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Sunday, June 24, 2012

 Words of the Lost Girl : Uncut, Unedited , Unexplained 

Smita : His heart disease was diagnosis was the most scary moment.When the doctor said, he needed to be operated as his condition was critical, everything seemed to be coming to an end to me because we are only 3 people in my family me, my father n my mother and I was in btech 3 rd year only that time, so one can imagine what a scary situation it was for a family to know his only bread winner was not fine health wise.
 So I had a very bad time but I couldn't say my feelings and emotions to my mother, that would have weakened her.I tried finding solace with friends, but its hard ti understand things when actually they r not happening to you so I had my blog who listened it all, the way I wanted to say, the way I wanted it to hear, I wrote all my frustration for life giving me such horrible scenario at this point of life.

Interviewer : Lets talk about Chennai to new Delhi drama series.That night train journey how it felt?

S : It was the scariest train journey of my life, I still was too scared while traveling from Delhi to Chennai in February, I was scared to death when we had to leave our train the next morning too I was scared, for I was worried how we would go home, but I was at the same time a bit relaxed, because I was with two very good and caring guys.

I:  You were really lucky to have such nice caring friends....

S: Yea, they saved me I would say , yea, I know I am lucky to have those two people they cared a lot in tht whole journey a lot more scary and caring part is still nt on the blog abt tht series though, its not advisable to write everything on blog too this is what I feel.

I: writing about personal life in a public domain- where do u think one should draw the line?

S:  I believe one shouldn't write about all the personal stuff on blogs but then I believe it all depends on the individual if one is comfortable about sharing all the stuff of his life with his/her readers, then one must go on but if you are not comfortable then one shouldn't write, Like I am not comfortable writing all the personal stuff, so sometimes I write pure real stuff like CABG and Chennai to New Delhi series and sometimes I mix fiction with my real life incidents and sometimes i write pure fiction like my award winning story and leave it all on the readers to guess what is real n what is fiction, I love writing it this way. What fun is there in reading something when you get to know it all by the end.

I: ok my next question is about "another two states", it's been really long, and it's going gr8 too, why didn't u think about writing a novel?

S: I know. it has been stretched a bit too much and still I haven't completed it a lot many readers ask me to complete it soon, some even ask me to tell them its further story in their ears but I definitely will complete it soon. But I wont write a novel, I will compose a book in future, containing some of my blog posts, it would be like kinda a short stories book something, this is what I have in mind right now, who knows in future I might even pen down a novel too but currently I am not ready for a novel.

I: How does the increase of a number of follower affect your next post? 

S: No effect.I write because I love to write.The only effect i seen in the posting . I am actually too much involved in life so I don't get much time to be a frequent blogger posting everyday. I try my level best to only blog whenever I open my laptop any new follower, any new comment, makes me blog more frequent though my course is hardly affected on the days when i don't anew follower or a new comment.I just write. I keep recording my thoughts irrespective of the fact whether one is reading it or not as I believe one day I too will have many readers who would read it all.

I: like me, just took 2 days to completely read ur blog, instead of studying for my test!!!

S: Hehehe, now that's like a real blogger, I can blog and read blog for hours non stop, I have spent whole day on blogger, changing d look of my blog, reading blogs, posting also but girl, pls dnt ignore studies, do blogging along with it studies first blogging wont pay you na between, you have read all my posts? 2 days? gosh! didn't u get bored.

I: Nah, I told you, it's like your blog is a real person, I find solace :)

 S: Thanks for the appreciation. Thanks a lot.

A lot more is there...but the rest can be read on DOV (Darling's of Venus)



Thursday, June 14, 2012

                   Words of the Lost Girl : Uncut, Uneditted , Unexplained !

The interview happened some 3 months back, and it is going to be one of all time favorite posts on my blog in my reader list.

Read below, the whole story.

Interviewer (I) : Define Smita- the person.

Smita (S) : well, technically Smita means a smiling face name given by my maternal grandmother .And as told by all, I look best when I smile people say I have that natural best smile, showing all the teeth .I am a mix of various things, emotions n love being the major ingredients

I : aww, that's sweet

S : I am moody at times

I : Ya i saw your pics,u really look gr8 when u smile .Moody, seems we have something in common .

S : not too much talkative , But I speak a lot to the people I know or to the people I feel good about.Hehe, yea but m not that dangerous kinda moody .I am calm, patient.I have got a biggg patience level .Yea, mood variations are very bad for us as well as people who know us. I used to be short tempered, but now, people who know me don't believe this.I am not pretentious, what I have in my heart, I say it,can't hold it for long from d person for whom i have that thing.

I : Ya it's good to take it all out and get over it.

S : Yea,I start getting a guilty feeling , as in hiding things from that person.So I believe , why to be worried with human made worries lets just say things, and be clear in life,we have a lot other mandatory life worries like love, study, relations to be worried about.

I : so tell me why did you decide to study engineering?

S : hmm, nice question am also finding the answer to it now after being placed in an IT company after studying 4 years of electronics and communication .My father, is my answer for me selecting BTECH .I wanted to be like him one day, make him proud also, I think it will feel good to have ER. before your name after completing engineering. no other course gives you this privilege, and doctory is a big no no for me.yea, studies are fun I never regret taking up science.

I : ok any weird moment in college?

S : hmm, not really!!! not something that i am very embarrassed about.No, I guess I don't have any.
but this doesn't means i am very studious .I am just not naughty.

I : ok so getting to your blog now..why "LOST GIRL"?

S : well, I had a long thought process for selecting a suitable title for my blog.I wanted my blog to be a showcase of my thoughts about life, things and stuff along with stories and poems etc and not just a personal blog  so i named it,Pages from, diary of a lost girl. It's my personal e-diary keeping a track of all my thoughts about life, topics of my interest happenings in my life that i feel comfortable sharing with the world.And lost girl because I was not sure of revealing my real identity in the blog world at first.I don't find this net world safe for a girl, so I chose to be a lost girl, a girl lost in this world with her thoughts ,hence came the full title of the blog pardon me if I am talking too much, but when it comes to writing, I just don't have a limit. Though all my friends say that I have a word limit when it comes to speaking!!!!

I : do u know "PAGES FROM THE DIARY OF A LOST GIRL" has been my biggest inspiration behind starting another series blog "...." ....

S : oh my god! really!!! thats really surprising that my blog can be this much inspirational do send me d link. would like to read it and thanks a tonn for giving my blog this much respect this means a lot tome.

 I : Your blog is GOD for me, it has taken me out of some really tough times .it's as if I can confide my emotions in it.okay so what made you start writing at first?and blogging too?

S : am very pleased to know that my blog helped you though its confusing how it might have helped!!
     I will be very honest here in this question as not many know the real reason of me starting this blog.There  are two reasons or lets say 3.First, I was once preparing for GRE, so blogging appeared to me as the best option for improving my vocabulary and my writing skills as mugging things is something I can;t do, and blog writing is putting all the English you learn to practical use that u will never forget
second reason, I always wanted to write stories and stuff.Writing a diary is a something I never liked you write personal stuff in a diary and hide it from all, this what I dislike, so I started a blog where I can be honest as to what I wish to share and I don't know the third reason,I liked a guy, He had a fantastic blog,that was the first blog I saw in my life his blog had his philosophy stuff about life and incidents in his life. His blog actually triggered me to start a blog!

I : so "every blog has a story??

S : yea, Actually there's always a story behind my every blog story!

 I : Now tell me, who has been the person of your blog?The one who has read the first post till the last one criticized him and said good things too ?

S : well, there are actually many ,my aunt, suvidha agarwal reads it,she has a kitchen blog if her own which she started after getting inspired by me then my very good friend mohit reads them all and my best best friend vibhas reads all the acknowledged blog posts my aunt is my first and most lovely fan n critic.she once said, "after reading your posts I feel like hugging you ", I still remember her words,she praises my writings a lot.

mohit is a silent reader, he just reads,vibhas is the best blog critic,he loves finding mistakes and i love acknowledging them all these people read because I mail them all my blog posts link on their demand ,but then there's this guy ankit, he's the best reader I have got till now.He reads it all, no matter what I write and how I write,He has been my muse for a lot of stuff on DOV as well my very own blog ,he has read max of my posts , and he started reading just few months back and he's a bit ignorant about this blog world so he reads all those whose link I send him. He appreciates my writings like anything,very less bad things I have heard from him though he's the most unbiased guy I have met when it comes to giving an opinion about anything.He wants me to write a book in future.

I : achcha express your feelings when one day you open your blog and see the number of followers increased by one.

S : I simply can't explain this feeling a get this bigggggggggggggggggg smile on my face some 4 days back only my followers increased from 51 to 52, thanks to you for that and I had this big smile on my face at 7:45 in the tomorrow am going to be jumping all around telling everybody what a big nice fan i Have in you.

I : achcha family members who read ur blog? nd their reactions too.

S : My aunt from maternal side she reads and appreciates it all ,she loved my CABG series.she said, " nobody can read it without crying."
she tried making my father and mother read it, father didn't read because he doesn't likes reading this much but he heard it all from my aunt, but mother had tears in her eyes on only reading its 2 parts, she didn't read further

Read more in the continuing part...........................


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