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Friday, November 25, 2011

Another Two States Part - 44(i)

Tring Tring.
Tring Tring.
He waited, waited for her to answer. He needed guidance on certain issues and she seemed to be the better option to be asked from.
Tring Tring.
The bell was ringing, but nobody answered. It was the third time now that he had dialed her number in a row.
"What could be the matter? It's Sunday afternoon and it's not sleeping time of hers for sure. Where is she then?", he said to himself.
Finally Tiya picked up his call.
"Hello....", came the sunken voice from the other side.
"Hey. Hi Tiya. Everything okay with you? I have been trying your number since quite some time now. What's wrong? You seem to be sad? Is everything okay there?", he asked.
"Yea, fine. Sorry I couldn't answer your call earlier.",she kept it quiet straight to the main points.
Samarth guessed something was wrong on her side as this was not the usual verbose, lively Tiya on phone. He kept asking but she just won't tell him anything.
"Okay...", finally he concluded,"I guess I will talk to you later then. Thanks for the information between. Bye Take Care."
The conversation had ended but in some way it had just begun.
Samarth immediately called Namita.
"Hello....",she answered.
"Hey, .........",and he kept silent.
In the backdrop he could hear some stern voices.
"Where are you?
"I am in the bank, I told you na about it. Can we talk later?", she looked in a hurry to hang up.
"Yea, sure. Just call up Tiya. Something's bothering her and she just won't tell me",he completed the conversation.
Something's been bothering our miss happy go lucky? How can that be so? What is it that she's been hiding? Why didn't she tell Samarth?

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