :

“No Dude”

n  Siddartha

“Smita here”

n  Vinay:

“Kinda Busy”


“Yea Smita tell me”

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