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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dreams are Silly!

"Write Something. It's been ages."
"I know. No time for blog"
"Why, why would you say so"

Blushed with love
Everything seemed right
Companion like muse
Life sounded nice!

"I have some posts
lined up 
coming up
But you know how hard it is for me finish a write up!"
"Why Why Why"
He just won't keep silent.
"I want to read all that you can write."

She wrote about love
She wrote about fights
She wrote about everything
that seemed right

How could you
"How could you what"
How could you cheat...
"What are you gonna do. Blabber it to the world?"
Yes. I will, she cried.

Then happened the fight
Bad words and rife.
Down she went 
with the force that came with slap's strike
world ended there for her 
as the soul had taken it's plight.

Suddenly she woke up in her real life
Opened face book just to hit like
Like on his post, celebrating a year of togetherness
With his girl, for whom she could never qualify.
Some more posts she scrolled and pressed unlike

This portrays her as tilly
But then
Dreams are silly!

“Picking up the pieces of a shattered dream is better than having no pieces to pick up at all.” 

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