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Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Two States Part - 43

"What!",he yelled.
Sob, sob. She just won't stop, no matter what Namita would say to her mother.
"Now will anyone tell me exactly where Neha is? It's 9 pm and her trip was supposed to end today. And why are you crying, just be quiet for a few minutes, will you. Namita, hurry up and call Neha's friends immediately.",he ordered.

Namita's mother knew about the fierce nature of her husband and the fact that their one daughter is missing because of another daughter, summed up enough reason for her ears to roll down her cheeks.
Continuous flow of cries in the room and Namita still sitting by her mother, unmoved by what her father had asked her to do, made him more angry and his anger was what they feared the most!

"Namita, don't you listen what I just asked you to do. Get up, now!", his voice level increased more this time and hence increased her cries. Namita was shook deep! She didn't know what to do! Obey her Father and tell him the truth, console her mother for she has been crying her eyes out for things that have never actually happened or help her younger sister, who had committed a blunder and now only she could help her come out of that pit hole. Mix thoughts made her senseless, blank! She just sat besides her watching her mother cry, hiding her face in her palms, with the tears increasing every time her father would shout. Just like earlier she was watching Neha cry for her mistake in the court, with her tears increasing every time Namita would try to make her sense the delicacy of the moment, every time she spoke to make her understand the consequences of what Neha and Hemant had done! Life! Brings you what you just can't bear and handle! But Namita wasn't going to let things down like this. She had made her mind to fight! Fight them all, for her sister, for her mother, for herself, for Love!

But, how ..was the main question! What could you expect from a 12th standard girl, how was she supposed to cover up that her younger sister was now married to a guy of another caste knowing the fact the heer father and his whole family just won't accord with the relationship!

But problems give you courage too to face them, hence she stood up, to speak to her father.
"Father, her group met with an accident",she managed to speak in one go. She had decided to take all the blame on herself.


Tring Tring.
Tring Tring.
She was in no mood to stop writing. But she had to, it was a call from her Love that she had to attend.
"Hello....",she answered in a dull voice.
"What's wrong Love? Everything Okay?",he was somebody who can tell even the way she breathe as to she was sad or happy.
"I was writing my diary and....", she paused.
He heard some sobs, though she had controlled enough not to panic him.
But he knew what was in the diary.
"And.......",he asked her to complete.
But came no reply. Only sobs, now more clearly could be heard.
"Sweetheart, say it...and....",he persuaded again. But still came no reply.
"Namita, my baby. Stop crying. I am here to hold your hand. I know what your diary contains but say it. I love to hear it when you say it. Say it, be strong, I know my love is, so just say it.....",he said in a firm voice.
Namita knew Samarth's nature. He would not give up asking until she will say it all herself. Moreover she too wanted to say.
"I came across the pages I had written when Neha got married.",and she started crying.
"Namitaa...namita...stop crying", but she just won't stop.
"Baby, please. Won't you listen to me? Please stop crying, you don't look good with tears. I wanted you to be strong by saying it out-loud but since you didn't complete it, let me do the part that my Love has left",he continued," We are going to be together within a year Sweetheart. You just have to complete your degree and I will take you away from everything. Whatever happened with Neha, is not gonna happen with you. And whatever she did, you are certainly not gonna do even an inch of it. Just have faith, we will win everybody in this world with our love and trust. Be it your parents or be it my parents. Now stop crying Love, I have got a good news ", he ended on a light note.
She waited for him to tell himself, but he too was not easy guy. She knew, after all the sobs, he now would open his mouth after some pampering. But still she tried being sober, human nature.
"What is it?", she asked plainly.
"Hmmm...I am not telling you like this",he said in a tickling voice.
"Hmm...", she still sulked.
"Namita baby,", and he sounded sad.
"I love you".
"I am coming to Delhi next week, I love you too baby".
That was the best she could have thought of but before she could answer she saw her mother's call on wait,"Honey, I have to hang up now, It's mother's call that I can't miss. Love you tonnnnnn sweety",the call ended with her smiling.
Samarth had succeeded but he was worried, will he be able to live upto the expectations of his and her family. What will he talk to her parents about? How will he convince them for their future together? A lot many thoughts boggled his mind. But he was determined not give up so easily. And he called Tiya.

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