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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dreams are dubious!

"Let me go clean my room"
She took off from her sight.
She wanted to get away
from the shackles that were tied

She took out the album
Started feeling how it felt
When the time was young
How alive had she felt

Her mother got up from her chair
Came to her room and stood there
Waiting for her to notice her presence
But her mind was already in the absence

Come I have made something she liked
Yeah, I was just going through her pictures
It's nice to remember her today as part of our family
Yes, And it's nice to still think of her as daily

They both smiled
Smiled in-front of each other
The moment she turned, they both broke into tears

Wake up!
We are getting late
Quickly she got dressed, for it was her sister's D-day today!

Words seem to be pompous
Every act being glorious
But then 
Dreams are dubious!

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