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Friday, November 11, 2011

Another Two States Part - 41(i)

    And so passed two amazing years of college and life moved on. But wait, third year had started when the last part was published, so let's just grab a quick look to further continue with the story.

Namita was back to college and so were Tiya an Rahul. Rahul was still on  no speaking terms with Namita, but was good friends with Tiya, atleast this is what he thought was the thing between both of them. Whereas Tiya was now totally smitten by Rahul but then emerged this absurd thing.Namita asked for a favor. A dangerous one. She decides to visit her younger sister, to assist her as she was soon going to be a mother.She had been living somewhere unknown so far, with a hidden identity, even from her parents. Namita asks Tiya to keep this secret from everyone at college, even from her parents, if her mother calls her up someday!
Now that Namita was gone, Tiya tries to catch Rahul's attention but he didn't like the fact of her keeping the departure of Namita a secret, as he saw Namita leaving for some place, and when he had asked Tiya about this, she just told him the thing she has been telling everbody," Namita is still back at home because of certain issues. is the real time to get back to the story.
Let the mysteries, suspense, thrill,  trust, betrayal, anger and love flow in the air again.
Let's start with Another Two States again!! 

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