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Monday, November 18, 2013

Belief ! - Ghost contest entry.

Ding Dong.

Kirti was sitting in her study room, completing her homework when she heard the door-bell.

She knew it was him. And her heart pounded more at the sound of his footsteps into the house.

“What will happen tonight?”, she was scared.

It’s been a week now.  Things had gotten worse from bad. She knew something bad was happening but didn’t know exactly what. She had heard her mother hiding from her and crying. But she couldn’t confront her with that because she herself had done that.

“God, please help us”, she prayed in her mind and got up from the chair and went into the drawing room to greet her Father.

“Hello Papa”, she said with a put on smile, trying hard to make the environment light but got back from him with a shriek.

Her father was possessed! Yes he was! She knew it the moment she saw his red eyes that night.

Mother had been hiding it all from everyone. News of the breadwinner in possession of a devil would have spread like fire in the society and the thought of being denied from everyone had forced mother to hide this all in lies.

But she knew it all now. Every scene was so clear in front of her.


Scene 1:

He was working. It was 1 at night and he was working. Sitting on his study table, amidst a heap files was Papa working. He sitting at the study table during night and constantly writing papers, mother called it extra office work again.


Scene 2:                  

It was the most happening place for the three of them after a tiring day. But his silence at dinner, a chirpy guy going silent was hard to believe for her as well as others, but mother hid it under the lie of him not keeping well.




Scene 3:

It was 11 at night. He had gone early to office that day. Even before Kirti left for school that day. 6 am was the time in the clock he left that day but now it was 11 and he had not yet come. And mother called it extra work.



“Memsaab”, Kirti heard her mother talking to the watchman.

“I know about such things. There is a very renowned Baba in our village. I will go and get you some of his tantrum things for your problem. I am sure he only can solve this. You don’t worry.”

Lines of worry were getting more visible day by day on her face. She too was not sleeping at nights now. Her father was also not sleeping. Things were not yet settled. Issue was known but the cause was still unknown.

Next day, the watchman got a clay pitcher.”Ask Sahab ji to fill water in this and then you keep it in your Puja room. The day the water will get dried this will break down and the curse will be broken. You just wait and watch”.

And things happened the way he had said. Exactly after 3 days the pitcher was found broken in the Puja room and father had started behaving bit normal. He had started eating properly, sleeping properly and was now back to his normal talking.

And that very evening Anjali aunty came and enquired about Papa and eventually he was not at home. The only she asked mother was,”He has started talking again? That’s strange and I smell clay, did you get a pitcher or something like that lately?”.

Mom was sweet in not replying back to her every question and Aunties question made it all cleared.

Kirti remembered that morning from when her father had started behaving differently. That was the morning when Anjali aunty was doing some ritual, supposedly a pooja vidhi in their garden and mother was shouting saying that the banana plant whish she was worshipping was not supposed to be worship since we consume it’s fruit and such plants are not holy for worship[ but Anjali aunty didn’t listen and had performed something and even Kirti’s father was heard arguing, “Why you are shouting? Let her do na. It’s just a small petty ritual. It’s not worth shouting.” His disbelief in the ritual had caught him!


It’s not about what you believe. It’s how that belief is about. If you believe in God and then you should respect the presence of the other side and maintain never to cross the line to make evil angry and let bad be more influential on you.

Respect, maintain the distance and be safe!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Contest - story writing

How much have you been scared in you life so far??
Or let's say it this way, How much can you scare someone by a true incident or your imaginative composition.

If you are good at writing, then this contest is just for you.

Participate in "Ghosts" contest and win a prize.

Link :

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Choices & Decisions 5

It had been a  long time since she lest thought about him. She was happy. She was successful.

A lot had changed in her life. Changed for the good.

She knew he loved her. Loved a lot. Her parents were happy. Happy to see she was happy.

Alas, she was getting married. To her love. World seemed to come all together to wish the bride and the groom good luck.

It was a candid affair. Everyone has been waiting for. All the well wishers had eagerly waited to bless the couple.

Few years had passed. Things changed with people grown and changed. Everything just seemed so perfect today to her until….

Until came the time to pay for her Choices and Decisions!

The bride was ready. Her cousin came in to take her to the wedding hall and there she was!

Lying unconscious on the bed.

She had had something. Something that took her away from this world.

She had committed suicide. Something so weak for which she was way too strong.

The news of her long last love leaving the world because of his failures at work and life led her also to choose to end her life. She loved him this much!

Everything had been paid now for her Choices & Decisions!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Just like that - Smile !

“Oh God! Now why won’t you start!”, and she puffed.

With her palm on her forehead, she was waiting for HP QC (a testing tool) to open.

Suddenly a ping appeared at the bottom of the screen.

It was her friend Siddartha.

“Did your QC start working? Mine has started. So if you want, you can resume your work from my system”, the ping read.

“Yea ok”, saying so she locked her system and went to Siddartha’s system to work.

“Now how do I fill these mandatory fields ?”, she was confused for some fields in the tool.

“Let’s ping Vinay and ask for help”, he suggested.

“Okay”, she said and pinged Vinay using office’s communicator.


So technically it was Siddartha who was pinging Vinay but in real, it was Smita who was pinging him.


“Hey”, first line of the ping read.

“Hi”, Vinay replied.

“I need your help in filling the mandatory fields of the defect. Can you come to my system for a minute”, read the second line of the ping.

“Tell him that it’s you”, Siddartha said, just to avoid confusion for Vinay.

“Why, by seeing ping from you he won’t come?”, she said turning to Siddartha, “and by seing my name he will come huh?”, she joked and turned to the screen back and wrote in the ping,”Smita here”.

And the following conversation made both of them laugh for the next few minutes.


n  Siddartha :


n  Vinay :


n  Siddartha :

Can you come to my system for a minute”.


n  Vinay :

“No Dude”

n  Siddartha

“Smita here”

n  Vinay:

“Kinda Busy”


“Yea Smita tell me”

Win a surprise !

The most funny/humorous comment about anything on the thread gets to win a special prize from the blog.

Link to thread :!/pages/Pages-From-Diary-of-a-Lost-Girl/135650079845556?hc_location=timeline

P.S. : For readers in India only!

Choices and Decision - 4

Please don’t do this to me”, she said in a heavy voice.

Tears were about to fall.

“I don’t want this. And I know even you too don’t want!”, and a tear came down.

He was breaking up with her.

I can’t do this anymore”. Just these words kept coming from his mouth.

She begged him not to breakup with her. And she was made to cry in the middle of street.

For her love for him, she was dragged in the staircase. Pushed several times and hit to make her to go away.

But still she was there. To get back him.

Like a fool Sarika kept begging him to calm down. Little did she know that all the violence, all the shouting, all the mistreatment was because he was seeing another girl now!

Yes, another girl. She knew about this bitch the whole time she was being raped by him but kept quiet thinking she knew him!

So wrong were her notions for him! So right were the notions of other people for him. He was just one of those playboys who couldn’t stick to one girl.

Akshat was stuck! Stuck because he couldn’t go out with other girls to her than his girlfriend! Or so she assumed she was. But the truth was, she was just a toy, for him to give pleasure!

Not even one day he was honest with her. And not even one day was she dishonest with him. She thought she had got the world when she met him and yes, she had got the cruel world for her when she met him.

He had indeed taught her a good lesson. A lesson drawing the moral from her Choices and Decisions!

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Just one look...
A look of love.

Just one kiss...
A kiss of love.

Just some love...
Love for me.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Choices & Decision 3

She was standing on the street, waiting for him. He was supposed to come and pick her up. After a week they were meeting. She was excited to see him.

Busy in thoughts and looking for him in the passersby, her phone beeped.

Shashank will be coming to pick you up on his bike”, the message read.  She was furious.

Why is he coming to pick me when I had asked you? I clearly asked you for this a minute ago and now all this! And why would I sit on his bike and come? Can’t you come? It’s just a petty distance for you to walk and come and get me! I am not coming then!”, and she shut the phone on him!

Shashank was Akshat’s roommate. She didn’t like his skeptical nature for everything and was disappointed to know that her boyfriend expected her to sit at the back of his roommate and come to a restaurant while she was expecting Akshat!

Five minutes back she was so happy at the thought h=of having Dinner with his boyfriend after a long time. It was also special because of a festival falling that day. Since morning she was excited to see him. But he was not!

She kept waiting at the bus stop. She wanted Akshat to receive her. She was furious. Though she was ten minutes away from his house, she decided not to go. But her heart wanted her to go! Stupid heart! She kept thinking and deciding!  Kept dismissing his calls!

He finally came. Literally dragged her by her arm in the middle of street. And when she got to the restaurant, she was taken back to know that both the guys had already ordered food for two people only and were least bothered about her!

She didn’t eat and they both ate! Meal was packed for her but she was there for him and not for food! But she meant so little to him by now. It didn’t matter to him. He asked her a few times for food and then slept. In the morning she left.

Sarika was a fool! Fool to choose him and fool to decide to Love him!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Choices & Decisions - 2

How many wrong choices have you made! Choices which turned out to be the worst.

How many bad decisions have you taken! Decisions that changed your life!

All this was going in her mind. And there her love was. Asking a kiss as a token of love.

There is a very thin line between love and lust. And very few live to realize and respect it. Love is followed by lust. Lust to love the person. To make your love happy. But lust can never bring love. And all fail in the game of love because they believe in this.

"Come on. It's just one kiss that I am asking",his innocent voice got into her ears.

"hmm...", she somehow was not sure about what to do. So far...she had been successful in avoiding such things. But today was not her best day.

If you are destined to go on bad path then no one can change it. All will only watch you go the bad way, see you fall, getting hurt and suffer. Some may console at the end of your journey but not all.

So was happening to her. Little did She knew how much she will regret doing all that she thought was love.

And she kissed him!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Choices & Decisions - 1

You have changed”.

So have you. Now just get off from here. I don’t want to see you ever..ever!”, she shouted. And tears fell down.

I too never want to see you again now. Just fuck off!”, he too shouted.

In the middle of the street, two best friends were ending up their 6 years long friendship.

Nuisance was being said and passing people were the audience.

She didn’t want things to end like this. She had wanted to soothe things out and so had he. But he was not the same anymore!

Anger wins over everything. It shadows over your brain and snatches your power to think and make the right move. Similar thing was happening with her but sadly she had no one to take her to the right path. And Devil is always more powerful than Angel. Right path always seems darker in bad time.

She moved away and went the other way. Vaibhav stood there. Watching her best friend go away from him and his life. This was definitely the last time they had talked to each other.

Akshat followed her. His decision to follow her and Sarika’s choice to have his shoulder to cry on was another mistake.

I had never thought that he would do such a thing to me. Did you hear him talking? How can he talk to me like that”, tears just won’t stop falling from her eyes.

Hmm….” he tried to pacify her with a hug.   

Choices and Decisions. Little was she aware that the game had begun!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Guest Series

It's been a long time since this blog page has seen a series or rather a complete series.

The blogger has been kinda engaged in some other stuff but believe me, every second she misses this space more than anyone else.

Lost Girl shall resume soon with a complete fictional yet realtime series. A complete series this time!

Choices & Decisions !

Get the story with the spilling posts !

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Project finishes.
People leave
And what changes?
Work completes
People celebrate
And what changes?
The change changes to notify the change.
IT industry keeps its people under clutches of tremendous pressure and delivery that we hardly notice what change happens in our life at work place. Projects keep on taking birth and keep on finishing. Every second millions of project around the world in every corporate office keep on coming into picture and keep on signing off from the employees life. Changes keep on taking place its just who notices them.
What minute and also the major change that happens when you join a project or is leaving the project?
It’s just the matter of To and Cc that changes.
You join the project and your name starts getting reflected in all the To and Cc mails.
You get rolled off from the project, your name disappears from To and Cc list.
Nothing else changes.
Nothing else matters.
Once while your name was so important in the To an Cc list, when people were taken into account for forgetting to include your name, the day you leave the project, the name doesn’t matters anymore.
Shakespeare’s thought proves to be invalid in IT scenario : What’s there in a name. As everything here lies in the name.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Page 3

Your care indicted your liking, but never was it shown or spoken outloud! I was a fool, sitting down there to open my heart to the best friend or a back stabber, as I should call him now. You listen stories from people about their best friends. You listen to things they do, they share with their besties. I thought I too had one, while actuallly I was having only a liar, a cheater!

Reality is, you can never trust someone or to call someone a bestie, since no one in this world is strong enough to be unbiased on relations, things or decisions. All one seek is their personal interest in giving, suggesting or hinting you at anything.  I though I was being driven in the correct direction but little did I know that you were the one becauase of whom I am crying today. You ruined my life.

Yes, my best friend ruined my life. Not only he killed the real but also the fake me! As now I cannot fake a smile on my face. All I think about are the tortures done to me.

The mental and physical pain. I shall never forgive him for!
Meeting you was the biggest mistake of my life. I was stupid to make a friend, search a bestie in you. As you were looking for, was another gossip girl!

But sorry sir, I can no longer stand this nature of yours and hence Dear Dairy, tomorrow I am going to end my friendship with him.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Page 2

This was never my passion. But I did it for him. To make him proud. I know he hates me, reason unknown. I don’t know what wrong I have done to be the victim of his hatred. I don’t even know if he really hates me or is it just the perception picked from his actions and words seen and heard at events. I had never imagined our relation to be like this. I don’t know how it originated, I don’t know it’s course but I wish everyday for it to end.

The person I am now is born out of the depression. I have achieved everything in my life I had thought of a few years back, still the depression is gaining its claws on me! I have it all yet I don’t have anything! I feel alone standing out their in the crowd! Seems like world is moving fast while I am stuck at one place only.

College is ending and so is my secret relation with him. I have always cared for him as a friend and never knew he liked me. But I feel so terrible to know that I cannot reciprocate his love back to him and so I have to get it along as I have been doing so far. I know his little secret and will carry it to my grave. I have always loved him, but only as a friend and nothing more.

God has a plan for everybody, I had imagined mine to be a special as I had always been God’s favorite in terms of gifting with pain and pleasure. I thought it was yet to come but it had already arrived and I was standing there, unaware. The silence had started to creep inside my soul when I met Him! He was just another guy but little known me! But I didn’t know that I should have never met him!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Diary Pages !


  How many of you would jot down all your personal details in a diary!
What limit can you go to detail it with your life!
Who would dare to reveal that all to all!

Presenting Her Dairy reveal the unrevealed !

Real or fictional!
You Read You Decide !

Read the post every fourth day!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Her Smile His Smile !

A Smile appears,
Her lips lift up.
She's happy,
He can see that.

That's what he had wished for,
And that's what she had dreamed of!

No reason is explained,
No reason is expected.

It simple happens,
And she loves to see it happening!

It may mean four colorful petals
Stuck around a green stick to some.
For her
It's his love, care and affection
All wrapped up and presented in the form of a flower!

A flower may simply be a flower
throught out it's life
It's meaning changes
When it is plucked
When it is found
And when it is presented
To Somebody by Somebody!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Value the diamond that has emerged from the coal mine just for you, as if not valued, the diamond shall burn like coal, giving away harmful carbon dioxide, unlike the shine and value that a diamond may add to your life!
How true can this be for the women in your life? Value women and you value your own self. Does letting the other person above you means that you are letting yourself down? Think about your mother. Think about those numerous times when she might had put her ill health behind and prepared food for you, for the family. Irrespective of all the pains she would have finished all the house chores. Think about the events when she would have taken all the blame game on her to save you and family.
Women embraces and praises all. Absorbing all the sorrows and turning them into happiness is the quality she is blessed with. All she desires for is Love and Respect. Love for the soul and Respect for the mind. She is an epitome of kindness. Think about your sister, your friend or any other female in your life. How many times you were forced to think by their act of kindness that it would have been impossible for you to react in the similar manner as she just did, on some burning issue! Patience is another virtue that a woman is worshipped for!
Women supports one in all the ways she possibly can! Women are worshipped as goddess, mother. Then why today we have so much injustice happening to them? Why we can’t have a society where we have equality for both genders. Why this discrimination then?
Men think we women don't do what we feel like doing. But that's not the case. We have our own limits defined and we are well satiated with whatever we are provided.
We women are not weak or afraid of showing our strength. Of-course we are physically not so strong as men are but where ever we are pushed to show our strength we show it.
Women is to giving or let's say Giving is to Women. Give, not under some compulsion or fear, but we love to Give. Hence we call it Loving and not Giving.
It's the nature of Women to be so. We don't complain, we are simply made to Give. We love to give Love and surely do we love when given back something in Love. That's why it is said, only a little of His love is required to woo a her while all of Her is required to woo Him.
We are made by God to shower love, bound purity of soul and spread happiness. We have it in our nature to absorb all the pain and are blessed with the magical power to convert it into blissful happy notes of life.
Proud to be a Woman!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Page 1

Dear Diary,

It looks like I know what I am doing. But the very next moment I find myself confused.

Confused as to what to do

Confused as to what I want to do.

Is it with everyone or just with me.

I thought I knew what I was doing or where I was going.

But not anymore.

I don’t feel confident enough now about the decisions made.

But now I am afraid to turn my back to them.

Is it a mistake?

Getting education to get a job far away from home?

I had imagined it to be beautiful but dream don’t come true always.

Sometimes they leave bitter marks in your head to cry and repent for forever.

You study.

Study hard.

You work.

Work hard to score good.

And then when you score good, you think what is it worthy for?

A good job?

Decent sum of money as salary?

But along comes the loneliness.

The depression.

Is this what I wanted in first place?

Or am I being more emotional for no reason.

Completed my journey of studies today.

Got placed.

But when you think everything is smooth on the road of life, comes the big blind turn.

What's real, What's fictional!
You read, You decide !

Monday, January 28, 2013

Diary pages

Small city to big city

Each journey has its adventures

Each journey has its consequences

Each journey has a motive

Each journey has a story

Come let’s explore

Her journey

From small city to big city

From big hearted people to small hearted people

The journey, a lesson for her!

Read the post every fourth day!

Real or fictional !

You read !

You decide !

Monday, January 21, 2013

Her Wish !!!

What is that you wish

Wish when you are in a relationship

Precious items

Expensive gifts

Fancy flowers

Trendy dresses

What is that you want

Want from the one you love

Long tours

Branded things

Expensive Accessories

Lots of gifts

What is that you crave for,

From the one you love

Ride in expensive car ?

Disco evenings ?

Happening Parties ?

Never ending shopping ?

But Her wishes are not the same.

Never were!

Never will be!

So what is it that she wishes for..

Wishes from the one she is in relationship with..

His precious time,

Randomly plucked flowers.

What is it that she wants ??

Wants from she loves ??
Hear to his non-stop talks,

And never ending stories.

Hold his hand and be in his arms forever,

Make him happy like no-one has ever had.

What is that she craves for ??

From the one she loves ??

She craves for His Love

His care

His attention

She craves

for true, unconditional Love!


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