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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another Two States Part - 44(ii)

She had been sitting there for a while. Sometime checking her cell phone for any new messages and sometimes staring at the long queue in-front of her. He was standing in the queue and she was eagerly waiting fro her to comeback.
He returned.
"So did you get it all?",in one breath she asked.
"Yeah. It's too much but. How will I ever be able to repay you for all that you are doing for us",he sounded bit burdened with her act of gratitude.
"It's for somebody I love. You don't have to repay me back anything. Just keep her happy. Start a new business and establish yourself as soon as possible. You exactly have one year to prove yourself and I know you will stand up-to my expectations, up-to everybody's expectations.",and tears came into her eyes.
Though she was talking about Neha and Hemant but she was also talking about herself and Samarth. He was a South Indian and she was a North Indian. The same caste drama involved them too.
"Thanks a lot Namita. Come home, let's tell Neha this good news",he insisted.
"No, No. I have to go now. My work here is done. She is fine, you have money, now I should return back to my college life. I have things to settle there too.",she answered, picking up her things.
"But Neha must be waiting for you na",he said.
"Yes, But now I have to leave now itself. I will call her up on the way to the station. You just take care of her and the baby and don't let me down. I know your potentials so just stick to your work", saying so she started walking. "Yes, I will",and he walked her to the gate.
She took and the auto rickshaw and reached station in an hour. Boarded the train and called Neha.
"Neha, Yes...Things are okay. Don't worry. Maa Papa won't get to know about this. I have made arrangements for that. Just take care Neha", and tears came in her eyes and the call was cut.
The next call was made to the manager who had helped Namita in faking the passbook details.
And the next number to be dialled was that of Tiya, she didn't pick. Now Namita was really worried. What possibly could have happened. But then she tried to calm down and didn't ring back again, thinking to call her back in sometime.
She was just looking up for a number in the list to call that her phone was ringing.
"Hey...How did you know I wanted to talk to you?",she sounded cheerful.
"Why wouldn't I know? I just know all that you think, wish or desire. I know it all",he replied.
"Okay okay Mr. Samarth. So, tell  me....when are you coming to see me? It's been a long time since I have seen my man.",she chuckled.
"Tomorrow Morning",came the instant reply.
"Really? Oh Really?",she was surprised. Such a surprise was the least thing she expected to hear from him.
"Yes my heart, Am coming tomorrow. They asked me to join as early as possible, these private firms you know na, how impatient they are to make their employees work. Moreover when I have made my mind to settle there then why to waste even a second. I just booked my flight ticket. Between, all settled there?", he asked.
"Yea, I am too on my way to college. Will reach by 9 in the morning. I have given him the money, hope I won't be let down."
"You definitely won't be. Don't worry. Things will be the way they were. Okay I gotta go. See you tomorrow. I will come around to meet my baby", and the call was cut.
She was happy. He knew he could make her happy in no matter what mood she might be in, that's why he called after Neha informed him about her leaving like this.
Namita didn't know this. These little things you do to make your love happy, are the biggest things you can ever do to anybody.

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