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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another Two States ,A quick recap

Yea, Finally.
It's time to revive the magic of the mysterious story, full of twists and turns, new tragedies to be made alive on Pages From, Diary of a Lost Girl.
So, are we ready ?
I am!
So here goes a quick recap of all that has happened so far.

 Story starts with the introduction of our main female character,Namita. She had joined ITS Engineering College with the fact that her mother loved her a lot but father always maintained a distance from her.College was not very far but she being a kinda homesick and introvert was afraid of leaving home.College starts and she gets Tiya,the most chirping girl in college as her roommate.Tiya,from rajasthan, was a bubbly, zealot for life, adamant but full of life biotech student at the university.Namita also becomes friends with Vipsa and Sakshi. 

Then comes the freshers party twist and we get to know that Namita loves a South Indian guy, Samarth. He visits her and the story here for the first time. Namita had met him on a train journey and then they had exchanged contact numbers and thus grew the love between them. But not every love story has a great beginning and theirs love story was the unusual of all. They too had a rough but lovely start.They both were quiet serious and wished for a future together, but only with a consent from their parents.Also Samarth meets Rahul, co-coordinating a fashion event with Namita and later develops a liking for her.Samarth has this best friend of him, Varun, who helped them both with their first fight, his part is yet to come in the story.
This marks the end of first year of college.

Another mystery that surfaces in the story is the occurrence of a diary,  which holds some secret that Namita doesn't wanna tell anyone,not even Tiya, that's why she keeps her diary safe from everyone. A little bit of details do get revealed later however, but the full secret is yet to come out.

Meanwhile, things between Namita and Rahul start spinning more than just friendship. Rahul develops a soft corner for her unknown from the fact that she has only one man in her life, Samarth and also unknown of the fact that Tiya has a crush on him. Tiya not only hates Namita at one point for being too friendly with Rahul but also tries to be a bitch by being on Vipsa's side, who is another vamp in our story. Vipsa for certain reasons not only dislikes Namita but also tries to keep Rahul away from her in all the mean ways she can think of.A lot of drama happens and a lot of crappy things takes place. Even the call for a breakup comes.Vipsa tries to develop a rift between Namita and Samarth, as she had known Samarth from earlier and had had a crush on him, hence Namita was her target here in college, but she eventually fails to separate the two of them.Tiya helps them out.

Samarth gets a job with a promise that he would be posted in Delhi, near Namita.And talks of introducing him to her family starts.On the other hand, Tiya and Rahul meeting up every then and now. Things start becoming strong from her side but not from his'.

Namita used to get calls from an unknown caller in first year, and the same continues in second year.It comes into notice however that the caller is someone close and is definitely not Samarth.
Another mystery that starts showing it's bare fangs is the financial need that drags Namita to bank and make her fake some account  book detials so that she may transfer money from her account to someone else's account. The whole details are yet to be revealed.
And this marks the end of the second year of college.

A lot has surely happened.
But wait, more is yet to come !!
Hope I didn't make it too long!
And hope I don't make it too long now :P
Happy reading.
Posting of new parts starts soon :)

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