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Monday, December 12, 2011


"What happened?",she asked.
"Nothing. I just got up and the skin just got rubbed so it's paining",he answered, rubbing the back of his leg down the knees.
"Ohhh...How can that thing pain you? You don't even know how to get up",she teased.

They both had been sitting on a raised gravel platform when he decided to get down first and stand in-front of her facing her. 

She was still giggling! 
And he made a face and gifted a swift slap on her face!
"You get down then, then you too will feel the same pain!", he said, kinda irritated with her laughter.
"Why would I experience the same thing?",she resisted,"I know how to get down, I am not a child like you", and she giggled again.
This irritated him more. 

He came to her left side and sat besides her on the platform.
She was still in teasing mood! And he was still irritated!
She said something , he replied with something!
She teased, he got irritated.
And hence came the time for revenge.

He tangled his shoe with her slippers to make it escape her foot but un-fortunately he couldn't!
"What! I knew this intention of yours hence I had made a firm grip on my chappal", she said, thinking she had won but poor girl didn't know he was not such an easy guy to accept defeat!

"What? What are you looking at?"she said in a humble voice when she noticed him looking at her from sideways, breaking the silence of few seconds that had lingered between them.
And this was enough to distract her and the devil got the chance to play his best shot! There went her chappal, a few metres away from her foot, the flying chappal!

He had finally been successful in sliding away her slippers from her feet.
Immediately her ran to collect it and just hold it high in the air, taking advantage of him being taller than her!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another two states Part 46

"Hey....", he popped from behind with a bouquet of red roses and a gift. He was quiet amazed to see that she was all alone. She looked strikingly beautiful in that pink and green suit, embroidered with black and white beads. Hair falling down the shoulders, eyes smashed with Kohl, lips shining with gloss, everything was simple yet perfect. She stood like a charmed center in the middle of the restaurant.

He kept staring, with mouth wide open when she turned.
She smiled. Moved her eyes away from him in shyness and then back to him,"Stopped Samarth",she smiled the loveliest smile anybody had ever seen. He was now more awe struck!
"Samarthhh...",she almost had to shook him to make him realize that his stare was getting uncomfortable for her now.
"Hm....oh..Hi!",that was all he could speak.
They sat down on the table, opposite to each other. he still staring at her, with flowers still with him.
She was simply smiling, looking at him, the sideways, then again at him just to see if he had regained his normal senses but every time the stare was just getting intense with him showing no signs of getting normal.
"Alright......Samarth....Now this is too much. You aren't talking and only staring staring and staring. Stopped please na",she pleaded.
"Else I will leave. Others are also staring at me yaar. This is just so embarrassing",and she tried hiding her face with her palm, keeping it on her forehead on one side.
"Who the hell is staring at you", he was back to normal, and he looked sideways.
"I got to see you after a decade Namita. And you are just so beautiful that I don't feel like doing or saying anything but to catch that I can of your expressions, smile, laughter everything. It's your fault that you are just so beautiful..uff", he completed with a oomph!
"Samarth, stopped yaar. We have our whole life for this all, let's first sort out your meeting with my parents na ",she said.
"No, first I will have a full glimpse of my girl as long as I can, then we will eat and go for some shopping, I have to buy my baby something, then we will go to some place lonely where again I will trouble you with my eyes, then we will think if we would like to talk about what you just said", he winked.
"Nooo....that involves too much of your staring at me na",she tried sounding sad.
"Soooo...?I will do what I feel like doing", he laughed the devil smile,"and no one can stop me".
"You are such a devil, seriously",she smirked.
"Yes I know sweetheart.",he grined.
"Beween, are you planning to give these roses to somebody else than me?",she questioned.
"Oh No No",he laughed,"See, you are a devil and not me.You make people forget things.These are only for you my baby."and the flowers were handed off while he bending on his knees.
"Thank you so much. These are lovely",she said, accepting the bouquet.
"That I know. I only picked them up because",he answered in attitude.
She made a face at the answer and he loved her doing that.
" is angry na. Here take this",and he took out a chocolate,she literally jumped and took it, it was her favorite.
" are...", she was out of words, hence she just smiled.
"I know I know...don't say it. Others will listen", he smiled while back to his staring at her job.
They ate and as they were about to leave for some place that Samarth wanted to take her to, Rahul's number flashed on her mobile screen.
"Hello",came the voice.
"Hey Rahul, Hi",she answered.
" heard you are back.",he said.
"Yeah, You heard it right. Actually had some work back at home, some family stuff know...",she tried not to reveal much.
"Yea, that's okay. Can you meet me now at the library cafeteria, now?"he sounded bit troubled.
"Now?", she wanted to go with Samarth but.
Samarth had been listening, he didn't mind though her going to meet him while they were supposed to go to do some of their own stuff.
"It's okay. You can go. I will call Tiya then we can go after you are free."he suggested.
Rahul heard him."So are you coming or not?"he asked straightaway.
"Yea..Rahul I am coming. See you in ten minutes there." and  before she could say a word more, the call was cut.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Another Two States Part - 45

Knock Knock.
Tiya was still asleep, unaware that Namita was back at knocking at the door.
"Cominggg..", she replied in an irritated voice.
Quickly she slipped on her slippers and went to open the door.
Namita hugged her tightly without wasting a second, Tiya responded in amaze.
She just stood there, trying to figure out what was happening. She didn't had the slightest idea that that morning could turn up like this.
"Good morning Tiya. Where have you been? I tried your number like a thousand times last night. Where is your damn cell. Didn't it ring or what?...", Namita was happy to be back but her chain of questions didn't seem to be pleasing Tiya.
She just stood and watched her getting her heavy luggage inside with tremendous effort and saying something or the other to her. She just stood and watched.
"Tiya....Tiya..wake up. It's 10 in the morning girl. Where are you lost? Don't you have a class to attend? ", she shook her and finally Tiya regained her senses.
"Oh Yea...Yea...Oh crap. I missed the final tutorials even! Crap. Professor will throw me out of the semester paper now.",she said freaking out. 
"Oh, don't worry. You have been a bright student and you are a good student. Everybody knows that. Just go and meet him after the class and make some excuse of illness or something. You know how to do it, don't you", and she winked at Tiya, who was lost again!
Namita was worried  now. What could possibly be the reason of the chappy girl going quiet like this.
She decided calling Rahul.
He didn't answer. She tried again, and again and again. Still she got no reply.
She now knew the reason for her silence but didn't know how to break it.
Tiya left for her classes while Namita decided to stay back and rest for today.

Phone Rings.
"Hey...You mind if I borrow your few minutes",he said.
" not at all. Tell me what can I do for you",she replied back.
"I just wanted to know her current position so that I know..",and he giggled.
It was Samarth.
Samarth had landed but hadn't informed Namita about that. He knew how much Namita loved surprises.
"Oh, So can you just....",but before he could complete she said,"Meet us at the cafeteria outside the college campus. You know where it is, Right?",she completed.
"Yea..Yea..that I know. Okay see you both there soon".
Tiya didn't want to go. Not because that she would feel awkward with two love birds but because she didn't want to be with two love birds. She didn't quiet wanted that Love environment to surround her anymore.
She thought she was good at hiding it all but she wasn't that good to hide it from Namita. 

Life and humor !

Alright. Enough of love stories, enough of Drama,
Enough of emotional poetry and enough of the serious Karmas,
It's time that We should lighten up the mood a little bit.
What say?
So what are we thinking about?
Let's get started.
Presenting to you a new tag section of posts, Life and Humor, hilarious come serious mixture of daily life incidents.
Keep looking up the blog space Pages From, Diary of a Lost Girl  for the posts.
Meanwhile I will keep looking for incidents ;)

See Ya Soon :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another Two States Part - 44(ii)

She had been sitting there for a while. Sometime checking her cell phone for any new messages and sometimes staring at the long queue in-front of her. He was standing in the queue and she was eagerly waiting fro her to comeback.
He returned.
"So did you get it all?",in one breath she asked.
"Yeah. It's too much but. How will I ever be able to repay you for all that you are doing for us",he sounded bit burdened with her act of gratitude.
"It's for somebody I love. You don't have to repay me back anything. Just keep her happy. Start a new business and establish yourself as soon as possible. You exactly have one year to prove yourself and I know you will stand up-to my expectations, up-to everybody's expectations.",and tears came into her eyes.
Though she was talking about Neha and Hemant but she was also talking about herself and Samarth. He was a South Indian and she was a North Indian. The same caste drama involved them too.
"Thanks a lot Namita. Come home, let's tell Neha this good news",he insisted.
"No, No. I have to go now. My work here is done. She is fine, you have money, now I should return back to my college life. I have things to settle there too.",she answered, picking up her things.
"But Neha must be waiting for you na",he said.
"Yes, But now I have to leave now itself. I will call her up on the way to the station. You just take care of her and the baby and don't let me down. I know your potentials so just stick to your work", saying so she started walking. "Yes, I will",and he walked her to the gate.
She took and the auto rickshaw and reached station in an hour. Boarded the train and called Neha.
"Neha, Yes...Things are okay. Don't worry. Maa Papa won't get to know about this. I have made arrangements for that. Just take care Neha", and tears came in her eyes and the call was cut.
The next call was made to the manager who had helped Namita in faking the passbook details.
And the next number to be dialled was that of Tiya, she didn't pick. Now Namita was really worried. What possibly could have happened. But then she tried to calm down and didn't ring back again, thinking to call her back in sometime.
She was just looking up for a number in the list to call that her phone was ringing.
"Hey...How did you know I wanted to talk to you?",she sounded cheerful.
"Why wouldn't I know? I just know all that you think, wish or desire. I know it all",he replied.
"Okay okay Mr. Samarth. So, tell  me....when are you coming to see me? It's been a long time since I have seen my man.",she chuckled.
"Tomorrow Morning",came the instant reply.
"Really? Oh Really?",she was surprised. Such a surprise was the least thing she expected to hear from him.
"Yes my heart, Am coming tomorrow. They asked me to join as early as possible, these private firms you know na, how impatient they are to make their employees work. Moreover when I have made my mind to settle there then why to waste even a second. I just booked my flight ticket. Between, all settled there?", he asked.
"Yea, I am too on my way to college. Will reach by 9 in the morning. I have given him the money, hope I won't be let down."
"You definitely won't be. Don't worry. Things will be the way they were. Okay I gotta go. See you tomorrow. I will come around to meet my baby", and the call was cut.
She was happy. He knew he could make her happy in no matter what mood she might be in, that's why he called after Neha informed him about her leaving like this.
Namita didn't know this. These little things you do to make your love happy, are the biggest things you can ever do to anybody.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

30 after I am 30!

I know the title for the post is quiet funny enough to grab your attention to read the post.Hope you won't be disappointed as I won't be making it too long for you all to read.

Few months back, while blog-walking, I came across a blog post, "30  before I turn 30". It was a list of thirty things that the blogger had made, and he was ticking his list, doing a two or more thing every year. The list included a variety of things to be done. Like doing bungee-jumping to attending a rock concert, meeting Avril Lavigne to doing some nasty stuff to at a funeral. The list wasn't disclosed but some of the things were boasted there that he had checked on his list.

Now, my mind too started ticking. Every nice thing we see, we want it! Human Nature.
I have been a kind of sober, mommy's girl but then I am not one of those who would miss the fun. I just mould things my way. Hence, 30 after I am 30! I don't have a boyfriend to accompany me in the things I have planned I would like to do nor do I have a brother or a sister for that company. I have good friends (read Best friends) but na, I have loads other things to do with them. Now what other way is left for the poor girl like me to choose ! Oh No, No, I am not so innocent as I look!
I have a list, actually still preparing it, and now that I have jotted down what all I would like to do, all I need is somebody. Boyfriend thing is a No No scenario in my life, I have not fortunate enough in that department yet, No Regrets, but definitely I will be married one day!( Big Grin ) And My husband will have to have to do all that that list includes! (Devil Laugh)
Oh! I am so Cruel at times !

P.S.:I have been looking for 10 days challenge, where the blogger introduces itself to its readers through a list of 10 things, writing one every day, I have searched a lot many  blogs but couldn't find one. If by chance you have it on your blog and are reading this post, please let me know :) 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Another Two States Part - 44(i)

Tring Tring.
Tring Tring.
He waited, waited for her to answer. He needed guidance on certain issues and she seemed to be the better option to be asked from.
Tring Tring.
The bell was ringing, but nobody answered. It was the third time now that he had dialed her number in a row.
"What could be the matter? It's Sunday afternoon and it's not sleeping time of hers for sure. Where is she then?", he said to himself.
Finally Tiya picked up his call.
"Hello....", came the sunken voice from the other side.
"Hey. Hi Tiya. Everything okay with you? I have been trying your number since quite some time now. What's wrong? You seem to be sad? Is everything okay there?", he asked.
"Yea, fine. Sorry I couldn't answer your call earlier.",she kept it quiet straight to the main points.
Samarth guessed something was wrong on her side as this was not the usual verbose, lively Tiya on phone. He kept asking but she just won't tell him anything.
"Okay...", finally he concluded,"I guess I will talk to you later then. Thanks for the information between. Bye Take Care."
The conversation had ended but in some way it had just begun.
Samarth immediately called Namita.
"Hello....",she answered.
"Hey, .........",and he kept silent.
In the backdrop he could hear some stern voices.
"Where are you?
"I am in the bank, I told you na about it. Can we talk later?", she looked in a hurry to hang up.
"Yea, sure. Just call up Tiya. Something's bothering her and she just won't tell me",he completed the conversation.
Something's been bothering our miss happy go lucky? How can that be so? What is it that she's been hiding? Why didn't she tell Samarth?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Two States Part - 43

"What!",he yelled.
Sob, sob. She just won't stop, no matter what Namita would say to her mother.
"Now will anyone tell me exactly where Neha is? It's 9 pm and her trip was supposed to end today. And why are you crying, just be quiet for a few minutes, will you. Namita, hurry up and call Neha's friends immediately.",he ordered.

Namita's mother knew about the fierce nature of her husband and the fact that their one daughter is missing because of another daughter, summed up enough reason for her ears to roll down her cheeks.
Continuous flow of cries in the room and Namita still sitting by her mother, unmoved by what her father had asked her to do, made him more angry and his anger was what they feared the most!

"Namita, don't you listen what I just asked you to do. Get up, now!", his voice level increased more this time and hence increased her cries. Namita was shook deep! She didn't know what to do! Obey her Father and tell him the truth, console her mother for she has been crying her eyes out for things that have never actually happened or help her younger sister, who had committed a blunder and now only she could help her come out of that pit hole. Mix thoughts made her senseless, blank! She just sat besides her watching her mother cry, hiding her face in her palms, with the tears increasing every time her father would shout. Just like earlier she was watching Neha cry for her mistake in the court, with her tears increasing every time Namita would try to make her sense the delicacy of the moment, every time she spoke to make her understand the consequences of what Neha and Hemant had done! Life! Brings you what you just can't bear and handle! But Namita wasn't going to let things down like this. She had made her mind to fight! Fight them all, for her sister, for her mother, for herself, for Love!

But, how ..was the main question! What could you expect from a 12th standard girl, how was she supposed to cover up that her younger sister was now married to a guy of another caste knowing the fact the heer father and his whole family just won't accord with the relationship!

But problems give you courage too to face them, hence she stood up, to speak to her father.
"Father, her group met with an accident",she managed to speak in one go. She had decided to take all the blame on herself.


Tring Tring.
Tring Tring.
She was in no mood to stop writing. But she had to, it was a call from her Love that she had to attend.
"Hello....",she answered in a dull voice.
"What's wrong Love? Everything Okay?",he was somebody who can tell even the way she breathe as to she was sad or happy.
"I was writing my diary and....", she paused.
He heard some sobs, though she had controlled enough not to panic him.
But he knew what was in the diary.
"And.......",he asked her to complete.
But came no reply. Only sobs, now more clearly could be heard.
"Sweetheart, say it...and....",he persuaded again. But still came no reply.
"Namita, my baby. Stop crying. I am here to hold your hand. I know what your diary contains but say it. I love to hear it when you say it. Say it, be strong, I know my love is, so just say it.....",he said in a firm voice.
Namita knew Samarth's nature. He would not give up asking until she will say it all herself. Moreover she too wanted to say.
"I came across the pages I had written when Neha got married.",and she started crying.
"Namitaa...namita...stop crying", but she just won't stop.
"Baby, please. Won't you listen to me? Please stop crying, you don't look good with tears. I wanted you to be strong by saying it out-loud but since you didn't complete it, let me do the part that my Love has left",he continued," We are going to be together within a year Sweetheart. You just have to complete your degree and I will take you away from everything. Whatever happened with Neha, is not gonna happen with you. And whatever she did, you are certainly not gonna do even an inch of it. Just have faith, we will win everybody in this world with our love and trust. Be it your parents or be it my parents. Now stop crying Love, I have got a good news ", he ended on a light note.
She waited for him to tell himself, but he too was not easy guy. She knew, after all the sobs, he now would open his mouth after some pampering. But still she tried being sober, human nature.
"What is it?", she asked plainly.
"Hmmm...I am not telling you like this",he said in a tickling voice.
"Hmm...", she still sulked.
"Namita baby,", and he sounded sad.
"I love you".
"I am coming to Delhi next week, I love you too baby".
That was the best she could have thought of but before she could answer she saw her mother's call on wait,"Honey, I have to hang up now, It's mother's call that I can't miss. Love you tonnnnnn sweety",the call ended with her smiling.
Samarth had succeeded but he was worried, will he be able to live upto the expectations of his and her family. What will he talk to her parents about? How will he convince them for their future together? A lot many thoughts boggled his mind. But he was determined not give up so easily. And he called Tiya.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another Two States Part - 42

Tring Tring.
It has been a while since Samarth's number has been flashing on her cell phone.
Finally the call was answered.
"Hello",she said, in a dull voice.
"Namita, where are you? What took you so long to answer my call? I hope everything is okay",he sounded a bit worried.
"Yeah, yeah. All is fine here. I was just....", her dullness was picked up by Samarth,"What happened baby? What's troubling you? Tell me, what or who has been boggling my sweetheart's mind other than my thoughts", he giggled, trying to lighten up her mood and he did succeed. She smiled.
"My baby always know how to make his baby smile na",she said, in pampering tone.
"Yes, that's why I am her baby and she is my baby",and they both laughed.
Love so pure as blessed the moment.
"Samarth....",she said sighing.
"Yes my darling.....",came the reply.
"Will we ever be together as one? Will we both be able to stand up-to everybody's expectations? Will our parents agree to our relationship?",she sounded serious now.
"Namita, I love you and this what you should remember and not all the worries. I am here to answer all of them. Yes, of-course, We will be together. Our parents will agree to our relationship. I will make them agree. I have got a priceless thing in my life and that's you and I am not going to give up easily on that. Just have faith in me and our bond. We together will make bend things our own way. Just give our relationship some time, give me some time to stand up-to the level that I can ask for your hand.",surely did he loved her.
"You have all the time in this world Samarth. I trust you completely. And I know, the day we will be together, is not very far.",she knew she had loved the right man.
"Yeayyy, now that's like my girl. Now listen baby, I gotta go. The job I told you about, I am looking positve response about getting posted in the North. I have a meeting to attend. Talk to you later. Take care Honey. Loads of Love and don't forget to smile that billion dollar smile for your love always, even when you know that I can't see it, as I can very well feel it. Bbye sweety.".
She laughed and the call was cut.
Namita was now again back to thinking mode, deep thinking mode.


"Neha Neha Neha.....What have you done",she shouted.
:Do you even realize the intensity of all the crap you have done", and she turned to Hemant,"And you, don't you have any brains? Is this fun going around here or what did you thought of before doing all this? That everything will be alright? That you both will be given a pat on your backs for doing this. Oh God! What on Earth did you both had in mind of getting married like this. This is no joke going around here kids. God!", Namita was really furious at the discovery of Hemant and Neha's marriage like this.
Back at home, earlier that day, Namita had helped Neha skipping from the clutches of parents as she was mislead that Neha wanted to go for a trip with her friends to Kullu-Manali, and being the elder sister, Namita had helped her, making parents agree to all what she asked for. Namita had faith in her sister and has hence not only did she managed her trip but also had helped her financially, but little did she knew that this whole was just a plain white lie. Namita knew, that no school trip was happening, just a group of 4 people was going on thier own for the trip, but the marriage thing and all was certainly not what she had dreamt about in her weirdest dream.

Neha never returned from that trip and eventually the group met with an accident. Neha thought of it the best plan to get away from her family and return after she would settle with Hemant. Namita was now blamed for letting Neha go on that trip. Namita was held responsible for her death, which had never happened actually, but Namita was bound by Neha's swear not to tell anything back at home.Neha needed time to prove herself and let Hemant too prove himself to her family and to his family. Life was suddenly so complicated for her. But she was living it anyway. It was just she had to bear with her father's anger after that, had to see her mother crying every night for losing her little angel, but she knew, the little angel was fine, she just had done a stupid crime which Namita was sure of getting her bailed off very soon.


:"Namita...wake up, dinner is ready", Neha called.
Namita was lost in her own thoughts when she sat down at the dinning table. Food was being served and everybody was ready to eat when the little baby cries made Neha leave Hemant and Namita alone at the table.
"I will be back in a minute",and just when she left, Namita turned to him.
"I have got all that you want. She doesn't know a thing and let's just keep her away from all of this. I want you to take some time off from your crappy job tomorrow and meet me at the Bikaji ICICI branch.Get it?', she literaaly whispered.
"Yea, I understand",he murmured, eyes down with shame.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Two States Part - 41(ii)

Tring Tring.
Tring Tring.
"He..llo....", Tiya answered. She didn't like the fact of being waken up by an unknown number at 5 in the morning.
Sob...Sob..."Hello, Tiya.Is that you?",asked a familiar voice.
Tiya immediately stood up to sit on her bed. The person on the other side was Namita.
"Namitaaa, How are you?, where are you?, why are you crying? Are you okay? What's wrong? Why haven't you returned to my calls? When are you coming back? Everybody has been asking a lot about......" In one single breath were these questions fired, Namita knew her roommates verbose nature, "Tiya alright. I just bcame mausi (maternal aunt) a few seconds back. It's a baby girl. She's so cute and lovely. I am just so happy",she concluded.
"Wow, am so happy to hear that you know", now she was a bit calm.
"So, when are you coming back? I hope everything is okay there now",she asked.
"Hmm...Yea, things are fine, but I still got certain tasks here to finish up before I come back to my life. I will be there soon. I miss you. I miss my college. I miss my life",she sounded a bit low.
Tiya sensed that."Okay okay sweety, I have 100% faith that my brave girl will do all that she is required to do.", and she giggled,"just come back soon. Am waiting to see you again as my room-mate".
"Yea, I too miss you a lot. I will now hang up, Love ya", the call ended.

Tiya was happy to know she was alright but why is she still there and where is she, were some questions she had been thinking about since Namita had left. But then nowadays she had better work to do. She had been lately exploring ways to woo a guy, Rahul. But he was nowhere to be seen lately. But Tiya was no easy girl, who would just give up so soon.


"But this is no way of living Neha. I know what I am suggesting is impossible, but still am alive, I am here for you. I will do whatever it takes to get you the best you can have.", Namita literally shouted.
Neha, Namita's younger sister, 19 years of age, had eloped in his school days with a guy, and had been living with him for more than 3 years now. The guy wasn't that much caring for her now and wasn't that good as she had appeared to her when she loved that dumb.
"I had warned you, that he's not nice. But you just won't listen to me", Namita was furious now. Who can see her younger sister's future and present being spoiled in-front of her eyes.
Neha started crying.
"I loved him and I still do. He's not that bad, he's just not literate enough to create a future for us. His family doesn't supports him anymore. Please di(sister), don't do this to me. You are all I have in the name of family", and tears started dropping.
 "Oh Neha, please don't cry",Namita took her face in her palms.
"I know, I am here for you always. Don't say so ever. I know he's the right guy for you. I have seen how much he cares for you, How much he loves you. I know he does to the maximum within his reach for you and your baby, but I feel sad when I see you both suffering for no reson. Why didn't you both wait for sometime before settling down. I would have tried something back at homes for the two of you. I just needed a chance, but you gave me none. This saddens me more. Why Neha? ", she also started crying.


Neha had liked this guy from school. She was in class 11th and he was in class 12th. Namita's batchmate he was. Namita could clearly see something cooking up between both of them in the school, irrespective of the fact that Neha never told her anything before the final day, she got that call, that changed things.

"Hello", Namita answered.
"Hello, di(sister). I need you as a witness,Please come to the judiciary place. We need you",she had cut off the call crying.Namita tried calling again but she just won't answer.
Namita hurried to the court just to discover that her a year younger sister was now Mrs.
"Neha,, what have you done. Do you even know what all consequences this might bear to you, to me, to our parents, his parents. What all problems all this foolish step will result into for both of you?", she surely was angry, but what coul be done now. Neha was a married girl now.

Hemant belonged to other caste. And it was discovered back at his home that he loved her. Neha's parents too had discoverd this fact lately, and they thought, getting her married as soon as possible was the best remedy to get off the evil thought of Hemant from her mind. Namita was kept unaware of the whole scenario, by her parents as well as her sister. But she was the one who had to struggle and was still struggling with the outcome of the whole thing. Things that had happened in the past were all moving like a movie in-front of her eyes, but before a tear could drop out of sadness about the whole thing, Samarth's number flashed on her cell phone.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Another Two States Part - 41(i)

    And so passed two amazing years of college and life moved on. But wait, third year had started when the last part was published, so let's just grab a quick look to further continue with the story.

Namita was back to college and so were Tiya an Rahul. Rahul was still on  no speaking terms with Namita, but was good friends with Tiya, atleast this is what he thought was the thing between both of them. Whereas Tiya was now totally smitten by Rahul but then emerged this absurd thing.Namita asked for a favor. A dangerous one. She decides to visit her younger sister, to assist her as she was soon going to be a mother.She had been living somewhere unknown so far, with a hidden identity, even from her parents. Namita asks Tiya to keep this secret from everyone at college, even from her parents, if her mother calls her up someday!
Now that Namita was gone, Tiya tries to catch Rahul's attention but he didn't like the fact of her keeping the departure of Namita a secret, as he saw Namita leaving for some place, and when he had asked Tiya about this, she just told him the thing she has been telling everbody," Namita is still back at home because of certain issues. is the real time to get back to the story.
Let the mysteries, suspense, thrill,  trust, betrayal, anger and love flow in the air again.
Let's start with Another Two States again!! 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another Two States ,A quick recap

Yea, Finally.
It's time to revive the magic of the mysterious story, full of twists and turns, new tragedies to be made alive on Pages From, Diary of a Lost Girl.
So, are we ready ?
I am!
So here goes a quick recap of all that has happened so far.

 Story starts with the introduction of our main female character,Namita. She had joined ITS Engineering College with the fact that her mother loved her a lot but father always maintained a distance from her.College was not very far but she being a kinda homesick and introvert was afraid of leaving home.College starts and she gets Tiya,the most chirping girl in college as her roommate.Tiya,from rajasthan, was a bubbly, zealot for life, adamant but full of life biotech student at the university.Namita also becomes friends with Vipsa and Sakshi. 

Then comes the freshers party twist and we get to know that Namita loves a South Indian guy, Samarth. He visits her and the story here for the first time. Namita had met him on a train journey and then they had exchanged contact numbers and thus grew the love between them. But not every love story has a great beginning and theirs love story was the unusual of all. They too had a rough but lovely start.They both were quiet serious and wished for a future together, but only with a consent from their parents.Also Samarth meets Rahul, co-coordinating a fashion event with Namita and later develops a liking for her.Samarth has this best friend of him, Varun, who helped them both with their first fight, his part is yet to come in the story.
This marks the end of first year of college.

Another mystery that surfaces in the story is the occurrence of a diary,  which holds some secret that Namita doesn't wanna tell anyone,not even Tiya, that's why she keeps her diary safe from everyone. A little bit of details do get revealed later however, but the full secret is yet to come out.

Meanwhile, things between Namita and Rahul start spinning more than just friendship. Rahul develops a soft corner for her unknown from the fact that she has only one man in her life, Samarth and also unknown of the fact that Tiya has a crush on him. Tiya not only hates Namita at one point for being too friendly with Rahul but also tries to be a bitch by being on Vipsa's side, who is another vamp in our story. Vipsa for certain reasons not only dislikes Namita but also tries to keep Rahul away from her in all the mean ways she can think of.A lot of drama happens and a lot of crappy things takes place. Even the call for a breakup comes.Vipsa tries to develop a rift between Namita and Samarth, as she had known Samarth from earlier and had had a crush on him, hence Namita was her target here in college, but she eventually fails to separate the two of them.Tiya helps them out.

Samarth gets a job with a promise that he would be posted in Delhi, near Namita.And talks of introducing him to her family starts.On the other hand, Tiya and Rahul meeting up every then and now. Things start becoming strong from her side but not from his'.

Namita used to get calls from an unknown caller in first year, and the same continues in second year.It comes into notice however that the caller is someone close and is definitely not Samarth.
Another mystery that starts showing it's bare fangs is the financial need that drags Namita to bank and make her fake some account  book detials so that she may transfer money from her account to someone else's account. The whole details are yet to be revealed.
And this marks the end of the second year of college.

A lot has surely happened.
But wait, more is yet to come !!
Hope I didn't make it too long!
And hope I don't make it too long now :P
Happy reading.
Posting of new parts starts soon :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lost !

"I would so love to wear a lehanga. I even had a plan to buy one but sadly couldn't", she sighed.

They were passing by some Suits, Saree's shops. 
Embroidered with various shining stone pieces, they all looked like river of cloth flowing in the showpieces with different colored stones in that river. All the dummies wearing those beautiful pieces were going to be in her dreams now for the next few days.

Shop by shop they went .Glaring into the glasses. She was capturing every style, every color in her eye frames but He seemed a bit worried. Little lines on his forehead could tell that.

"Hey, look. This one is pretty na. I have heard that Chandni Chowk is paradise for such work lovers", she said, pointing at some of the sarees adoring the showcases of some shops.
Walking in those streets, as narrow as they could be, was fun. Away from all worries and tensions for sometime, the whole thing was simply beautiful .

Window shopping is fun when you don't have the urgency to buy something that's certainly not in your reach.You can just carry on and on and on, staring at the things you like, without paying a penny. And at the end, get bored, and move on to the next shop to do the same thing again ;)

The day was one of those memorable days that she would like to preserve forever and remember afterwards. Walking up the length of the market, with such a nice company. Eating all those delicious foods and paranthas, food having the real taste of India. 

Trying things never done before. Away from the eyes of everybody, were these two souls, roaming around, chit-chatting in their own world about their own world, from stuff about first semester of college to their present day placement scenario. From their likes and dislikes about families to the stuff being sold in that market. From food to places, from market to college, everything was under their topic of discussion today. 

That long walk in those long streets seemed nothing to her, but he still had that worried look in his face.

She was trying, trying her best to know what could be the reason behind his tensed expressions. But since they vanished every then and now, she thought maybe the crowd and the place was what made him get those lines of worries.Also asking him the reason, didn't seemed to be a good idea.

But thankfully, he himself revealed the whole mystery of tension!

"Err...Where are we? Will this road end at some place or not?", he said, like a baby! Lost in the market but given a responsibility of another person to take care, whom he simply couldn't afford to get lost with!
And there she giggled!

"Oh God! You were tensed about this thing!", she laughed.
"Arree, of course these streets will end somewhere na, and then we will find our way out. So what's the big deal!", she said smiling.

But the mister still had doubts about getting out of the network of those streets, hence he inquired at some two three places, as to where the road they were on, will lead them to! Everybody gave the same answers,"Yes, you will find an exit just after walking some more steps,", "Don't worry, there's an exit at the end of this road to the main market area", " Yes, the exit is just few steps ahead".

But the thing that really did brought his mind at peace was the sight of the road's end itself. Those narrow street did finally opened into the middle of the market and there he was relieved of all of his tensions and worries. Then she bought herself a novel, they had lunch at the paranthe waali gali, yummy food served in another narrow street, but not too long this time to bring tensions of getting lost again! ;)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

His wish....Her wish....!

Down she slipped one side of her dress.
And a kiss was imprinted on her shoulder.
Away moved her eyes, filled up-to the brim with shyness,
and she felt a stream of thunder and cold flowing down her body by the sensation of that touch.
The lips made their presence felt for some two minutes, but the Love that was felt in those two minutes was simply unexplainable!

Meeting at the hill top was his idea. 
Sometime alone together, away from all worries and noises of daily routine, was how he wanted to celebrate his day.
He had made a wish earlier that day. 
A wish that only she could fulfill.
He had asked for something.
Something that was a step bolder, but also a step closer to her.
All he wanted was, for her to trust him forever.
To make his wish true, was her wish.
As the plan to make him happy that special day, revolved around her.
And this what, a girl can ever wish !

She trusted him, more than anything.
She loved him, more than anyone.
The love between them was different.
Hence his wish needed to be fulfilled.
As the day was just not any usual,
Today was his birthday.

She knew she had to make his wish come true.
But how, was the big question in-front of her.
Some fears, some restrictions were the things holding her back 
from making the first move.
But the people in Love, always know how it express it all that well.

He had wished for a kiss.
And the kiss was made. 
Not in an objectionable manner to either or any of them!
No boundaries ,no rules were crossed. 
Love finds its way, it's just that at times you are bound to the Watch.

The smile on his face after the kiss showed, he loved her move.
And the shyness and boldness in her actions, showed she loved him more than anybody could do!

Love is sweet.
Love is pure.
Just give it a chance.
And the whole world will be yours!

Friday, October 21, 2011

L for Love !!!

Her skin glittered like a white pearl, 
in the bright sunshine.
For more than an hour, 
the eyes had been watching each other .
Taking into consideration,
That not a single word been uttered so far !
As it was just the love in their eyes and the smile on their lips,
that was given the responsibility of  making a conversation.

She was sitting on the grass. 
Bent on her left hand.
He was sitting there,.
Watching all the movements his love made.
Her curls neatly flowed ,
from the back to the left side of the shoulder,
Down up-to her waist.
But some nasty curls kept troubling her eyes.
Pushed by the air, onto her forehead, 
they kept making their presence felt.
He was loving the sight.
And she was loving being that sight.
Alas, her hand got up to slide them back,
But gently those curls were pushed back by his hand.

She looked him in his eyes.
He looked back into hers.
Something she told.
Something he said.
Down went her eyes in shyness and little she smiled.
He smiled too, as he had just discovered, the love of his life.

Time seemed to stop!
Surroundings meant meaningless now!
Nothing else but the other person,
Seemed to be the universe for now!
Love in it's purest form, was being displayed.
As if the whole plan was made by the Cupids themselves,
For God to watch and appreciate.

He took her hands in his'.
Pecked a kiss on them.
And there he Protected his bare love, 
in the shield of his arms.
She surrendered happily, 
what else could she wish for,
but to find such a loving guy,
as that that she had just found.
There they lay on the grass, 
in the arms of each other.
The guy kissing her forehead 
and the girl resting in his arms.
They were pretty much in love
and nothing else mattered.
There the couple were lying under the sun,
showering love on each other.

Two people in love is not a striking sight to watch.
But Love as pure as this,
was surely a sight to watch.
There she stood, 
watching the Elderly Couple as they made love.
Feeling a bit left out and jealous, 
as she had no one to Love.
But then she smiled, 
looked up in the sky and said,
"Oh, God I thank you ,
for giving me this day,
to know that Love as divine and pure as this, 
can also survive at this age".
[Just a brief up : Here an elderly couple in Love was being watched by a girl ]

Monday, October 17, 2011

Innocent Kiss.

Sob Sob.
"I need that bird", and tears started rolling down her cheeks again.
More tears followed. 
And so did more cries and sobs.
He waited for her to calm down, sitting next to her on that raised platform. 
The bird had flown away so now nothing can be done.
But more cry continued.
She looked in no mood to stop.
He watched her from the corner of his eyes and could clearly see the tiny tear drops turning big with every fall.

Two little 4 year old babies, a girl and a boy were playing in the backyard of the boy's home when this beautiful little bird came and grabbed the girl's attention.
The bird came, chirped and sat on the stone lying near to the girl.
Girl was amazed to see such a beautiful blue-green patterned bird.
But before she could reach to touch her, flew away the bird.
And the crying had started.

He watched and waited.
Watched tears dropping down and waited for her to stop crying and get back to their play.
But she kept saying,"I want that bird", pointing at the sky where that bird had disappeared.
He was quiet.
She was crying.
He got up from his place.
Bent down on his knees and implanted a kiss on her lips.
She went silent.
No more crying.
No more sobs.
They both smiled and got busy in their play once again.

But the whole thing was being watched by his mother from distant.
At the sight of the kiss, she did smile but then called him with a stern voice.
He came smiling and dancing.
"Yes mother",he said, standing in-front of her, hands at the back, like an obedient boy.
"What did you just do to her ? Why did you kiss her?", she asked.
"I saw bhaiya ( elder brother ) doing the same when his friend, who visited us yesterday was crying in his room. That thing stopped her tears, so today I did that to stop her tears.", and saying so he pointed to the little girl who was busy building up a hill in the mud there.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


[ This is a real conversation that occurred between two people, who loved each other, but at different times ]

IM Jul 04 1:05 AM

  • Jul 04 12:53 AM
      Girl .::)
  • Jul 04 12:53 AM
    Boy ::)
  • Jul 04 12:53 AM
    Boy :all of a sudden u msg me
  • Jul 04 12:53 AM
    Boy :how are u?
  • Jul 04 12:53 AM
    Boy :are u fine?
  • Jul 04 12:54 AM
    Boy :okay...u dont reply:d
  • Jul 04 12:55 AM
    Boy :so i think u r busy or ignoring me
  • Jul 04 12:58 AM                
      Girl .::)
  • Jul 04 12:58 AM
    Boy ::)
  • Jul 04 12:58 AM
    Boy :say something
  • Jul 04 1:02 AM
      Girl .:Sorry i disturbed you. Won't do that ever again :)
  • Jul 04 1:02 AM
    Boy :u didnt
  • Jul 04 1:02 AM
    Boy :say something...
  • Jul 04 1:02 AM
    Boy :if u say nothing what must i think
  • Jul 04 1:05 AM
      Girl .:Nothing :) bye (xxxxxxxxx) .god bless you:)
  • Jul 04 1:05 AM
    Boy :  (xxxxx)
  • Jul 04 1:05 AM
    Boy :talk
  • Jul 04 1:05 AM
    Boy :i am sitting here
  • Jul 04 1:05 AM
    Boy :doing nothing
  • Jul 04 1:05 AM
    Boy :talk
    [But the girl never replied back to him. As now it was too late now to say anything. The conversation had already ended. ] 

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Wait..

"Hmm, I know. Even lately Rajesh has been rude to me", said the guy wearing pink shirt.
The one sitting next to him agreed on his point.
It was 11 in the morning and these two guys were returning from their night shifts and before going back to their respective dwellings, they had made the choice of enjoying a cup of coffee along with some hot corporate conspiracies and office gup-shups . So could be well seen from their unman-aged formal clothes and their unkept hair.

"And did you look at that bitch Neha!", said the blue shirt guy.

"Man, yeah. What kind of a girl she is! Totally a shame on the female community!", said the pink shirt guy.
And they both laughed.
"Sshhh..This guy sitting next to you is listening to all what we are talking about", he said and blue shirt guy turned to look who was sitting next to him.
The scene was, in a mall, near the cafeteria, on one bench of three, were sitting these three guys. Pink shirt guy on one end, with blue shirt guy sitting in the middle and this young guy on the other end.
Now this guy seemed to be much younger than these two guys. He was in his cool T-shirt and jeans but was sitting there a bit dull. Hence he might have turned towards these two people just to listen to their talks for a  futile time-pass.
But those two guys were a bit surprised as to why would a guy like him sit at such an early hour and listen to their talks while he could go out and enjoy. It seemed as if he had nothing else much interesting to do but to sit and hear those two people out!

"Oh, come-on! Let it be na! He doesn't know either of us and also he has no idea as to about all whom we are talking ", and they both laughed.

This young guy was still listening to them.
His one hand was in his lap and the other was giving a support to his head while his eyes and ears were busy listening to those guys! It seemed as if that small baby was instructed by his mother to sit there and listen to those people and there he was,obeying his mother like an obedient child!

This continued for some 15-20 minutes and then she came.

"Okay, Shall we proceed?", said the girl approaching this guy.
"Oh, yeah. Let's go",he said lifting himself, happily, from the bench.
And they both left! And he seemed happy the moment she came.
As The wait, was finally over!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chennai to New Delhi Drama - 10

Tamil Nadu express came and we searched for the coach for which we had tickets for, sleeper coach. We did find our train coach and thankfully the T.T. too. A talked to him, explained him things and hence he agreed to issue 3 tickets for New Delhi. Oh man, what a relief it was to actually know after so much of hush and rush that finally we will be on a peaceful train back to Delhi, without any fear of being humiliated anymore by anyone! But then, life is not so smooth baby! It's always a bumpy dumpy ride ;) And this is what actually makes it the thing called Life !

We got 3 seats. Two lower berths on the same side and one upper berth on the other side. Everybody was sleeping, snoring to be precise. And why not, not everybody's journey has been so tragic as ours. That we were threatened out by a group from our train at such point of hour! It was 2 in the morning! We settled down our luggage once again, patted ourselves for taking the brave step of getting down on Gwalior and then managing to get ticket to the next train to Delhi. We were tired but sleep was no where to be seen in anybody's eyes! I guess so much had happened for anybody to sleep! It was the first time for S, A and V too I suppose, that something like this had happened! But still we decided to give our strained bodies some rest. A and V have been up all night yesterday even because of S! And today too because of all this drama they just couldn't sleep! Sorry A, Sorry V.

Somehow, we went to sleep. A got onto the upper berth and S and V decided to sit for sometime and chat on the lower berths. They both had a breath of relief but not so soon! Poor babies! As Then came the devil! That idiotic policeman! A lad of some 40-45 years of age with a dirty mind! Yes, now you can make up the things he was thinking on seeing a girl with two guys, traveling at night. He sensed by seeing us that we were not the usual travelers of sleeper coach. Also S and V were up so late and talking! He came and sat on our berth! Tried giving some stern looks, thinking that could scare us off! S sensed another nonsense was about to start and again she was pissed off! Why does so much had to happen in one single day! God, Why? 

The policeman started talking to V. "Where are you coming from? For what work had you gone to Chennai? What's in your suitcases? Open your bags. I know what's going on here. I have news for such things to happen. And etc etc etc...this is some of the bullshit we had to face in this train too! (Please pardon my language )

I just don't understand why people don't mind their own business? Why do they have to trouble innocent people? Like the way this guy was treating us. He had no shame in saying all that shit ! As if he had no daughter, sister or mother back at home! A****** (Sorry for the language again)
He asked V to accompany him to the gate of the coach! He wanted money, that was clear. Because how could he spare innocent students like us at that point of time! Anyways, V waved him off finally with some money! Money does wonders in this world I tell you!

And finally, finally, finally, we were relaxed! Finally, we had no stupid thing bugging us! It was 4 in the morning. A was down now and V went up to sleep. So sorry, A and V. For two days, your sleep was totally ruined. But it was fun for S to have such chit chat sessions with them, turn-wise ;) And alas, came Delhi! What a relief it was to see northern region again! Suddenly all the so bad sights started appearing to be nice! ;) Yeah, we did miss our region. We North Indians may settle anywhere but at the end, we will always love the places we originally come from!  

And finally came the station, Nizamuddin. It was 7 in the morning! And we were finally home! This whole journey had a lot of turns and twists, a lot of drama and a lot of bonding! It was an epic journey!

( Next Read : What S has to say on her experience about the journey, Her perception about the whole thing, what she felt and how she tackled it all! )


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