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Friday, November 25, 2016

Dreams are Stupid!

Table was laid
Mild wind with mild chills
Perfect evening for a candlelight dinner
With serene  peace instilled.

"Especially for you Mam"
Came a cake
Decorated with multicolored sprinklers
And a candle lighting up the bake.

What else could be more pleasing 
Than some undivided attention
Cheers to life
And the cutlery started clinking.

"It's nice to have you", she said.
"I am glad you said that", he replied.
Moments of endearment
No space for bereavement.

Broke the dream!
She had dipped her finger in the fire of candle's beam
Cling, the meal check-in was posted online
Afterwards came in a message.
"You should have asked me."
"To hear another No and not come along?", came in the thought.

Dinner alone on the D-day
sounds stupid
But then
Dreams are stupid!

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