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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cries...Young & Old !

"Aee......", the little girl came crying to her mother.
Loud and clear cry with no tears.
Elder brother had hit her in hide and seek game since she was making fun of him.
And she kept on crying and crying and crying with no tears.
Her mother kept pacifying her but deep down she knew her daughter.
She knew her nature and she knew no matter what she gives her now, nothign can stop her cries.
Nothing can stop her shouts.
Nothing can stop her cries.
Left alone for an hour or so she would calm and get along with the game once again.

Noted: A small incident but huge cries.

"I saw him with another girl", the words kept repeating in her mind.
:How can he cheat on me", she kept asking herself.
She had been a nice partner in all his work, humble listener for all his troubles, patient girlfriend in their stormy relationship yet she had lost it all today.
She just could not change who he really was.
A Liar! A cheater! A backstabber!
Not only was he cheating on her, also he had abused her with various allegations!
She was used and then thrown in the middle of nowhere!
She succumbed to her broken heart injuries and decided never to trust any man.

Noted: A big incident but no cries.

To err is to Human!
Yet Humans are scared to even be the natrual themselves!
Look at the small babies crying their lungs out because of hunger or wet diaper or the reason that they don't know what else to do to express they need attention and care. They cry and they cry it all out. The cries bring out all that they inside in them. Tears wash away every bit of sorrow/discomfort/pain from their inside. And they forget it all after they are done with the crying.
Grown ups don't cry. They keep everything inside them and suffer more than the original hurt. They don't want to show tears to anyone. In the process of being strong they actually make themselves weak from the inside. Pain kept with them results in suicide, grudges, depression, mental illness and what not heart disease.

 Why not cry over the hurt?
Why not cry over the injury?
Why not cry over the loss?
Why boast about fake strength?
Why pose about hopeless support?
Why not let it all out?
Why not let tears wash it all out?
Why keep the pain inside?
Why hide tears in heart?
Why not cry it all out ?

Keeping Pain inside rather than letting it out?
Is it really worth it?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Creative Corner - New Blog | New Facebook Page

New Blog is here from the same blogger with a new face-book page to be liked.

Creative Corner

Like the Blog's page at : Creative Corner Facebook Page

The blog can be visited at: Creative Corner !

A blog showcasing the creativity in form of designs. patterns, click picks from real life!

Lost Girl

Saturday, January 17, 2015

2015 !

2015 is here
Time to frame some changes
Life is busy and tough 
But sometimes it's quick and easy

A new year
A new Beginning
A new pattern
A new reading

Posts on general topics
With poetry and stories as well
Shall be seen on Lost girls diary
With a promise to be  punctual

Till Then ... 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Please Stay!

The moment has come
Where you shall leave.
Bid me goodbye 
and go home.

My hands want to get locked with yours

Fingers demanding to curl up against yours
Arms wish to be with your arms 
With my shoulder touching yours.

Heart wants to shout and shout it out loud

The love, the feelings it wants to shout it out loud
It aches when you walk away
And wish you to walk my own same way.

Eyes want to capture every detail of your smile

Frame every expression and record every talk.

If only I could make you stay,

Make you stay and never let go.


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