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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The term called ... !

It comes in disguise but hurts like hell. When there is nobody for you to talk to. To open up, to share what you think or what you want to say! Complete silence becomes your companion. Only sound that you hear of is of trees rumbling outside your window. Scene of friends giggling at night, people going out in groups are other sources that makes you feel terrible even more when you miss the part of your life when you used to be that.

But yes, it's hard for anyone else to understand how this could be someone's part of life. As they have never faced it! For them being lonely is an alien feeling and not having people around to talk is a myth. Yes, it's up-to you to open up and talk to others but not every time you land with people. Sometime you land up alone with people!

Ever wondered how it feels like when you come home and you have no to talk to?
Whole day is gone and you never talked except on messaging apps?
One hour was the max time you were in actual human contact?

Longing loneliness is creepy and is sticks around to make one feel sick!
Sick with pain!
Sick with depression!

But it's hard for anyone else to understand and once you are in, there's a hard way of getting out of it!
But one who has been in such a situation would understand! You don't get friends, you make friends. But to make friends, people should be there!

You talk, you mingle but the other one is selfish enough to just use and throw you away!
Would you make friends with such people? Are these people even fit to be called friends?
Nobody asks for any friend to stick around 24*7, but it's nice to have someone by your side! And when the one you had expected would do so, ignores you, it kills!

But you won't understand
Neither do I expect you to understand it
Not anymore

The term called Loneliness !


Glengaryglenrose said...

Lonelyness is creepy if you watch

Smita said...

Creepy as hell!


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